TwiNj: Pure Love ~ by Ria (One Shot – Birthday Surprise)

TwiNj: Pure Love (One Shot)

Characters involved:
Kunj Sarna: The main protagonist
Twinkle Kunj Sarna: The female protagonist
Additional characters: Yuvraj Taneja and Pallavi Singh.

Twinkle’s POV
I rushed towards as the door bell rang. I quickly opened the door as I found my husband standing at the doorstep with a bouquet. “I thought you went for a walk”, I said. He smiled and said, “Can I come in?” I opened the door widely letting him in. He handed me the bouquet and walked towards the hall. He relaxed himself on the one seater as I placed the bouquet on the table, “Thank you for bringing my favourite roses.”

“Anything for you”, he replied. “I’ll get you your coffee”, I said. I was about to go the kitchen when my husband held my wrist. I smiled as he pulled me back making me land on his lap. “What are you doing?”, I asked. “What are you doing?”, my husband questioned me back. “I was going to bring your coffee”, I replied as he kissed my neck. “Come on Twinkle. We’ve got the chance to be alone for the first time and you want to do everything else except for being with me”, he said. I smiled and said, “Does it really matter Kunj? You’ll any how find out a way to be with me.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist. I placed my hand on his as he queitly removed one of his hands and unclipped my hair. He moved my hair to one side and kissing my shoulder remarked, “Better!”

I smiled and turned around as Kunj was about to unzip my dress. “What were you doing?”, I asked as I turned crimson. He pulled me close and asked, “Don’t you know?” “Let me show you then”, he added and tried turning me around. I pushed him away and stood up. “I’m going to the kitchen. Don’t disturb me”, I said. I turned around but, Kunj again held my wrist and pulled me back on his lap. “Who’s disturbing you? Tell me I’ll just kill that person”, he said. “Kunj, leave me. Let me complete my work”, I complained as Kunj pulled me closer wrapping his arms around my waist. “I just can’t stay away from you”, he replied making me smile. He was about to unzip my dress but, his phone rang and I quickly stood up pushing him away. “Uggh! This phone”, said Kunj making me giggle. “I will see you. You wait”, said Kunj looking at me and then picked up his call. I quickly walked away to the kitchen.

I was standing in front of the balcony and enjoying the scene. It was an amazing sight with all the city lights lit up in midnight and the snow adding extra beauty to the scene. Suddenly, someone came and hugged me from back. “Kunj?”, I asked. “Hmm”, he replied resting his chin on my shoulder. He kissed my right cheek and moved my hair to the front. He slid down the dress from my shoulder and kissed over there. “What are you doing? Let’s sleep. It’s pretty late”, I said. “Nights aren’t only for sleeping”, replied Kunj. I widened my eyes as Kunj slowly unzipped my dress. “Kunj”, I remarked turning completely red. He turned me around and arched his one eyebrow asking what. I moved my hands to zip my dress when he pulled me closer by my waist and kissed me. I remained shocked for sometime but, later gave in. We pulled back after sometime as I turned dark red. He smiled looking at me and picked me up in his arms and walked towards the bed. He gently placed me on the bed and switched off the lights to take our relation to a new level.

Kunj’s POV
I woke up in the morning to find Twinkle sleeping peacefully beside me covered with the blanket. I smiled and kissed her forehead. She woke up and turned completely crimson looking at me. She turned her face away as I smiled looking at her. Gosh! She’s driving me crazy. “Twinkle, don’t blush so much. It’s making me go more crazy”, I said. She widened her eyes and smacked at my chest. “Go, get ready. You need to go for the meeting as well”, she said. I moved closer to her and whispered, “Let’s just cancel it.” “No way”, she replied. “Why?”, I asked. “You know, everyone is dependent on you for this meeting and you’re here busy romancing. Go”, she replied. I kissed her cheeks and said, “Let’s postpone the meeting then.” She pushed me and said, “You’ll be late. Now go.” I nodded my head in a no as she made a childish face. I softly kissed her lips making her shocked and whispered, “I love you! I’ll be back soon.” “I love you too”, she replied as I rushed into the washroom.

Twinkle’s POV
It had been almost 7 in the evening and I was done doing everything for the day. I settled down on the sofa as my mind flashed through the memories of our confession, the proposal and all the moments we had spent together.

