Twinj Rab miliya episode 12

The episode starts with twinkle n mahi reaching the wedding menu and sees kunj n uv there
Cherry comes n welcome them all
Alisha also comes there n sees twinj looking at each other n fumes
Twinkle comes to kunj

Kunj : u R looking pretty
Twinkle : u R also looking dashing in this sherwani
Meanwhile uv comes there n teasingly ask twinkle
Uv : how am I looking
Twinkle : tu to Bandar jaisa hi lag raha hai ( u R looking like a monkey )
Uv : ha ab kunj k siwa tujhe aur koi dashing nai lagega ( now only kunj will look dashing to u )
Twinkle shies n hits uv
Twinkle : hamesha galat time par aata hai ( u always come at the wrong time )
Uv comes to kunj n looks at him
Kunj : what ?
Uv : nothing ?? I think u should propose Twinki
Kunj coughs
Kunj : what do u mean
Uv : u know what I mean n giggles
Kunj : but I don’t love twinkle
Uv : so u didn’t Twinki well my doubt clear now
I can propose twinkle
Kunj : no uv stop
Uv : why kunj why can’t I propose twinkle
Kunj : bcoz I ……
Uv : I know u love her but scared to confess
Saying this he went from there looking for mahi
Kunj (thinks): do I really love her ??

Meanwhile Alisha see twinkle coming downstairs n put some oil there
Twinkle come n slips due to oil n screams
Twinkle : ahh …..
Kunj : dekh kar nai chal sakti ( can’t u see n walk )
Kunj takes twinkle to a corner n makes her sit on a chair
Kunj touches twinkle foot bht she screams
Kunj slowly comes closer to her n makes a eye contact n says
Kunj : twinkle I want to tell u that u R the most innocent girl I have ever seen u R different from other girls ur eyes has so much innocence u childish behavior makes me feel mad I want to tell u that I ….I saying this he folds her legs Jo tu mera hamdard hai plays in bg
Twinkle screams n sees that her pain wentaway
n stand on her feet
Kunj : I just wanted to distract ur mind don’t think anything else ??? u R a siyappa n always remain a siyappa queen moti ( fatso )
Twinkle : I will not leave u kunj ?
Twinkle runs behind him to beat him when she slips n kunj holds her they have a eye lock ( itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai plays )

Suddenly flower petals falls on them
Cherry comes there n breaks their eye lock n asks to come to mandap
They look at each other and smiles
After sometime twinkle gets a call from hospital
Twinkle : what
Twinkle mahi along with kunj n uv reached hospital
They runs to icu n sees leela crying n ask what happend to papa
Rt opens his eyes slowly n says
Rt : my princess plzz come I want to see u too before dying
Twinkle (crying): don’t say this papa
Rt : twinkle u know u R my strong daughter I want you to promise me one thing
Twinkle : I’ll promise whatever u want I’ll do it
Rt : I want u to rebuild my business I want you to take care of ur mother n sis bcoz I know my princess is so strong I want u to make my company no 1 it’s my last wish my princess n I want u to fulfill it
Twinkle : papa I will do it but plzz don’t leave us
Twinkle n mahi hug Rt asking him no to leave them but he doesn’t respond
Leela twinkle n mahi trio hug n cry uv n kunj comes to icu n sees Rt dead n get shocked
They console leela mahi n twinkle

Rt finals rites R done by twinkle n mahi
Days passes after 3 weeks twinkle n mahi comes to college
Uv makes a plan to get rid of their pain
They all sit in the college garden
Uv : only 2 weeks left for our finals
Cherry : time is going so fast
Alisha : yeah some days ago college started n it’s finals now
Maya : we have to start our preparation
Uv : I am thinking first we should all go on a trip so that we can freshen up our mood then we will start our preparation
Kunj : but how can we go on a picnic trip uv
Uv signs kunj n he understands that he want mahi n twinkle to get out of past incidents
Kunj : yeah I think uv is right we should think about going somewhere like resort
They all agree n Alisha thinks now I can take my revenge from twinkle she smirks

Precap : kunj n twinkle get married
Thanks for u suggestions shatakshi well Gus first I’ll show twinj marriage then confession
Plzz support me guys next episodes R going to rock
Thanks to all of u for u lovely comments n ur suggestions too ?????
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ??


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Twinj getting married !!!!!
    Waiting for the next episode
    Rt died that was sad
    Kunj’s love realisation was too good and simple
    Please do read my ff TASHAN E REVENGE TO SADDA LOVE

  2. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Amazing….. loved it…..loved Kunj’s realization….. twinj scenes were mind blowing…..
    Waiting for next one

  3. Shatakshi


    |Registered Member

    Hey sameera
    The episode was too good yaar
    N the next update seems damn interesting…
    Wow plzzz do update soon????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.