TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 7

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Everyone was back from the Gudwara and sat down on the sofa. Twinkle went in the kitchen and brought water for everyone. Bebe was talking to someone on the phone and disconnected it the call.
Bebe= Usha, we have to leave for Karnal in the evening now
Usha= Why Bebe?
Bebe= it was a phone Amrita Ji, she said that the rituals will start from tomorrow morning instead of Wednesday so we have to go early.
Usha= Ok Bebe, but I still need to complete some of my packing
Bebe= Twinkle will help you
Usha= Ok Bebe
Kunj= Bebe I will go and book the tickets for the flight
Bebe= OK

Kunj leaves to get the Tickets and Twinkle goes to help Usha in the room.
Usha Room
Usha= Here are all the things you need to pack them in this suitcase, Also here are some gifts for the relatives pack them properly and keep them here
Twinkle = ji
Twinkle begins to pack the suitcases for Usha and completes it in 30 minutes. After that Twinkle went in the kitchen to see what HaldiRam had cooked for lunch. He had cooked Rajma Chawal. Twinkle helped him and also made some fruit salad for everyone especially Mahi as it important for her to eat healthy food during the early stages.
Everyone else came home for lunch. Everyone apart from Chinki and Twinkle were sitting down on the table. Chinki was helping Twinkle serve everyone food.
Usha= Chinki sit down and eat you must be tired from college, Twinkle will do it .
Chinki= No mummy ji I am fine
Usha= Just sit down

Chinki reluctantly sat down whilst Twinkle continued to serve everyone food. She then went in the kitchen, she felt bad as Usha never treated her as a daughter-in-law. She quietly sat down on the chair in the kitchen and tears were flowing from her eyes. After a few minutes she heard Kunj call her name her name. She quickly wiped her tears and went to dining table where everyone was.
Kunj= Twinkle, sit down and eat
Twinkle= I’m not hungry Kunj
Kunj= sit down he pulls the chair that was next to him and makes her sit down.
Everyone smiles apart from Usha who was fuming. Everyone finishes their lunch but Twinkle doesn’t eat.
After some time Bebe and Usha leave with their sons/grandsons
Kunj,UV and Abhay decided to stay home after they had dropped Usha and Bebe.
Kunj was on his laptop preparing important presentation. Twinkle came into the room with some clothes. She put the clothes on the bed and began to put them away. After she put them away she went to the balcony of their room and sat down on the swing. She was very hungry as she didn’t eat lunch and only had an apple for breakfast. She wasn’t thinking about food , she was only thinking about her bitter past and Usha cold behaviour towards her. Her thoughts were broken when Kunj came and sat down next to her. She looked at him and smiled, he also smiled back. They sit down for some time in silence but Kunj decides to break the ice.
Kunj= Why didn’t you eat lunch?
Twinkle= I wasn’t hungry

Kunj= I know that Maa is very rude to you at times Twinkle, I’m sorry for that
Twinkle= Kunj please don’t say sorry , it’s ok
Kunj= I know you are just saying that it’s ok, but your hurt, you can tell me I am your friend he said assuring her by holding her hand.
Twinkle looks at him and starts to talk
Twinkle= 2years ago when maa and papa passed away my life changed. I became lonely. Masi maa was there to look after me, she also loves me lot but she couldn’t take my parents place. 1 and a half year went by and I began to live again but then Masi maa had to go Mumbai for a week so she left me behind with Mamu and Mami. Just for money they got married to an elder person who I probably only seen once. After 1 week he died and his family would torture me a lot. This continued for 5 weeks and I was helpless and couldn’t do anything. One day I decided to end my life and went to a cliff but Masi Maa found me a brought me back. After a week of coming back I got married to you. After marriage I know that Mummy ji will not accept me as a D-I-L as i was a widow. Kunj I know I am married to you but in this world I have no-one. My relatives got rid of me and others just use me. Yes some people do care for me but not like my parents. She said breaking into tears.
Kunj looked at her and held her. After sometime Twinkle began to talk again. I just wanted to fulfil my fathers wish one day by becoming a barrister, but I know that will never happen as I had to leave education.
Kunj looked at the 20year old girl sitting down next to him. She had gone through so much in her life and now as a friend he just wanted to bring happiness in her life.

PreCap= A surprise for Twinkle and Mr Singhal party

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