It was the third year in college and I was new to the place as dad was transferred to Amritsar. It had been a few days in the college and the only friend I made was Pallavi. She was a very sweet and kind-hearted person. I loved being with her. I always thought that I had found my soul sister. She helped me out in every single thing from the very beginning. She introduced me to her boyfriend, Yuvraj Luthra. I found both of them a perfect match. They had a very good understanding among themselves. I never saw them talking to each other when I was along with them. But, I don’t know whether Yuvraj was unromantic!
One day we three were just roaming around the campus when Yuvraj shouted, “Kunj!” The guy in front of us turned around and came towards us. “Yes bro”, he said. “Meet her. She’s Twinkle”, said Yuvraj. I walked towards Kunj and slapped him hard making Pallavi and Yuvraj shocked. “What was that for?”, asked Yuvraj. “You idiot. You completely forgot me right?”, I said looking at Kunj. “Ouch. That was a hard one”, he complained rubbing his cheek. “Is that how you a greet your best friend when you meet after ages?”, he added. “That’s my style”, I replied while he laughed. I pulled him into a hug and while hugging I saw Yuvraj and Pallavi confused. We pulled back and I said, “Same school in Mumbai guys!” They smiled as we walked towards the building to attend our classes.

It had been almost a year in the college now and I knew alomost everyone in the college. Kunj, Pallavi, Yuvraj and me were always together. Pallavi and Yuvraj spent time together now as I had someone to give me company. I had gradually fell in love with Kunj. I didn’t know when this friendship turned out to be love but, I didn’t know what Kunj thought about me.
It was the second day of the month and Kunj had enough money to treat all of us. We were sitting in the cafeteria when Kunj asked, “What do you want?” Everyone told what they wanted to have when I said, “I’ll come with you. Let these two love birds have some private time.” “No, no..”, replied Pallavi but, Yuvraj interrupted saying, “Thank you for understanding. Now, you both leave.” We laughed as Pallavi looked down embarrassed.

We ordered everyone’s food and then proceeded towards the billing counter. Kunj opened his wallet and was about to pay when I slapped him. He looked at me shocked and said, “I’m still here. What was this for then?” I slapped him again while he looked at me confused. “The second one was for not understanding anything”, I replied. “What was the first one for? What didn’t I understand?”, he questioned me. “You didn’t understand what the first one was for”, I replied folding my arms. He arched his eyebrows while I continued, “The first slap was for not understanding that I feel the same for you.” “Twinkle, please be clear”, he said. I took the wallet from his hand and said, “Why do you keep my picture in your wallet? There must be some reason right!” He held my elbow and dragged me out of the canteen. “You love me?”, he asked. “No, I hate you”, I replied. He looked disappointed while I said, “I hate you for not telling me that you love me as well.” “I know.. wait what?”, he said as a bright smile covered his face. He lifted me up and shouted, “I love you Twinkle! I love you!” “I love you too!”, I replied as I could hear the entire campus clapping and hooting for us. We quickly separated ourselves and went inside the cafeteria.

I came out of my thoughts as the clock struck 8. I picked up my phone and called Kunj. “Hello, where are you?”, I asked. “You seem to be desperate to see me. I told I won’t come here”, he replied. “No. I’m asking only because you said you’ll be early and also, I’m bored”, I said. “Oh.. I thought you wanted to be with me. Never mind. I want to be with you 24*7 so, please if you can turn around”, he replied. I turned around and saw him walking towards me. I smiled as he threw his blazer on the sofa and pulled me closer to him. “Go, freshen up first. You’ve been out since the entire day”, I complained. “Don’t you wish to be with me?”, he asked. “You literally stink Mr. Kunj Sarna”, I complained again. “Uff! You’ve so many complaints. Okay, fine. I’m going”, he replied as I smiled. He rushed upstairs as I walked towards the kitchen to serve our dinner.

I was garnishing the side dishes when Kunj came and hugged me from back. “You came? Come, let’s go have dinner”, I said. “I don’t want to eat this”, said Kunj. “There’s nothing else at home. What will you eat?”, I replied. “I’ll eat you”, said Kunj making me widen my eyes. “Shut up Kunj. Come, have dinner”, I replied. He turned me around and taking the serving bowl from my hand said, “After seeing you, I’m not hungry anymore.” I covered his mouth and said, “Shshh.” He kept the bowl on the slab beside and held me by my waist. “What are you trying to do?”, I asked as he made me sit on the slab. He moved closer to me and said, “It’s easier now. So, where were we?” “No where. Let me go now”, I said trying to get down. He placed his hands on either sides blocking me and said, “You’re going nowhere sweetheart.”

