TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 2

Part 1

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Thanks everyone who commented on the character sketch and the first part.
Twinkle and Kunj were both sitting in the garden. Twinkle was fiddling with her dupatta that showed that she was very nervous and scared whilst Kunj was looking here and there.

Kunj Pov
Oh God please help me start a conversation, I don’t know why I am so nervous. It’s not the first time I am going to be talking to a girl but I have to tell Twinkle the truth before we go ahead.
Twinkle Pov
Baba Ji please help me, I don’t know what to do, I have to say yes as I don’t want to be a burden on Masi Maa anymore , but I don’t want to be a burden on him too. Please help.
After a few minutes
Kunj= there is no point for both of us staying quiet, so let me start off. I’m Kunj he said forwarding his hand. Twinkle was nervous and slowly moves her hand forward and shakes it with him. They both feel a current going through their hands and quickly let go.
Twinkle= I’m Twinkle
Kunj= I know, before we go ahead I think it’s important that both of us share our bitter past with each other so we don’t have to face anything in the future or feel awkward.
Twinkle= Hmmm
Kunj= I got married to my college crush Alisha a few months ago. When I proposed to her in the last year of college to my shock she actually said that she is ready to give it a go. I was really happy. I used to pamper with everything. We got married but it only lasted for a 3 months. I found out that she was having an affair with a guy called Danny who was in our college. I was shocked as in college there were rumors that they were dating. When I confronted her she said that she only married me for money. I was heartbroken.

When Kunj was telling Twinkle, she felt bad for him.
Twinkle= I’m sorry to hear that
Kunj= It’s ok….. ummm if you don’t mind can you tell be your past
Twinkle= hmmm, after my parents passed away I was forcefully married to an army officer who was older than me by 10 years. To be honest I only saw his face during the marriage time as he had to go to war straight after the marriage. After a week we got the news that he had died at war. His family would blame me for his death and would also torture me a lot. Masi Maa was not aware of this and when she found out she rushed to meet me. I was about to climb of a cliff but she managed to save me.
Kunj was sad to hear this. Twinkle at a young age of 20 had gone through a lot in life.
They both stayed quiet for some time.
Kunj= I don’t know if you are going to say yes or no but my answer is yes. I promised my Bebe that I will get married to the girls she chooses for me.
Twinkle= My answer is also yes. I don’t want to be a burden on Masi Maa anymore. She has done a lot for me.
Kunj= I understand what you mean. After we get married I will carry out all the responsibilities of a husband, but don’t expect me to love you or trust you. As it painful when someone breaks it.
Twinkle was feeling sad for some reason but she knew why he said that. They went inside and told everyone that they were ready. Everyone apart from Usha were happy. It was decided that they will have a small wedding in 3 days.
3 days later
Everyone was at the Gudwara for Twinkle and Kunj wedding. Even though both of them were doing this wedding for the sake for their family, they were still feeling happy from inside but were not showing it. Twinkle was wearing a red and orange salwar kameez that had gold embroidery whilst Kunj was wearing a gold sherwani. They both looked beautiful. After the marriage had finished they went to Sarna house where Bebe welcomed them.
They were going to do after marriage rituals that were usually do at the boys house. Kunj was not interested as he was having flashes of how he done these rituals with his ex-wife. He decided to do it for Bebe sake. Twinkle was experiencing all these rituals for the first time. During her first marriage none of these rituals were done as her husband had to leave for war. She was interested in the ritual but didn’t show it.
Bebe= Ok now according to this ritual whoever finds the ring twice out three times will rule in the marriage.
Abhay= Bhabhi you have to win please
Chinki= Excuse me Kunj bhaiya will win
Mahi= Chinki what are you saying? Abhay is right Twinkle you have to win
UV= Jaan I think Chinki is right Kunj will win
They all continue to argue whilst Kunj and Twinkle just stare at them.
Bebe= ENOUGH, It’s a game not a war that you are fighting like cats and dogs. They all become quiet.
Abhay= Ok so me and Mahi Bhabhi are supporting Twinkle Bhabhi whilst Chinki and UV support Kunj Bhaiya.
Chinki= done
They all then sit in their teams and Bebe puts the ring in.
Bebe= 1 2 3 Go

Twinkle and Kunj both put there hands in the milk and begin to find the ring. UV and Chinki cheer for Kunj whilst Abhay and Mahi support for Twinkle.
Kunj finds the ring first
Usha= Kunj you better win the other 2 rounds too
Bebe put the ring again and Twinkle won it the second time.
Bebe= lets see who wins now
They both about to put their hands in the bowl again but Kunj phone suddenly rang. He picked it up.
Kunj = what? Ok I am coming in half an hour with my brothers
Everyone was nervous when Kunj received the call apart from Usha who had a smirk.
Bebe= What happened?
Kunj= Bebe there is an emergency in office I have to go with UV and Abhay
Bebe= UV and Abhay will go you stay behind
Kunj=Bebe sorry I can’t, Uv , Abhay go get ready
Kunj stands up to but something pulls him back. It was the scarf that was tied with Twinkles scarf. He removes his scarf and places it near Twinkle and goes to get ready.
The 3 brothers reach office and see that everything is normal.
Kunj goes to him PA Jai who called him
Kunj= Jai why did you say there is an emergency
Jai= Sorry sir I was told too
UV= Who told you?
Jai= I cant tell you sorry sir
Abhay= You better tell us or you have lost your job
Jai= No sir I will tell you
Kunj= quickly
Jai= Sir Usha Ma’am told me to call you so that you can leave home
Kunj= Are you sure your saying the truth
Jai= Yes sir I swear. He then shows his phone where Usha called him
Kunj= Ok go and listen no-one should find out anything
Jai leaves

Kunj= why would maa do this?
UV= So you can leave Twinkle Bhabhi and come office
Kunj= what are you saying UV?
Abhay= Uv is right, Bhaiya ever since your marriage has been fixed with Bhabhi mum has been annoyed as she didn’t want you to marry a widow
UV= Exactly
Kunj= Oh God, I don’t get what mum problem is
Abhay= Shall we go home now
UV= Yeah but what will we tell everyone?
Kunj= we will say that there was a misunderstanding
They leave and go home
Sarna Mansion
As they entered Bebe rushed to them.
Bebe= Is everything OK?
Kunj= Yes Bebe there was a misunderstanding so we came back
Usha= Bebe shall we continue with the ring ritual
Bebe= NO my Kunj puttar and Twinkle are equal. Twinkle is in the kitchen making food with Mahi and Chinki
Everyone enjoyed the food cooked especially the Kheer that Twinkle had made.
After dinner Bebe and Usha went to their rooms . Mahi asked the servants to clean the kitchen and clear the table for today as she and Chinki were taking Twinkle to her room. On the other side UV and Abhay took Kunj to his room. The girls and boys were standing outside TWINJ room. Chinki and Abhay left for their room whilst Mahi and UV left for their room. Twinkle entered her new room with Kunj for the first time.

I hope you enjoyed it. I made it extra-long.
Please comment as I was not happy with the amount of comments I had received. Tell me honestly if you like it or not otherwise I won’t continue it. Please comment
Loads of Love Simiyy

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