Twinj Rab miliya episode 13

The episode starts with everyone getting ready n comes out they sit in their cars
Twinkle kunj cherry Maya in one car
Uv mahi Alisha in other car
They reach the resort n goes inside
Then they all go towards summing pool kunj sees twinkle sitting sadly on the edge
He pushes twinkle in swimming pool
Twinkle : kunj k bache tu to gaya ( kunj u have gone now )
Kunj : chup moti ( shut up fatso )
Twinkle comes out of the pool n runs to beat kunj
Kunj jumps in the pool so does twinkle she slips n kunj holds her n says
Kunj : I’ll give u a challenge
Twinkle : what challenge
Kunj : u have to dance with me in this pool
Twinkle : so this is the challenge
Kunj : I know u can’t do it fatso
Twinkle : u once again call Mr fatso I accept it challenge

Kunj : ok miss twinkle taneja
They started dancing on the song soch na sake
They have a eye lock kunj get closer to twinkle
Alisha sees this n thinks twinkle enjoy ur day as u R going to die today she smirks
They come out of the pool n uv ask them to come for roller coaster ride
Twinkle says no I don’t want to go but uv says
Uv : tu to abhi se dar gayi ( u r scared now only )
Twinkle : mein kisi se nai darti ( I don’t feel scared )??
They all sit on roller coaster ride with pairs
Kunj twinkle
Uv mahi
Alisha n some other guy

Cherry n Maya
Roller coaster starts
Twinkle : Babaji mujhe plzz bacha lena ( Babaji plz save me )
Kunj smiles seeing her they reach upwards twinkle shouts stop plzz stop
Kunj holds her hand n says nothing will happen twinkle
The share a cute eye lock ( itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai plays in back ground )
They comes down n uv breaks their eye lock
They all comes out n see pani puri stall
Kunj says we will do a competition all agree
They start eating pani puri cherry back off then Maya then mahi Alisha n then uv
Only twinj were eating
Kunj : aaj to tu pakka haregi ( u will surely loose today )
Twinkle : twinkle taneja kabhi nai harti ( twinkle taneja never loose )
Kunj : itna khayegi to aur moti hojayegi ( if u eat more then U’ll become fat
Twinkle : shut up u sadu sarna
Kunj then back offs …..
Twinkle says yeah I won I won
Kunj eyes her lovingly n thinks tu bas aise Hi smile karti rahe ( I wish u will smile like this )
Twinkle : dekha meine kaha tha na twinkle taneja kabhi nai harti ????
They all go in their respective cars n goes from there
At some dhabba they stops their cars ….
Alisha thinks it’s right time to leave twinkle here
She ask twinkle to bring water for her twinkle goes
Kunj sees her going n go behind her asking cheery n Maya to go n they will come in uv car they agree n goes from there
Alisha also sits in uv car n ask uv to drive
saying twinkle will come in cherry car
Twinkle n kunj comes back n sees their car gone n laughs ???
Saying when ever we go for any outing we miss our bus n now car
They look fir their phones but their phones was in cherry car only
Some goons come their n teases twinkle
Kunj beats them all n runs from their holding twinkle hand
They see a place full of decorations it was written outside samuhik vivah ( group weddings)
They wear groom n brides clothes and a old lays come n takes them to mandap
They sit in mandap goons were roaming around mandap only
Pandit start chanting mantras

Kunj n twinkle exchange Garland’s
Then they stand for pheras n then kunj makes twinkle wear mangalsutra
On the other side Alisha got to know kunj is also their with twinkle
She calls her goons n ask them to go from there immediately
Kunj puts sindoor in twinkle forehead they see goons going from there n stands
By the time pandit ji announces that u both R married now
They get shocked n does not believe pandit ji words
After some time they come back into their normal clothes n reaches twinkle house
The episode ends on their shocking face

Precap : kunj proposes twinkle

Thanks for ur support guys I am in hurry I will post next epi more interesting n longer
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Waah meri jaan kya episode likha h…ek dum Mast ???…loved it…eargerly waiting for the next part…plz update soon…love u ???

    1. Sameera

      Thanks lama n love u too??

  2. Wht an amazing twist omggggggggggggggggg…….
    N precap toh ….?????????
    Do cont asap……..????????
    Eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi…..?????

    1. Sameera

      Thanks I’ll post next epi soon

  3. SidMin

    Twinj marriage is done ????
    Loved the episode waiting for the next one thanks for reading my ff

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      Thank you?

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera awesome episode….loved it….

    1. Sameera

      Thanks rashi ???

  5. Sayeeda

    Wah …..wah…..finally shadi hogayi ….maza agaya….
    Superb episode… can’t wait for next one..

    1. Sameera

      Thank you ??

  6. Kruti

    Woww amazing epi

    1. Sameera

      Thank you??

  7. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam yaar u r fantasy
    Osum epi

  8. omg sameera wow osm man amazing luvd it

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