I smiled as he moved closer and sensually moved his finger on my face letting shivers down my body. He kissed my forehead and later, my closed eyes while I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me. I arched my eyebrows asking what while he kissed my cheeks and whispered, “I love you!” I smiled while he moved even closer and kissed me. I responded back and after sometime we pulled back while I turned crimson again. He smiled and lifting me from the slab said, “Come. Let’s go.” “Where?”, I asked. “You’re hungry right!”, he said. I nodded my head in a yes and kissed his cheeks while he smiled at me.
Hey all! I hope I didn’t bore you all with this. It was a pretty long one and I’m really bad at writing pure love stories so, I guess you all won’t like it. I wrote this only on Shatakshi’s request as she wanted this treat from me. I’m really not a lovey-dovey person.

I’m in my sweet sixteen mood now?. I went through all your comments on Shatakshi’s fan fiction. I wonder how you all could guess it! Anyways, it really means a lot.

Thank you to all of them who commented on my previous OS. Here is the link for my previous one shot!

I don’t know how many of you read my fan fiction – Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? If you do, then keep reading and supporting me. I’ll upload it soon.

Lastly, don’t forget to drop down your comments below. Criticism is always acceptable but, no ill language.

Love you all loads!? Bye! Take care.

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  1. Jigaysa

    It was awesome

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      Thank you so much Jigaysa!

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    My face the entire time I was reading it: ? Then my face after I read it:? How do u write so well????!!!! Ria…ummm u stole the words out of my mouth and now I am left speechless. Nothing is coming out because the words that can describe how amazing ur writing is has not been invented yet. And who told u that u can’t write on lovey-dovey subjects, because I couldn’t find any flaws in this writing and as far as I know, it was amazing, fab, awesome, amazing, super, beautiful, oh and I think I forgot to say amazing. Happy Birthday once again and keep writing…never stop!! u have amazing ideas for OS and u better write more because I want to read them (a bit selfish I know ?). Love you! ?

    1. Ria

      Sara, the entire time I read your comment I had a smile in my face and after reading the comment I turned crimson like?. Thank you so so much. It’s okay if you’re selfish cuz even I’m selfish for your writings. Thank you for the wonderful gift on my b’day.
      Ria loves you too.?

  4. Anchali

    Happy birthday Ria di.awesome one.So romantic and I loved it to the core.May this day be the bat day in ur life.Best wishes from one of ur sissy’s or even a friend.Love u so much and ur writing

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      Thank you so much Anchali! I’m glad you like my writings. Also, thanks a lot for the best wishes.
      Loads of love.?

  5. Kruti

    ?????????all d way down d os i was like this…….I am left spellbound after reading d os…..every time I read something written by u it always drives me crazzzzzzy
    I so love ur writting skills

    Once again
    A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cutest frnd cum sisso?????????????
    Love u loads??❤

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Kruti! I’m glad you like my writings. Ahah! You’re appreciating me too much. Anyways, thank you for that also.? Also, thanks for the wishes.
      Loads of love.?

  6. Happy Birthday Ria…
    May all ur wishes come true n u’ll get success in ur life…i m so happy 2 get u as my TU fren…i m very happy as u gave a b’day which is more sweeter n tastier than d real cake…love u 2 d core n ur ff…n again i wish u many many happy returns of d day…2day u reached ur sweet sixteen…hope dis day onwards ur day b glorious…
    n os was really very sweet…love u…

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Sujina! I’m glad you liked the OS as well as my fan fiction. It really means a lot. Also, thank you for the birthday wishes. I’m lucky as well to get you as my friends.
      Loads of love.?

  7. Yay yay yay!! Happy birthday Ria!!! It was soooo cool…especially the confession part…i was blushing sooo hard for no reason…and i am running sooo late for school now…i am 30 mins late n still at home cuz i really wanted to wish u early morning!!! Happy birthday once again!!! Live 100s years….stay happy n ya…main apne har friend ke bd par unhein yeh kehti hun…u r getting old…pls dnt mind…thats me??❤️

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      Hey, thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the OS. Ouch! Did I make you late for the school? I’m really sorry for that. Thank you for the wishes. Haha..I don’t mind growing older dear.
      Loads of love.?

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    Riya happy birthday????
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    Happy birthday ria…
    Awesome .. Waiting for more such os’s

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      Thank you so much Priya! I’m glad you liked the OS. Thank you for the wishes as well. I’ll surely come up with another OS as soon as I get an idea.?
      Loads of love.?

  11. Happy birthday Ria..?????????? .. May God bless u always… hope u’ll get all the happiness u deserve… love u yaar.. always stay happy & thanks for the treat…???… nd os was superb… lots of love for u sweety…????

