Twinj pyaar ka ek roop (episode 2)

Twinkle goes and starts her scooty.while moving she recalls wat happened.
While kunj and abheer were talking at home,
A: kunj,have this go to twinkle and fit this in her scooty somewhere in the front.
K: why abheer?
A: she is doing something wrong.yesterday I met her friend chinki.she said me tat its been one week she had met twinkle.BT everyday twinki goes to meet her frnds.I don’t know whom she is meeting.I m fitting this chip to see where she goes as there is a cam in it.
K: but how can I do this?
A: u just go and as if talking something to her fit this.

K: I ll try.
Abheer gets call and he goes. Kunj goes out and as if going closer to twinkle he fitted the chip. Abheer and kunj follows her in car.
But twinki is so smart so she finds the chip and also finds that the two r following her.twinki doesn’t remove the chip as it would create more doubt in her bro’s mind.and yuvi follows her in bike and confronts her and she slaps him and goes. (FB ENDS)
Twinki thinks ” ohh god wat ll yuvi think abt me.I shouldn’t have done it.BT I don’t know any other way.I m sorry yuvi”
She comes to house and the two,who was following her already came home seeing her act.
A: why u came home u said u r going to meet ur frnds.
T: ya,BT tat idiot yuvi came and spoiled my I came back.
A: wat,is he coming in ur way? Why u didn’t say it t to me,I could have finished his chapter.
T: aah and then there ll be a big problem. Dad will be insulted by his this all necessary for us? I have given him one,tat ll be enough for him. U don’t do anything and get into trouble.
A: OK, we are going out for shopping,bye! If mom comes say her.
Twinkle thinks” thank god he left”. She calls yuvi and says wat actually happened and apologized to him.

Y: its OK baby,first I too thought was wrong with u, BT wen I saw ur brother’s car then I realized.its ok leave it.
T: Okk yuvi bye,I can’t meet you tomorrow as it is my bro’s engagement.
At night:
Twinki is in her room.everyone is downstairs.kunj’s parents have come. They were talking abt kunj and twinkle
Ram: our families have joined and done two marriages like raman ,ishitha and yash,aarti.after abheer its twinkle’s marriage.y can’t we do her marriage with kunj.I think they make a good pair.
Vikram: u r right ram. Even I didn’t think abt it.its a very good idea.
Priya: so let’s do their engagement also tmrw.
Neha: BT arrangements, dress,rings all those things.its already late night can we do it ?
Priya: don’t worry, tmrw muhurat is at 11 only,we ll buy rings within that time.
Vikram: okk then let it be a surprise for everyone. I hope they like each other.
Ram: of course they were so close in childhood and even today morning twinkle took much care for kunj. And kunj will be the best pair for twinkle. She is my lovable daughter and she ll accept my choice.

Neha: OK then see u tomorrow.bye!
At twinkle’s room:
Yuvi comes in throo window.twinki is shocked.
T: yuvi I have said u not to come in this way.wat if the guards had caught u?
Y: I don’t care abt it. You know its really paining in my cheeks where you slapped I came to get medicine for my pain.
T: get some oinment and apply it.
Y: tats not the best medicine for me its ur kiss.
Yuvi comes closer.
Twinkle pushes him and says” you keep counting the number of kisses I have to give u.I ll give it to u after our marriage.

Y: I can’t wait.wen the enmity between our dads end and wen ll we marry.wat if ur father finds an alliance for u within that time?
T: my dad will never do like tat.he never goes against my wish.
Y: hw can u assure tat,ur dad ll not do it.wat ll u do if he suddenly arranges for ur engagement.
T: I will do the engagement in tat case bcoz he is the one who gave me life and ll only choose a good partner for me.BT he ll not do anything like tat without asking positive and now leave before anyone comes.

Y: u r so afraid na,BT I’m yuvraj luthra and I m so brave.tmrw I ll come and meet u in front of everyone and I ll dance with u. This is my chalenge .
T: ohh, challenge uhhh?? Then we ll meet tmrw.leave from here.
Yuvi leaves.
Twinkle says to herself ” so crazy, BT wat she said abt dad, its still affecting me.anyways I m very sleepy” she goes to bed and sleeps.

PRECAP: abheer’s engagement. Yuvi wins his challenge. Great shock for twinj and yuvi.

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