Twinj : Pyar Ka Bandhan (part 1)


Hi everyone thank you so much everyone who commented it made really happy. I would like to thanks sidhanshi, Sanjanaagarwal, Sayeeda api,Sameera,Sidmin,Sidvee, SHantakshi,monica, Sidmin-daamaini,Auu,Aksa,Rochika ,shikha, manu , romisha and Purnima aagrwal 30

TM= Taneja Mansion
SM=Sarna Mansion
Episode starts=
A boy is shown waiting in a park eagerly. He keeps looking at his watch. He is wearing black jeans with a navy blue shirt. All the girls going past his a smiling at him and keep and making flirty remarks. However the boy is ignoring them
G1- hey handsome what’s your name?
G2 – OMG can I have your number please ?
No you cant they heard a voice say from behind . They turn around and see a girl who is wearing a long blue skirt with a floral top. Her hair is tied up in a high pony. Her eyes are light brown and shiny.

G1- who are you to tell us what to do
G2 – yes who are you ?
The girl walks past them and holds the boys arm and the boy smiles at him.
Girl – I am his girlfriend the love of his life. Do you get that?
The girls go away looking upset.
Boy- kya baat hai meri Siyaapa Queen you cant take it when another girl talk with me cant you
Girl – no I cant cause Kunj is only made for twinkle.
The boy and girl are revealed to be twinj .

k- I know that he said and pulls her into a side hug.
They break the hug and go sit on a bench.
K- it is so starnge that we see each other all the time but can only behave like friends .
t- I understand that’s why we secretly meet each other secretly in the park or café whenever we have time. Try to understand I need to finish my studies first then we can tell our parents.
k- I understand studies are very important that’s why we have been quiet and no one know we have been together of 4 years he said making twinkle blush. Like we decided first you need to finish your 4th years studies and fulfill your dreams about becoming a fashion designer .
t- I know baby
k– btw you do know we are coming to your house today for dinner?
t – aha but we are only friend infront of family not gf and b.f kunj smiled at her and they continues talking.

They spend another hour in the park talking to each other in the park. Kunj drops twinkle to her university and heads to office.
Evening time TM
L- kalaviti make sure all the drinks are cold and all food arrangments have been made I don’t want anything wrong to happen . leela told the maid
Girls I hope your ready leela said to her daughters.
Yes we are replied Aarohi with a smile on her face
Leela smiled as she looked at her daughters . She had tears in her eyes as she never realized how her daughters grew up so quickly
She then carefully looked at Priyanka and told her to go change her clothes
p- why am I not looking good maa?

M- you are but go wear your green kurta that new one that you brought last week
p- why that’s new ?whats so special today.
L- go quickly and change
Priyanka left and went to change.
t- maa why did you tell her to change?
L – because everything should be perfect today she said and left to check if everything in the kitchen was fine.
Twinkle and Aarohi looked at each as they were surprised with Leelas behavior.

Precap- sarna family coming to tm for dinner and the parents telling everyone that they want jai and Priyanka to get married .
I hope you liked please comment negative and positive.
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  1. Sameera

    Awsm simmy loved it yaar bf gf twinj
    Do cont soon

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  6. Awesome epi.. loved it.. do cont soon ?

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    ekdum…..amazing….loved it…
    do cont n long pls

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    simmy di amazing
    osm luvd it 2 d core d twinj scenes osm
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    Woowww Twinj bf nd gf… Amazing..
    Awesome episode…
    Loved it to the core…
    Love u ??

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    It was just awesome. Continue soon x

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    Lovely epi…luved twinj scenes…post the nxt epi ASAP…luve u…

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

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  15. Romaisha

    Awesome episode 🙂
    Liked the way twinkle gave the girls a fiting reply ???
    Post ur next epi soon nah 😉

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