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      Hey Sidhanshi,
      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the OS. Thanks for the wishes as well.
      Loads of love.?

  12. Aamu

    sorry today m in hurry so it was amazing…n superb unique

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      Thank you so much Aamu! I’m glad you liked the OS. Also, thanks for the wishes as well.
      Loads of love.?

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    Riu a bigwala happy bday ….god bless you. ?..oeum os..luv u

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      Thank you so much for the wishes Arundhati! Also, I’m glad you liked the OS.
      Loads of love.?

  14. Many many happy returns of the day Ria! May God bless you always 🙂 this os was superb.. it was amazing

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      Thank you so so much Sidvee! I’m glad you liked the OS. Also, thank you for the wishes.
      Loads of love.?

  15. Jisha

    Happy birthday dear…god bless you…
    And thank you for the treat…loved it… bechara Kunj…he got slapped so many times…love you dear

    1. Ria

      Jishaaaa di, thank you so so much for the wishes. Aapne bacha nahi likha??? Anyways, never mind. Really Kunj is bechara. Ye Twinkle toh sirf thappad Marne ke Mauke mein rehti hai.?? I’m glad you liked the OS.
      Loads of love.?

  16. Meeta

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
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      Thank you so much dear for the wishes. It really means a lot. I’m glad you liked the OS. Umm..sorry. But, by the time I read your comment the cake was already over. Next year for sure. Haha.. all the best for your exams. Don’t neglect your studies for the fan fiction dear.
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    yr u r amzing sooooo angelic romantic os
    luvd it 2 d core
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    u no wt phele to i was 3 slaps from jasmin woh bhi bekaar mein sid ko bechara
    bt fir love cnfsn oh god so cute
    n d romance was litrelly crimson myself blushing 2222222222222222 mch while reading it
    oh god kya khun very adorable os
    yr u rock ria u r amazing darlo
    post ur ff asap w8ing

    1. Ria

      Hey Baby, thank you so much for the best wishes. It really means a lot. Also, I’m glad you liked the OS. Sid is actually quite bechara types.??
      Loads of love.?

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    Kya likhti hai yaar tu twinj k love ko ek naya hi level de diya hai..
    Muahhhhhhh mashallah subhanallah
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    Chal ab tu meri bhavnaein samajh gayi hogi …
    So once again a very happy bday..
    Keep smiling
    Love u bulldozer..
    My bandit queen…..

    1. Ria

      My drama queen,
      Thank you soo soo much. Tujhe nahi pata ki tera comment dekh ke main kitna khush hui. Chal ab uddne bhi mat lag jaana. Ab dekh, shayari achi hi thi. Khud Ko itna bhi underestimate mat kar. Chal chal. Haan, viper ka matlab toh mujhe pata hai. Itna kya tareef karegi mera ki 300 pages mein bhi khatam nahi hogi??? Chal anyways, thanks a lot for the appreciation, shayari as well as the wishes.
      Loads of love.?

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      Thank you so much Sana!?

  23. Kritika14

    Firstly, once again happy birthday sweetheart ? I know you had a blast so i am so happy for you. Coming to the OS, tho i agree you are shit boring person but i must say, this boring person had damn good skills when coming to writing such things. I believe you that you ain’t a lovey-dovey person but what you wrote in this as well as your first ff i.e I love you (twinj journey) just cannot make a person believe this statement of yours. This treat of yours was worth it. I just loved this whole os so much man, can’t even say. So glad sha told you to write this. Just one more thing, quickly update us with the second ff of yours. Love you ?

    1. Ria

      Hey sweetheart,
      Thank you so much for wishing me so many times. Hehe.. By the way, don’t even think that you’re very interesting and fun to be around person. You’re even more boring. Now, don’t start arguing about it cuz both of us we both are equally dumb?. Ahah! Really? When you’re saying this that means the love story actually made sense..hehe..
      Loads of love.?

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    And now abt this one shot, it was amazing. I enjoyed reading every part of it.
    Do enjoy ur day and post ur off soon.
    Ohhhh n I want cake? I’ll fly to Indian for it if I av to ? pretty please ?

    1. Ria

      Hey RiaA,
      Thank you so so much for the best wishes. It really means a lot to me.
      I’m glad you liked this OS.? I don’t know whether you know or not. But, I ended my first ff almost two weeks ago. If you didn’t read the last update, I’d request you to go through it.
      You’re always welcome to fly to India and have a piece of cake. It’d be really nice. I’d get to see you as well.
      Loads of love.?

