TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 3

Part 2

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Twinkle and Kunj both enter their room. The room wasn’t decorated in roses or candles as a usual room for a newly married couple’s first night would be. It was a simple white room vintage style that was spacious. (no couch in the room)Twinkle didn’t know what to do and Kunj sensed this.
Kunj= Twinkle why don’t you go and change your clothes.
Twinkle= Yes but ….
Kunj realised that she didn’t know where her clothes were
Kunj= I asked Mahi and Chinki to put your clothes in the cupboard. Come here.
Twinkle went to Kunj who was standing near the cupboard.
Kunj= all your clothes are here he said pointing towards the cupboard. Here is your Jewellery he said pointing towards the Jewellery cupboard.
Twinkle= Thank You
Kunj= No problem, go and change
Twinkle took her night clothes and went to change in the bathroom. She came out. Kunj had also changed into his PJ.
Kunj= Twinkle go sleep I am going to the study to prepare for a meeting.
Kunj leaves the room. Twinkle takes a pillow and places it on the floor and tries to go to sleep.

2 hours later
Kunj arrives in the room and is shocked to see that Twinkle is not there. He looks around the room and sees that she is sleeping on the floor. He is shocked and was about to wake her up. He sees her that she was holding her parent’s picture tightly so he decided not to wake her up. He carried her in his arms and placed her on the right side of the bed. He covered her with blanket. He then put a pillow barrier in between them and slept on the left side of the bed.

Next morning
Twinkle wakes up and sees that she was sleeping on the bed and Kunj was sleeping next to her. She didn’t know how she got there. She got out of bed and went to get ready. When she came out of the bathroom she saw Kunj was awake.
Kunj= Why did you sleep on the floor?
Twinkle didn’t know what to say. She was very nervous and scared. Kunj comes out of bed and goes closer to Twinkle. She gets frightened as she remembers that’s how her ex mother in law would walk towards her and hit her. Kunj stopped when he saw Twinkle was getting nervous and scared.
Kunj= Twinkle what happened? Why are you getting nervous for?
Twinkle opened her eyes and saw that Kunj was standing quiet far from her.
Twinkle= nothing happened
Kunj realised she was not opening up. He didn’t want to make her more nervous by asking her what happened.
Kunj= listen from today you sleep on the right side of the bed and I will sleep on the left. Please don’t sleep on the floor it’s not good
Twinkle= Ok, I am going down now
Kunj= OK
Twinkle goes downstairs and enters the kitchen.
Chinki was there making tea
Chinki= good morning
Twinkle= Good morning, where is Mahi
Chinki= She’s probably coming down now, she’s always late
Mahi comes= Good morning
Twinkle/Chinki= Morning
Mahi notices that Twinkle has forgotten to apply sindoor in her maang
Mahi= Twinkle
Twinkle= yeah
Mahi= you have forgotten to apply sindoor on, go quickly before mummy ji sees you
Twinkle was about to go out of the Kitchen but Usha and Bebe enter. She covers her head with a scarf and takes their blessings.
Bebe= Beta no need to wear this pallu over your head
Twinkle= Ji Bebe
Bebe leaves the Kitchen followed by Usha

Twinkle sighs in relief
Mahi= Twinkle go quickly and apply sindoor
Twinkle exits the kitchen
She goes upstairs in her room. Kunj was busy reading the presentation his employee had prepared. He saw that Twinkle entered the room looking worried. She goes towards the dressing table where her sindoor box’s is kept. She smiles and applies it on her forehead. Kunj looks at her and smiles.
Kunj= Twinkle
Twinkle= JI
Kunj= smile more often as you look pretty when you smile
Twinkle= Thank You
Twinkle looked at him and they both shared a small, sweet eye-lock.

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