Twinj Rab miliya episode 10


The episode starts with twinkle coming home n leela asks her how she
Twinkle : I am fine maa I need some rest saying this she went upstairs
Twinkle: why am I feeling so weird kunj was so nice and I fought him in my first meeting …?

On the other side
Kunj pov
She was cute I have never seen anyone like her and feels for anyone like this but why I am feeling for twinkle I can’t share it with anyone
They both misses each other n sleeps
Next day at college
Twinkle comes to college n uv sees her n teases her saying how was ur trip with ur besti ??
Twinkle : besti ??
Uv : yes kunj i can’t believe u both stayed with each other for 3 days how did u handle him
Twinkle : he is not that bad he is so caring she started praising him after some time she gets back to senses n says he is so good n runs from there
Uv : something is fishy …?
Meanwhile Alisha who was listening to their conversation thinks why was twinkle praising kunj
She turns n sees kunj coming towards her n thinks kunj is coming to talk with her
Kunj : Alisha did u see twinkle ?
Alisha gets angry n says no and goes from there
Kunj : use kya hua ( what happened to her )
Alisha goes to a side n says I will not let twinkle leave peacefully she destroyed my life ??

Fb shows
Alisha n a boy name Arav were in relationship
Alisha shares this with twinkle n she congratulates her
Few days later twinkle see Arav with other girl
That girl go from there n Arav friends come to him n asks how do u handle so many girls
Arav : first I’ll apply full butter to them they thinks that I am in love with them then I blackmail them for money by destroying their life’s
Twinkle gets shocked n files a complaint against him when Arav got to know he committed suicide
Alisha gets the news of Arav suicide n she think twinkle knowingly did that n decides to take revenge from twinkle ….fb ends
Alisha : she snatched my arah from me I will not let twinkle get her love
Their class starts kunj comes n sits beside twinkle
Lecturer come n ask everyone to submit their project
After sometime twinj project declared as best
Kunj n twinkle do hi-fi class ends
Uv was going towards canteen when he sees some boys teasing mahi he comes n ask them
Uv : tumlog ko pata hai ye kon hai ( do u all know who is she)
Boys : yes she is a fresher
Uv : yep but do u know whose sister she is twinkle taneja sister mahi taneja
Boys : T..ttwniklle taneja
Listening to twinkle name that boys runs from there ???
Mahi thanks uv
Uv : see nahi U’ll meet these type of boys in every stage of like but u have to be strong to face them see ur sis she is a sherni ( tigress)
U have to become a tigress
Mahi : ok I’ll become tigress n teach this boys a good lesson
They hi-fi uv n mahi shakes their hands n say friends

Twinkle goes to canteen n order butter sandwich kunj also orders the same but the canteen man says they have only one butter sandwich
Twinkle : I need that bcoz I don’t eat anything else
Kunj : moti tu aur moti hojayegi ( fatso u will become more fat )
Twinkle : tune mujhe fir se moti kaha ( u said fatso again )
She hits him uv come to canteen
Uv : well u both R fight so I’ll take this sandwich
Twinkle n kunj together : noo
Meanwhile uv hurriedly eats that sandwich twinkle n kunj runs to beat uv
Twinkle : kunj iss uv ko mat chod na ( don’t leave this uv )
Kunj : ha mein ise bilkul nai chodunga ( yeah I will not leave him
Uv : pehle pakdo to sahi ( first catch me )
They 3 have a cute fight n uv asks when u too become friends
They tell him 2 days ago
Uv also forward his hand to kunj n says friends
Kunj : yeah the trio hug
The epi ends on their smiling faces ???
Guys them me in comments whether u liking this track or not thanks to all of u guys who R commenting daily n silent readers u too plz comment I’ll try to make epi longer thank for ur support ?????
Love u all ??
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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