Twinj : Pyar Ka Bandhan (part 5)


Engagement day
Everyone had arrived to TM.
K(thinking)= twinkle where are you my jaan I am eagerly waiting to see you . His thought were disturbed as he saw twinkle coming towards him with her cousins &friends He was mesmerized to see her. She was wearing a purple salwar kameez with a paranda in her hair she was definitely looking like a Punjabi phattaka today.
Twinkle and the rest of the girls walked past kunj and went to jai and started to tease him.
T= don’t worry bhaiya I mean jiju Priyanka will be here shortly. They continued to tease jai . Kunj kept looking at twinkle and smiled. Twinkle also lokked at kunj and smiled. This happened a few times and was noticed by vikram who was shocked to see this.

Everyones attention went to the stairs as Priyanka came down with her younger sister aarohi. Priyanka was wearing a red anarkali that had golden embroidery as a border . she had her hair tied up. Aarohi was wearing a peach salwar kameez and her hair was left open.
Priyanka and Jai were standing nect to each other.
Guruji= there is still 25miniuties for the auspious time.
N= what will we do… we cant just stand..
K= idea… he walked to aarohi who was standing next to her cousin bubbly and asked her to dance… tujhse accha dance yaah pee to koi karta nai hai to please karro naa
A= no please bhaiya not today

V= daar gayi
A= aarohi kisi se nai darati … karonji mein dance for my sister and brother in laws special day …
Everyone started to clap for her as she began her dance as the lighs switched off for her dance kunj took the opportunity and stood next to twinkle and held her hand tightly she tried to let go but kunj held it to tight .
Aarohi was dancing on aaja nachle and did a fabulous job. Everyone started to clap for as the lights switched back on twinj quickly let go of each others hands but Vikram saw them hold hands and began to get suspicious . he signaled something to aarohi to tell her he needs to tell her something.
The engagement ceremony started and jai and Priyanka made each other wear rings. Everyone started to dance . twinj took this opportunity and went to the teraace.
Vikram to aarohi

V= I need to tell you something
A= go ahead.
V= I think kunj nhai and twinkle di are dating
A= what? are you mental?
V= No I swear Vikram tells her everything he saw … look everyones here dancing where are they?
A= lets find them.

Precap= twinj romance on the terrace and aarovi find out they are dating… small leap

Sorry it was a short update
I am so sorry for not replying to your comments I have been really busy lately. I will try to post the next one soon. Love you all take care .

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