Twinj Rab miliya episode 1

The episode continue with twinkle on her way to college but she sees a man shouting catch the thief she started running to catch the thief but she catches a sweet handsome boy and ask him
Twinkle: sharam nahi aati chori karte hue
Man:what are u an idiot
Twinkle : ek to chori ki upper se ankhe dekha rahe ho Shareef ghar k lagte ho par chori q ki
Man : what ur problem mein ne chori nai ki
She turns n sees the mam passes in front of her telling wo chor to aage nikal gaya she gets socked and turns to kunj yeah that man was kunj

Twinkle : I am so sorry
Kunj : what sorry poora din kharab kar diya huh and kunj goes from there
At college
Twinkle enters college n uv sees her ask tujhe kya hua aisa muh q lat kaya hua hai
Twinkle : nothing yaar by the way wo kaha hai jisne mera record break kiya hai
Uv : class is going to start let’s go in
Alisha ,cherry n Maya was twinkle gang members

Twinkle n uv comes to class
Their lectures comes in n says this was ur last year n I am very happy that u all will not co.e to college from nxt year ??
Uv : sir how can u say that we R so innocent
Lectures: u all or innocent huh bdw I wanted u all to meet someone who has broke twinkle taneja record so plz welcome Mr kunj sarna
Kunj comes in class n every one glares at him
Twinkle gets shocked to see him n says
Twinkle: Abe ye to wahi hai
Uv : tu use janti hai
Twinkle nods

Lecture says twinkle taneja record was 96.8% but kunj brokes it by only 0.2% his percentage was 97%
Twinkle angrily glares at him when kunj sees her n get shocked
Lecture: the class ends here I hope u will all get friendly with kunj
Alisha goes towards kunj n says her name and every one goes out of the class expect uv twinkle cheery n Maya
Twinkle : u have to pay for dis kunj sarna
Epi ends on twinkle angry face

Precap : mahi entry n uv stared liking her


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