Twinj : Pyar Ka Bandhan part 3


Hi guys its me Simiyy. I am so sorry for posting late but I have been very busy in the last couple of days. Sorry I didn’t reply to your comments or commented as I was busy. However I read all your wonderful comments and thanks for everyone who commented. I asked you guys to choose a name for Aarohi and Vikram and you all like AarVik more but someone suggested the name AaroVi. So could I please ask you again to choose between AarVik and AaroVi.
Episode starts
Everyone was eagerly waiting for Jai at the breakfast table.
N= how long will bhai take?
V= it’s the first time chashmish is asking about another topic apart from studies he said laughingly .
K&Ma= stated to laugh and said bilkul saiy kairah hai tu .
N= mum dad look there always teasing me
M= leave her alone

Kunj,Mahi and Vikram become quiet and then Jai aarives.
J= good morning everyone he said with a smile.
Jai sat down and then breakfast was served in a quiet ambience. After breakfast Nimi and Mahi left for uni and Vikram left to collect aarohi as they would go together. Kunj would leave for office after he has dropped usha to gudwara.
M= jai I hope you remember you have to go and meet Priyanka after court today.
J= ji papa
U= I hope you come back home with good news
Jai had left for office and Kunj and Usha were going to leave for gudwara.

Leela had left for office as she had an important meeting. Priyanka also left for work and Aarohi had left for uni with Vikram.
Twinkle was waiting for the driver as he had gone to repair the car .
Kunj and Usha were driving past and aksed what had happened.
T= who aunty gaddi mechanic ke pass hai aur driver ab tak lai kar nai aya.
U= koi baat nai kunj will drop you to uni
Twinkle insisted not to go but ended up going. Kunj kept taking galances of her when he could. They reached gudwara .Kunj and Twinkle went in to give the lord their prays and left .
In the car.
Twinj were holding hands.
K= kya manga apne baba ji se?

T= bohoot kuch: a successful career for both of us , Priyanka and jai bhai say yes….(she continues and kunj just listens to her)
Kunj stops the car and looks at her and smiles.
T= why did you stop the car?
K= you reached your fashion course … but if you want I can take you on a long drive if you don’t want to leave me
T= ohh acha bye she was about to leave but twinkle quickly turned around and said I hope everything goes well today ?
K= don’t worry jaan it will
T= bye and I love you
K= I love you too bye and take care
The rest of the day was restless for both the families.
5.00pm at the coffee
Priyanka was waiting for Jai outside. He arrived after 5 minutes.
J= sorry for being a bit late I was stuck in traffic
P= its ok
They go inside and have a seat.
J= what will you have?

P= anything will do
Jai went and placed an order of 2 vanila milkshakes and chocolate brownies. They started to have they milkshake and brownie and it was all in complete silence.
J= we are here for a reason ?
P= I know… what happened to Natasha I thought you were dating her?
Jai chuckled at her question and said that you are quit straight forward …
P= sorry if I asked the wrong question
J= no its ok .. me and Natasha were only friends I was just pretending to be her boyfriend to make her real boyfriend jealous
P= ohh ok
J= have you ever had anyone in your life?
P= no not really…
They continue to talk …
P=can I ask you something?
J= sure

P= would you have a problem if I continue to work after marriage ?
J= no why would I think men and women should be treated equally . Priyanka smiled.
J= I know its awkward for me to tell you this but if we get married I would not want to have kids straight away I would like to wait for 1-2 years. This made Priyanka blush
Jai and Priyanka spent another 15 minutes together before they headed towards their home .
Priyanka had entered and was asked millions of questions from her mother and sisters. The same thing had happened with Jai.
M= what have you decided ?
J= ask Priyanka her decision and my answer will be the same . jai said this confusing everyone and went to get changed .
U= I think we should call leelaji after dinner…
Everyone was eating dinner and suddenly vikrams phone had rang but as soon as he went to pick it up it had disconnected .
K= who was it ?
V= aarohi

Ma=I think we should forget everyone else and get Vikram and Aarohi married. Everyone laughed
V= please di aarohi is my bestfriend nothing else… anyway I feel sorry for the person who marries her..
K= why she is such a sweet girl?
V= I know but she will make her husband dance on her fingers like how she dances …
N= that’s very mean …
Dinner was finished and Manohar and Usha left for a walk. The saran siblings were sitting in the lounge .
J= Vikram call aarohi as you missed her call
Vikram rang aarohi and accidently left the phone on speaker
V= kya baat hai arro my partner in crime , how did you remember me?
A= I just rang to remind you that we have to give in our assignment on Wednesday
V= what Wednesday why didn’t you tell me before ?
A= if your free from girls then I will tell you… anyway I will help you do the assignment tomorrow as we only have one lecture and I have completed mines
V= aww Aarohi you’re the best I love you bye he disconnected the phone.
Nimi , Mahi, jai and kunj look at each other and then Vikram.
Ma= you love aarohi
V= as a friend obviously
k= it better be as a friend only until your elder and mature and how many gf have you had?

V= bai I haven’t had any gf its just that I flirt with girls as they always chase me and then I have to flirt with them as a bit of attention is allowed he said cheekily….
J= whatever you do just be careful with aarohi as she is going to be my sister-in-law now…
This confused everyone and then they realized that jai and Priyanka agreed on the alliance. Just them usha and Manohar enter with mithai .
M= we spoke to leelaji and she said Priyanka agreed.

Everyone was happy and started to feed jai mithai and they stared to tease his
The day ended with everyones happy smile

Precap = Wedding Preparations and twinj moments

Sorry I know there was not many twinj scenes but it was important. There will be more twinj scenes in the upcoming episodes .sorry for any mistakes as I never read it again. sorry once again for the delay .
Love you all take care

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