TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 6

Part 5

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Twinkle was making Hot Chocolate. She was wondering why Kunj asked her to make Hot Chocolate at this time. He would normally ask her to make coffee when he would have a long night to prepare for his meetings. She also smiled as she remembered how Kunj held her hand and called her his wife. Her thoughts were disturbed by UV who came into the kitchen.
Twinkle= UV what are you doing here?

UV= Bhabhi Mahi wants water and it finished in the jug upstairs
Twinkle= Do you want some Hot Chocolate?
UV= No Bhabhi Mahi must be waiting
Twinkle= wait
She fills a mug of Hot Chocolate and gave it to UV
UV= Thanks Bhabhi

Twinkle= It’s ok
Uv goes and Twinkle fills another 2 mugs of Hot Chocolate and puts some Marshmallows on top of it. She puts the Hot Chocolate in a tray and puts a plate of cookies in the tray to and goes upstairs.
She enters the room. She can’t see Kunj. She goes towards the balcony and sees that Kunj has put a spare mattress on the floor and has kept pillows around and a blanket. She was surprised to see Kunj sitting on the mattress. He looked at her and smiled.
Kunj= Twinkle come and sit here
Twinkle sits down next to him and gives him the Hot Chocolates
Kunj= Why are you giving me 2 mugs for?
Twinkle= You asked for 2 that’s why

Kunj took one mug and gave it to Twinkle
Kunj= One is your and the other ones mines drink it before it gets cold
Twinkle takes her mug and starts to sip it
Kunj= I never knew you make good Hot chocolate like coffee
Twinkle smiles
Kunj= I know that we rarely talk with each other and don’t share the relationship of a husband or wife, but can we be friends
Twinkle was shocked to hear Kunj and was equally happy
Kunj= I know that you might find it awkward but it’s important that we take this relationship ahead somehow
Twinkle= I know what you mean Kunj
Kunj= So will you be my friend

Twinkle smiles= Yes I will
They begin to talk and enjoy there hot chocolate. They both shared sad moments where they spoke about their past but they both promised each other that they will try their best to forget their past. They both also shared some fun moments where they pulled each other’s legs and had fun. They both didn’t realise when sleep took over them.
Next Morning= 8.00pm
Bebe= I don’t know where Kunj is. He was suppose to take me Gudwara
Usha= Bebe that Twinkle probably didn’t put his alarm on maybe that’s why he didn’t wake up
Bebe= Usha you can’t always blame Twinkle for everything. Maybe he is sleeping
Usha= But Bebe

Bebe= Lets just go and check
They both go to Twinj Room and see that the room door is open. When they enter they see that the room is completely. They see that the balcony door is open and go towards the balcony. Before they go into the balcony they hear Twinkle calling them from behind
Twinkle= Good morning Bebe and Mummy ji

Bebe= Good morning puttar
Usha= What time do you call this Twinkle? It’s 8o’clock and you just got out of the shower now. Now it will take you another 1 to get ready. You have to understand that Mahi is pregnant so its all ok for her if she gets up late and Chinki goes to college so she also needs to leave early so breakfast needs to be ready for her. (Chinki is completing her studies at college and Mahi is completing her studies from home.)
Twinkle felt bad as she thought Usha only thinks she is like a maid not her Son’s wife and decided to stay quiet. Suddenly she heard K
unj taking her side.
Kunj= Morning beautiful ladies

All of them smile at him
Kunj= Maa why are you shouting at Twinkle for
Usha= look it’s already 8o’clock and she is not ready.
Kunj= Maa I don’t know why you are angry for. When others (referring to Alisha) used to be in the house they would wake up a 10 and you wouldn’t say anything to them.
Usha stayed quiet

Bebe= Puttar we thought you forgot to take us Gudwara that’s why we came to your room
Kunj= Bebe I actually forgot, but Twinkle reminded me.
Bebe smiled and left the room with an annoyed Usha. Twinkle quickly rushed towards her dressing table. She combed her hair and left it out. Kunj came from behind and looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. He made her wear her mangulsutar and sindoor. Twinkle felt blessed. She wished that she could ask his to make her wear her sindoor and mangulstura everyway. But she didn’t want to cross the limit of their newly formed relationship.
Kunj= Twinkle

Twinkle= hmmm
Kunj= I think you should quickly go downstairs before Maa comes back up
Twinkle realised what Kunj said and went downstairs whilst he went to the shower.
Twinkle was in the kitchen making breakfast. She was remembering how Kunj and she were close yesterday. She also remembered how she woke up and saw her and kunj sleeping closely and how she slept on his shoulder. She smiled and went and served breakfast to everyone.
After breakfast Abhay left for office with Chinki to drop her to college. Uv and Mahi went to the gynecologist. Bebe, Usha and Kunj were leaving for the Gudwara but Kunj stopped.
Kunj= Twinkle why don’t you come with us too?
Twinkle= I would love to Kunj but I need to prepare for lunch
Kunj= HaldiRam (Servant)
HR= Yes Sir
Kunj= Can you please make lunch today
HR= Yes Sir

Twinkle smiles and leaves with Kunj, Bebe and Usha
Usha was annoyed that Twinkle was coming with them to the Gudwara.
Everyone was praying
Bebe= Baba ji please make love blossom between Kunj and Twinkle
Usha= Baba ji please bless UV and Mahi with a healthy baby
Kunj= Baba ji please make mines a Twinkles friendship strong
Twinkle= Baba ji please keep everyone happy especially my Kunjs. Please don’t take him away from me like you have with everyone else who I LOVE. Yes Baba Ji I have fallen for Kunj
I hope you enjoyed it

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  1. SidMin

    Aww such a sweet episode…. Loved it…though Usha is a bit annoying it’s okay after all Kunj is there to take care of Twinkle …..
    Loved it ….
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  2. SidMin23

    Aww simiyy it was damn cute and twinkle already in love with kunj and now make his feel the love for twinkle also and this usha ?? and thanks for full filling my wish as kunj helping her getting ready ? Bebe is sweet as always want twinj together

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    Loved the way u started TWINJ’s relationship from friendship ❤❤❤This usha is to much annoying n irritating????hope kunj too start to reciprocate the same feelings as twinkle??post next one soon ??

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    Simiyy it was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Loved twinj moment nd their sweet talks nd this Usha is too bad. Loved twinj too much ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Pls post next part asap.

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