TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 26

Hi guys I hope you all enjoy it and thanks for everyone commenting on the previous part.
Happy belated birthday Aakriti Di hope you had a good day and all your dreams come true Love You

Kunj along with UV were tracking Abhay’s car as he was following the jeep that kidnapped Twinkle. After a good 50 minutes they managed to track Abhay car and were following him.
Flashback Sarna Mansion
Twinkle, Mahi and Abhay were sitting in the garden and were forcing a cranky Chinki to eat fruit. Suddenly a jeep full with goons came and kidnapped Twinkle. Abhay with the driver began to follow the jeep and informed Kunj.
Flashback ends
The jeep stops and they take Twinkle to a room and lock her up. Twinkle= Help!!!! She cried. She closes her eyes and remembers her kunj. She remembers how she rang him in the morning to talk about something important for both of their future.

Twinkle was in her room smiling as she was looking at her paper. She twirled around and took her phone and rang Kunj who was in Delhi airport coming back to Amritsar. Hello Wifey Kunj said. Twinkle= Hii Kunj!! I can’t wait to see you in the evening I need to share something important with you she said with some excitement in her voice. Tell me you sound really happy! Kunj this happiness is not only for me. It also for you. Too When you come back in the evening you will be really happy to know she said a cut the phone making Kunj confused.
Flashback ends
Kunj where are you she cried! WE need to Kunj she said and placed her hand on her stomach. 2 ladies came in the room and twinkle was shocked to see them. She now knew where she was and who kidnapped her.
Lady 1= Twinkle you were luck for nearly 2 years that you escaped from this hell but welcome back now
Lady 2= Amma Ji had asked you to wear this white sari and remove all your marriage signs
Twinkle cried and changed into the white sari but she didn’t remove her wedding ring, mangulstura and sindoor.
They took Twinkle outside where an old lady and some people were waiting for her. One lady pushed Twinkle and she fell near the old lady who looked at her and smirked.

On the other side
Kunj along with UV and Abhay were out of the cars and were trying to find Twinkle. They then noticed a crowd. Abhay asked a man why everyone had surrounded there.
Man= Amma ji has gathered the crowd as her son’s widow escaped 2 years ago
Abhay= Why did she escape??
Man= She became a widow 1 week after marriage and they used to tortured her a lot. She ran away and go married again and now amma ji want her to be her maid again
Kunj had a feeling that the girl the man was talking about was his Twinkle. He quickly began to go towards the crowd where everyone was throwing stones to the girl (Twinkle). He saw how everyone was throwing stones at the girl and he was shocked to see that she was HIS TWINKLE!! TWINKLE!!!!!!!!!! He screamed and ran towards her to protect her. His eyes turned red in anger as he saw his lady love covered in red bruises and was half dead. Ama Ji sttod up and everyone else stopped chucking the stones.
The lady walked towards Twinj and spoke.
Lady= Chore who are you?

Kunj= I am Kunj her husband who are you?
Lady= Her husband, this witch got married again after becoming my son’s widow. Twinkle had no energy to say anything. Her ex mother-in-law was about to raise her hand on her but Kunj stopped her.
Kunj= Don’t you dare raise your hand on my wife as she is no longer your daughter-in-law
Lady= She is bad luck, as soon as she married my son he died after 1 week. How could she get married again???
Kunj= I am sorry your son died but that didn’t mean that you torture Twinkle. I know how you used to hit her before but now you cant. As long as I am alive no=one can harm her. Twinkle was touched by Kunj words.
Suddenly everyone heard police sirens.
UV and Abhay rang Police and informed him that their sister-in-law got kidnapped. The police arrived and interrogated everyone. They found out that Twinkle wasn’t the only person who was tortured after being a widow. Other girls in the village were also tortured but Twinkle was the lucky one who escaped. After Twinkle ex’s in laws and everyone who tortured a girl in the village were arrested Twinj left with Abhay and UV in one car and their bodyguards were in the other car with the driver.
In the car

Everyone was quiet after the incident. Abhay was driving and Uv was sat next to him. Twinj were sat at the back and Twinkle rested her head on Kunj shoulder and fell asleep. They were driving when UV phone rang.
UV= hello Mahi
Mahi= hi UV we are taking Chinki hospital as she has gone in labor
Mahi= Yes bye come soon
They disconnected the call
UV= Abhay quickly take the car to hospital as Chinki has been taken to hospital.
Abhay= What??

UV= Yes
Kunj= lets go hospital and I will get Twinkle checked by a doctor too.
He looks at Twinkle who was sleeping on his shoulder and kissed her forehead.

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