TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 18

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After spending good quality time with each other Kunj and Twinkle go home. Bebe, Manohar and Usha were the only people who were at home as everyone else had gone out. They all congratulated Twinkle for passing her exams and blessed her to be more successful. Twinkle went to their bedroom and placed all the shopping bags to the side. She had a quick shower to freshen up. She went downstairs to prepare dinner for everyone. She decided to make Kunj favorite Paneer Tika, Aloo tiki, Kebabsand Rajma Chawal.For dessert she made fruit custard which Kunj also liked. She was busy cutting the fruit when she heard Usha call her. She asked Meera Massi (Maid)to cut the remaining fruit. She washed her hands and took off her apron and went to the lounge where Usha and Bebe were sitting.

Usha= Twinkle come sit here next to me. She sat down next to her mother-in-law. Usha took out a pair of gold bangles and made Twinkle wear it. Beta I am really sorry for my horrible behaviour towards you. I don’t know what was wrong with me that I failed to recognize your beautiful qualities. My Kunj can’t get a better wife then you. Please forgive me she said folding her hands together. Twinkle= Mummy Ji please don’t say sorry and embarrass me. Usha= Thank You beta. I won’t be able to take the place of your mother but I promise you that I will love you like my daughter. Twinkle’s eyes were filled with tears so was Usha and Bebe. The mother daughter (Usha and Twinkle) hugged each other and Bebe smiled.

Dining Table
Everyone was sat down on the table. Manohar was sat down on the head chair with Usha and Bebe on both of her sides. Mahi, Twinkle and Chinki were sat down next to Usha facing their husbands. Ayush was fast asleep in his cradle. Everyone noticed that lots of dishes were on the table for a change and they were all Kunj favorite. Abhay= Maa I don’t think its Kunj Bhai birthday today so why are all of his favorite dishes cooked? Usha= Ask your Bhabhi? She said with a smile. Abhay teasingly = Bhabhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii he kept saying repeatedly makig Twinkle turn red. Kunj punched Abhay in the arm and asked him to eat food quietly. Everyone laughed. UV= Meera Masi what is there for dessert today?MM= fruit custard. Abhay and UV looked at each other again and smiled whilst Mahi and Chinki teased Twinkle. UV= Jaan learn from Bhabhi look how she has made Bhai favorite dishes, you never make me anything he said with a pout. Mahi= Yuvraj each time I have tried to cook for you always critised me so I don’t bother. Manohar= UV it’s your fault if she don’t cook for you anymore. Everyone smiles. Dinner was enjoyed by everyone and they shared some light family moments together. Twinkle and Kunj kept steeling glances from each other and smiled.

Twinkle was going through all of her new outfits that she had purchased. She was about to open the bag with the Sari when she felt someones breath near her ear” Thank You for the dinner it was really tasty.” She smiled as she heard her husbands voice. Your welcome she said with a smile and finally opened the bag with the Sari. She was confused as she didn’t remember selecting it. Its for you she heard her Kunj say. She looked at him and smiled. Thank You its beautiful she said Not more than you Kunj said. They both looked at each other and smiled. She put the sari in a hanger and placed it in the cupboard. She turned around and saw that Kunj was smiling at her. He had blocked her way by placing his hands on both of the side of the cupboard. She looked at him and he looked at her. Twinkle= Kunj I really had a good day today, thank you. Kunj= So did I, it was one of the most memorable days of my life. He looked at her and then he looked at her lips. She closed her eyes giving permission. He leaned closer towards her and their lips touched. Their lips only touched for a second but they heard a knock on their door. The quickly separated themselves. Twinkle turned crimson as she wondered what could have happened further. Kunj clenched his fist as someone ruined their moment.

Kunj went and opened the door only to find his 2 brothers standing there. UV= Sorry to disturb you bro but we need to talk about something important. Kunj= What happened? UV= Just come with us. Abhay= Bhabhi we are taking your Kunj with us he will be with you shortly. Twinkle who was inside the room smiled but she remembered how Kunj said he won’t be able to trust a girl or love a girl after Alisha betrayal .Kunj was angry as his brothers ruined is moment. He just wanted to go back to their room.

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