TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 4

part 3

3 months leap
It had been 3 months that Twinkle and Kunj were married. They were both fulfilling their responsibilities of being husband and wife well. Kunj would provide Twinkle with her basic necessities that she would need. He wouldn’t talk to her much though he was cold towards her at times but sometimes he would be nice.Even though he wanted to start afreash with her Alisha face woud come in front of him. He thought all ladies were the same. He would ask Twinkle to sort his things out for him like clothes, files etc.Twinkle would fulfil her responsibilities of a wife with all her love and dedication. She started to fall for him but she knew that Kunj wouldn’t accept her.
Twinkle was busy in her room ironing Kunj clothes when she suddenly heard Usha screaming Mahi name loudly. She quickly rushed downstairs and saw that Mahi had fainted. She sprinted to the kitchen and got some water. Mahi had gained some conscious. Twinkle with the help of Usha placed Mahi on the sofa. She then called Uv and asked him to bring a Doctor with him.

Uv arrived with the Doctor and went to his room where Twinkle and Usha managed to take Mahi. The doctor asked everyone to leave the room. She checked Mahi and left the room. Everyone rushed to her.
UV= Dr what happened to Mahi? Is she Ok?
Dr= Mr Sarna there is nothing to worry about, your wife is fine. She actually fainted as she is pregnant.
UV= Pregnant he smiled

UV rushed to the room and saw his wife. He hugged her and she also reciprocated.
Outside the room
Twinkle and Usha were both happy and hugged each other in happiness. They broke he hug. Twinkle went and dropped the Doctor outside. Twinkle remembered that she had left the iron on as she had to rush to Mahi. She went to her room and saw that Kunj black shirt was burnt. She panicked as she remembered Kunj telling her that he wanted to wear the black shirt. She went to his cupboard to take out his other black shirt but her eyes were caught by a picture. It was a picture of Kunj kissing Alisha on the cheek. She felt bad and had tears in her eyes. This was noticed by Usha who had a smirk on her face. Twinkle took another black shirt and began to iron it.
Usha room
Usha looking at Kunj photo
I know that you will be angry when you see this picture Kunj. But I want Twinkle to think that you still have feelings for Alisha that’s why you still have that picture. Then hopefully she will leave

Twinkle and Chinki were preparing for Dinner whilst Mahi was sitting down on the chair talking to them. She noticed that Twinkle was lost in her on world
Mahi= Twinkle
No response
Mahi= Twinkle
No response
Chinki who was standing next to Twinkle shacked her

Twinkle= what happened
Mahi= You tell us what happened? I called you twice but you were lost in your own world
Twinkle= Nothing
Abhay entered the kitchen
Abhay= Bhabhi bhaiya is calling you he said to Twinkle
Twinkle= Ok

She left the kitchen and went to her room where kunj was.
Abhay= I hope everything becomes normal between bhaiya Bhabhi soon
Chinki= me too, the hardly talk to each other, it’s just yes or no
Mahi= I think we should plan something for them so they can be like a normal couple
You are right Jaan Uv said as he entered the kitchen
Mahi= What can we do?
UV= Abhay Mr Singhal has invited us to a party with our other halfs
Abhay= Yeah so
UV= We will make an excuse and stay behind whilst Kunj goes with Bhabi
Mahi= That sounds like a good plan
They all smile hoping their plan will be successful

Thanks everyone who commented on the previous part. I will try to post the next one soon. Hope you enjoyed it. Please comment.

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