TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 5

Part 4

Twinkle entered her room and saw Kunj who was busy talking to someone on his phone. She stood waiting for him to finish. He finished talking to the person after a few minutes and saw that Twinkle was waiting for him.
Kunj= Twinkle I wanted to ask you something?
Twinkle= Yeah
Kunj= Mr Singhal our business delegate has invited us for a party so I wanted you to come
Twinkle= Me why?
Kunj= Yeah, you are my wife and he had invited all 3 of us brothers with their wives
Twinkle felt happy that Kunj called her his wife for the first time
Twinkle= OK, I need to tell you something
Kunj= Yeah
Without looking= wohhhhh
Kunj= What happened? You seem tensed
Twinkle= I actually burnt your black shirt accidently that you told me to iron, so I ironed another one
Kunj= Why are you stressing about it? Its Ok
Twinkle went downstairs and saw that Yuhi and ChiBhay(Chinki and Abhay)discussing something . As soon as they saw Twinkle they all became quiet and Twinkle found this suspicious but didn’t say anything.
UV= Bhabhi come sit here with us
Twinkle goes and sits down with them. Kunj arrives after some time and joins them.
UV= Bhai I won’t be able to come to Mr Singhal party
Kunj= Why?
UV= Bebe and Maa won’t allow Mahi to come and I can’t leave her alone as Maa and Bebe are going Karnal for a few days
Kunj= Oh ok
Abhay= Even I can’t come?
Kunj= You too
Abhay= Bhai Chinki

Chinki looked at Abhay and was shocked whilst Yuhi looked at each other thinking that they’re plan will fail now
Kunj= Chinki is going to come with you too Abhay, you won’t need to miss her she will be with you
Everyone apart from Chinki and Abhay laughed
Abhay=No Bhai it’s her birthday so I promised I will take her out, If I don’t then she will fight with me
Chinki= I won’t fight with you
Abhay= You will
Chinki= I won’t
Abhay= You will you will you will
Chinki= I won’t I won’t I won’t
Mahi= Shut Up, Why are you fighting with each other
Abhay= Bhabhi your sister started it
UV= Actually Abhay you did
Mahi= Why are you always blaming Abhay
UV= I am not
Mahi= You are Twinkle
Twinkle realised that Mahi and Uv may also end up fighting with each other so she asked them to come with her.
Twinkle = Mahi, Chinki come with me lets set the table for dinner
They go and set up the table. Dinner was eaten and everyone then went to their room to rest.
Twinj Room
Twinkle had changed her clothes and was thinking about the picture she saw of Kunj and Alisha. Kunj on the other hand was going to change his clothes. He went to his cupboard where he saw the picture of him and Alisha. He got angry and wacked his hand across the wall that caused it to bleed. Twinkle was shocked to see Kunj and rushed to him.
Twinkle= Kunj what happened?
Kunj ignored her and went to the balcony followed by Twinkle. He ripped the picture and took his lighter and burnt the photo. He then took out a cigarette and began to smoke. Twinkle was shocked to see Kunj smoking as she never seen him smoke before. She went to their room and took out the first aid kit and went back to Kunj. She went towards Kunj who eyes were red and saw anger in his eyes. She felt scared but she couldn’t see him hurt. She took his hand and made him sit down on the chair that was on the balcony. Kunj didn’t say anything. Twinkle began to do first aid his hand. Kunj looked at her and was admiring her for the first time.

Kunj PoV
She is so cute and pretty. But she is always nervous. I know I told her that I will never be able to love or trust her after what Alisha done. But she is different. I am always so cold towards her. I have to change to start afresh.
PoV ends
Twinkle finishes doing his first aid was about to go but Kunj stops her by holding her hand.
Kunj= I want to talk to you
Twinkle= Yeah
Kunj= Let me go have a shower
Twinkle= OK
Kunj= Can you please make 2 cups of hot cholate with marshmallows
Twinkle= Ok
Twinkle goes to the kitchen to make Hot chocolate whilst Kunj went to the shower


To find out stay tuned.
I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment and tell me how you found it. Loads of love Simiyy

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