TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 20

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It had been a few days since Twinkle and Kunj confessed their love for each other. Twinkle would make sure all of her house work would be done before Kunj would come. Kunj would also make sure that all of his meetings and work presentations were done quickly so that he could spend more time with Twinkle at home. They would spend their nights together cuddled up in a blanket together talking to each other about anything and everything. The families understood that Twinkle and Kunj love each other and were happy for them.

Twinkle was busy getting ready as it was Maya mehndi party. She was wearing and bottle green and gold Patiala suit with gold earings and a small tika. She had her hair done in a French tail (choti) and simple make-up she looked beautiful. Suddenly she felt someone hugging her from the back she smiled. Kunj= Do you have to go he said with a pout. Twinkle= It is only a matter of 1 night, you will come to the wedding tomorrow. They hugged each other and Kunj took twinkle luggage and they left.
Chinki was walking in the garden and looked quiet tense. Chinki PoV= Oh God what am I going to do. Please help me! I am pregnant! When I found out I was pregnant I was so happy. But Abhay is not ready for a baby. What am I supposed to do? I still remember what he said 2 weeks ago
FLASHBACK 2 weeks ago
Chinki and Abhay were both in their room lying down in each other’s embrace. Abhay= Babes I feel that Bhai and Bhabi have feelings for each other. Chinki= so do I! They then talk to each other and share some romantic moments! Chinki= Abhay… Abhay= Jii… Chinki= Don’t you think we should plan for a baby now? Abhay= No I am not ready for the responsibility at the moment. Chinki felt bad as she really wanted a baby and excused herself.
Flashback ends!

Chinki= Baba ji please help me and please make Abhay accept our baby
Twinkle and Kunj had reached Maya house where the mehndi was taking place. Twinkle was about to leave the car but her husbands upset face stopped her. Twinkle= Kunj By she said and kissed his cheek and said BYE. He smiled and said = I LOVE YOU and will miss you. Twinkle smiled and went inside.
Twinkle was Maya’s bride maid and was with her all time. She kept getting Kunj messages and smiled. Maya= Twinkle tell Jiju that you are going to put mehndi on now so to stop texting you she teased. Riya (other friend) Twinkle its maya mehndi not yours or Kunj that you are talking to each other secretly. Twinkle blushed and applied mehndi. She asked the mehndi artist to hide her Kunj name in the pattern so it would be hard for him to find.

Maya, Riya, Twinkle and some other girls were sitting down I Maya room teasing her about Rajbeer. She kept blushing. Twinkle phone kept and beeping. She excused herself and went to the balcony and rang Kunj. Kunj= Look down he said confusing her. She looked down and saw Kunj was standing their smiling at her. Twinkle= what are you doing here? Kunj= I came to see my wife. Twinkle smiled and showed him her mehndi. Kunj= WOW it looks beautiful. Twinkle blushed. Kunj= where have you written my name? Twinkle= you have to find it!! Kunj= I know that your name is written in my heart. Twinkle blushed= Kunj I have to go now. Kunj= But how will I sleep without you. Twinkle= its only one night I will see you tomorrow. Twinkle goes into the room and Kunj reluctantly goes home.

PreCap= First Kiss
I hope you enjoyed it. Please share your views both negative and positive.
I am also writing an SS called being my husbands maid. I would like to re-name it BEAUTY AND HER BEAST if that is ok with you all. I will only change it you agree.
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  1. This one is anyways awesome but precap is even more trilling like seriously first kiss having just having goosebumps and similing like a mad idiot

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    Abt yr another ff….
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    Bt if u don’t hve any problem thn bt I m k with the current title…

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    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤

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    Happy That you post on time and twinj were cute and he can’t even stay awys from her for few minutes. Love how girl are teasing twinkle while kunj was massaging her. Wow first twinj kiss waiting wish u post next soon.

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    and abt the title you can change it! I don’t have problem at all!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

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    That was just tooo cute…..fab…..awwwwww their first kisss just can’t wait post soon waiting for their first kisss….woahhh kunj is so desparate …he can’t stay away from twinkle…that so cute….loved it to the core…Oh ur ss yah I have read it but haven’t cmt yet….but I guess the current title is fine…it somehow suits the storyline…but it’s ur wish if u change the title then thats also ok…post tge next part soon.

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    Hey simmy dear
    Episode was lovely liked twinj’s cute scenes
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