Twinj pyaar ka ek roop (episode 1)

Tanq guys for all ur comments.ur cmnts always keeps me enthusiastic.
In Amritsar:
A guy comes and lands in the airport. He is wearing a brown jacket,jeans and a cooling glass.his face is not shown.he gets into a car and moves.the car enters a big bungalow. A woman comes and does his aarti.he gets blessing from her.she says my dear son kunj,u have become so handsome and big.
KUNJ: tanq ma.
He gets blessing from his dad and hugs Raman and ridhima.
NEHA: kunj beta ,go and freshen up and come. I have made all ur fav dishes.
He goes and comes down for breakfast. All have a nice talk. Kunj finishes lunch and says mom I’m gonna meet abheer,bye!

A girl is sleeping. Priya comes and wakes her up.she says pls ma 10 more mins.she goes.
Juhi comes and wakes her and she says the same dialogue.
Next saumya comes and again she says the same.
After some time abheer comes and throws water on her.she gets up angrily.
Twinkle: idiot!!!!
She takes a jug and runs behind him.he goes downstairs and throws water from the the time kunj comes and abheer moves away.the water falls on kunj.twinkle is shockd.
T: sorry!!!
K: its OK.
Abheer laughs
T: shut up everything is bcoz of u.
Twinkle goes and gets towel and abheer’s shirt for him.he changes.everyone comes and kunj greets the elders and gets blessings from them.twinkle goes to her room and baths and comes down with her bag. Ram is talking with kunj.
R: how was ur internship,kunj ?
K:tat was nice uncle.
R: even I told abheer to finish his internship and then come.BT he didn’t listen and came before a wat r ur plans?
K: just planning to start a wedding planner business with my frnd maya.she has some experience in it
R: ohhh good! OK listen tomorrow is
Abheer’s engagement.plss take him to the designers and order his sherwani.he is not at all dng it.
K: OK uncle I ll take him.don’t worry.
Twinkle completes her breakfast.

T: mom,I’m gng to meet my frnds.bye.
She kisses her mom and both her chachis.he says bye to yash and aarti and kisses their daughter diya and goes. She says her dad and goes out.ram gets a call and goes to his room.
Abheer talks to kunj. Abheer gets a call and he also goes.kunj comes outside to twinkle,who was starting her scooty.
K: u poured water on me and didn’t even say sorry.
T: I said tat very moment I said sorry.
K: just sorry ahhh?
Kunj comes closer to her.twinkle pushes him and says “idiot”. She goes in her scooty.
She goes some distance and she gets a call.she ignores it.the call comes for more than 5 times.BT she ignores.after some time a boy in royal Enfield follows her.he is wearing helmet.she goes fast.BT he comes in between and stops her.he removes helmet.and he is yuvraj luthra.she too gets up and comes closer to her.she gives him a slap.he is stunned.
Y: wat happend baby?

T: I have warnd u several times not to torture me.if my brothers know abt tis they ll kill u.
She says and goes.

PRECAP: wat is the real reason behind twinki to slap yuvi? U ll find the ans for this in the next epi.maybe by tonight.

Guys I hope u lkd it.plss comment for suggestions.

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