  25. Zuha Fatima

    Ria firstly many many happy returns of the day dear 🙂 This FF was so sweet yet simple 🙂 I really enjoyed it 🙂 Good going dear 🙂 And yeah the last episode of my FF is posted :

    I hope u will take ur time out to read it 🙂

    Enjoy your special day to the fullest and once again a very, very happy birthday dear 🙂 take care and keep smiling 🙂 Always:)

    – Zuha

    1. Ria

      Hey Zuha,
      Thank you so much for the wishes dear. Also, I’m really glad you liked the OS?.
      Well, I’ll comment on the episode again as I’m still going through your fan fiction. I’d try to finish it up by tomorrow.
      Loads of love.?

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    Oyeee hoeee Baby Doll
    Aaj to tera he din hai…
    N u r smart enough
    Mere he kandhe pe bandook rakh ke goli chala di na
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    Zyada ho gaya na??

    Aur Haa I won’t wish u more….becoz I was tge First one to wish u??

    But Darling…..u literally killed me with the os
    Gosh!!…it was Awesome
    Love u loads
    Enjoy ur Sweet 16
    Have a best future ahead???

    1. Ria

      Hey baby doll,
      Thank you so much darling. Tu toh hai hi specail isliye tere liye do return gifts. A gun shot and an OS. Thoda nahi bahut zyada hogaya. Jaa haazir it seems!?
      Anyways, acha Laga sunke ki aap ko ye OS pasand aaya kyun ki aap ko pasand na aata toh mere kiye-dharey pe Paani fer jaata.
      I love you more than you can even imagine?

  27. Thanmy

    Awesome ria diii a constant smile on my face while reading it especially when ever twinkle slapped kunj bechaara its not at all boring dii I enjoyed it throughly happy b’ day once dii

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Thanmy! I’m glad you liked the OS. Also, thanks for the wishes. It really means a lot.
      Lastly, thanks for the b’day gift too. It was amazing dear. And, about your question I did read your ff but, I was never able to comment. Sorry na.
      Loads of love.?

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    Happy Birthday Ria
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    You are my first TU friend and remember 27th June The first day we had a chat on whatsapp and The things we talked
    Great minds think a like
    People born in the month of September are great
    I had never thought we would be friends
    I have one more thing to say People born in the month of September are great writers too Like you Laddoo and me(na not me ) Love you Have a wonderful blast and may your cake be as sweet as you are (Send me the cake My Add:C-103………….)
    Hope I get it on time don’t forget it
    Loved the OS quite romantic ha (Yesterdays Suhagrat’s Topic came in my mind-sorry for wasting your time)
    Love you 🙂

    1. Ria

      Hey Sidmin,
      Thank you so much dear. I’m glad you liked the OS. Also, YES! I do remember what all we talked about the first we talked.? You’re a good writer too but, I ain’t that good dear. Haha..that suhagraat thing?? The cake was already over by then dear. Next year surely. You didn’t waste my time. Not at all.
      Loads of love.?

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    I wished u before 11…
    And Shats di?
    Aiiinnn….I wanted to wish u forst…?
    Anyways…I wished u means I wished u.
    Won’t say anything abt the OS. Just that I loved it a lot. And really Shats di’s demands surprise me so much. That’s why I call her my twin sisso.
    Love u?

    1. Ria

      You know na you wished me before anyone else did.?? I already told you. Thank you so much for your wishes my li’l sister. I’m glad you liked the OS. Sach mein! Shatakshi’s demands shock me too??
      Loads of love.?

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    1. Ria

      Sayeeda, thank you so so much for the wishes. It really means a lot. I’m glad you liked the OS.
      Loads of love from here too.?



    1. Ria

      Thank you Ayesha!?

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      Thank you so much Purnima for the wishes. It really means a lot. I’m glad you liked the OS.?

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    their sweet sweet Romance is so good

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Shikha!?

  34. Tara

    oh nooooooooo… ria darling am so so so sorry…. happy belated birthday…. ( i knw m superb late -_- ) bt i hope u will understand… nowadayas i hardly get time to read ff or comment.. its now that i saw u cmmntng that i read the os.. it was wonderful…. loved it to core.. love u loads… stay blessed…
    btw kitna age ho gya tumhara?? i hope u dnt mind me ask that 😛

    1. Ria

      It’s alright Tara! I do understand. Studies are our priority. Don’t neglect your studies for ffs.
      Thank you so much for the wishes. It really means a lot to me.
      I’m glad you liked the OS. Your comment really means a lot.? I’m 16 now. I don’t really mind telling my age dear.
      Loads of love.?

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