Twinj pyaar ka ek roop (episode 4)

Hi guys, tanq so much for ur encouraging words.BT plsss do comment na.coz if u don’t comment then I ll nt know whether my ff is contending you.I hope u ll accept my kind request dear fans. So now comes the fourth epi.

Its evening. Yuvi is shown angry hitting his punching bag hard. He says ” how could this happen.never Yuvraj luthra will not lose to tat ram kapoor. He insultd my dad tat day.I ll not leave him.I ll take revenge for my dad. He ll be insultd before everyone bcoz of his pyaari bet I.twinkle I haven’t seen such a fool like u.actually emotional fool.I know ur weakness and tats y Im able plan against ur family by using u.I ll never a new character ‘ kunj sarna’.I ll finish his chapter soon.ur gonna be my biwi.and I ll ruin ur life. Seeing his pyaari beti’s life in misery Mr. Ram kapoor has to fold his hands before us.tats gonna happen.”

He smirks and smiles evily.
Twinkle is in her room and all her cousins ( aakash,khush,peehu) come there.they start teasing her by using kunj’s name.twinkle stays silent and sits sadly.
Peehu: wat happened di , y ur so sad?

Aakash: peehu its nothing but,she didn’t have privacy to talk with kunj jeeju as the engagement was over soon and they left early too.
Suddenly aarti and abheer comes and says “come on everyone,we have to go to gurudwarah and to kunj’s home for dinner.go and get ready soon. Twinkle tum bhi chalo”
T: nahi bhabhi,I’m so tired.i m not coming.aap sab chaliye.mein gar me rahungi.
Khush: is tat the reason or is it like if u come there u ll not get privacy to talk and romance with kunj jeeju.and if u stay here u can talk with him over phone.
Abheer: papa ne tum sab ko bhulaye.jaldi se jao.samay ho gaya.
Abheer still has doubt on twinkle. He goes down and says I’m not coming.mujhe kuch imp kaam hain.aap sab chaliye.I ll stay at home with twinkle.everyone goes.twinkle is in her room and doesn’t know tat abheer is staying at home.he is in peehu’s room which is near twinkle’s room to see wat she is doing.
Twinkle is sad and cries recalling wat happened and seeing her engagement ring.
T: yuvi ll be really hurt.he was so angry.donno wat he s gonna say.babaji y is all this happening to me.i didn’t expect tat dad ll do this.he does only for my goodness.BT I can’t leave yuvi also.I’m struck in between two relations.wat ll u do now.” She cries bitterly.
Yuvi sees everyone going out.he thinks this s the right time and goes to twinkle’s room throo window. Twinkle sees him lovingly and runs to hug him.he pushes her back.
T: yuvi i know u r very angry.BT wat ll I do.I could not deny it as my dad announced in front of everyone.I didn’t have guts to speak.
Yuvi holds her tightly and pins her to the wall.
Y: I love u so much twinkle.BT u ditchd ur going to marry tat kunj,right? And u ll not care anything abt me whether I live or die.
T: plss don’t say tat yuvi.I too love u.I don’t have
idea of ditching u.I’m really helpless now.I don’t know wat to do.
Y: there s only one way twinkle. And if we do it,I’m sure u ll dad ll do our marriage.

Twinkle is confused and looks as if asking wat it is.
Yuvi leaves her and moves back.he removes his
jacket and his t- shirt and comes near twinkle and holds her waist. He comes near her face to kiss her. Twinkle is shocked by his gesture and shouts ” yuvi,plsss”

Abheer hears this sound and rushes to her room and opens the door.he is shocked to see their posture. They too r shocked to see him. He comes towards yuvi and starts beating him.yuvi too beats him.they both have a big fight.twinkle separates them and says yuvi to leave from there.yuvi leaves.he comes to abheer and sees blood coming from his hand and is shocked.

T: ye kya hai bhaiya aapke haath mein.wait I ll take first aid kit.
Abheer pulls her hand and gives her a hard slap.

A: how dare u do this.don’t u have least u shuld have thought abt mom and dad.

I’m very ashamed to say u as my sister.
T: bhaiya pls listen to me.I didn’t hav such intentions. I was abt to push him BT…

A: stop it I don’t want to listen to ur rubbish words.thank hod I didn’t go wth them.or else u would have made us get insulted.of u have an idea of marrying him just destroy it from ur heart.I ll never accept for it.remember tat ur engaged now to kunj.ur going to marry kunj only.tat ll not change ever.and this is the last warning I’m giving u.if u really love our family thn tat Yuvraj should stay away from ur life.if not I ll surely kill him.
He says and angrily goes.twinkle is dumbstruck hearing this and breaks down.she is crying very bitterly.

PRECAP: twinkle is thinking abt wat UV said and drives the car.she meets with an accident.

Sry guysss the PRECAP wat I gave yesterday was wrong.I changed my track.I thought it would be diff as noone has wrote like this.hope u like this epi.plsss comment and negatives also welcomed.if I had done any mistake plss feel free to say so tat I ll correct it.see u with the next epi tmrw.good night

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