TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 17 and Summary

Hello everyone, firstly thank you so much everyone who commented on the previous part. It made me really happy especially all the silent readers.
Here is a small summary for sidhantjasmin and anyone else 

Kunj was married to Alisha who was having an affair with someone was called Danny. She only married him for money but she really loved Danny. Kunj always thought Alisha loved him but she didn’t really. Their marriage only last 3 months. On the other hand Twinkle parents had died in an accident 2 years ago and her life became miserable. She began to live with her Masi Maa (Leela.) Her Mamu one day forcefully got her married to an army officer who was 10 years older than her. She only saw her husband during the marriage and he died at war 1 week later. Her husband’s family would torture her a lot. She was about to commit suicide but Leela found her and brought her back home. Mahi and Chinki (Twinkle cousins) and UV and Abhay (Kunj brothers) are married to each other. The elders decided to get TWINJ married. They only got married for the sake of their family. For 4 months they didn’t talk to each other but would fulfil duties towards each other. Yuhi and ChiBhaya would try to make them come closer. One day Kunj and Twinkle were sitting down and began to talk and became friends. They went through emotional phrases and broke down in front of each other. They showed their care towards each other too. Mahi gave birth to a baby boy .Usha never liked Twinkle but Manohar explained the importance of Twinkle in Kunj life to her and she accepted her. With the help of Kunj Twinkle was able to complete her studies and fulfil her fathers wish. During the time they spent together they fell in love but haven’t confessed it yet. (I hope that helped)

Twinkle and Kunj went to the mall as Kunj still needed to treat his wife as she passed her exam and got internship.
Kunj= So what do you want to do first? Twinkle= Obviously shopping Kunj? What else can we do in a shopping mall? She said looking at Kunj. He looked at her and they both looked at each other and laughed. They then headed towards the shops. Twinkle didn’t really want to purchase anything she was just doing window shopping. Kunj noticed this as she went to 5 shops and they all had beautiful clothes but she didn’t buy anything. Kunj called her as she was looking at some clothes. She went towards him= Why are you not buying anything? Twinkle= Just I don’t really like anything? Kunj= stop lying each time you like something you keep looking at the price tag? Twinkle stayed quiet. Kunj= what happened why are you quiet? I don’t have enough money Kunj. All the outfits I like are all 90 000 rupees plus (sorry guys I don’t know the currency in India just imagine it to be £550 pounds). Twinkle said looking at the floor. Kunj looked at her and put his fingers under her chin and made her face him. Being your husband it is my responsibility to provide all your needs. You don’t understand how much it just hurt me right now when you said you don’t have enough money. Kunj said. I am sorry Kunj I didn’t mean to hurt Kunj said. I am sorry Kunj I didn’t mean to hurt you. Twinkle said some tears in her eyes. Kunj didn’t say anything but began to walk away. Twinkle= Sorry Kunj Sorry she said going behind him. She finally cached up with him and held his hand. I am sorry Kunj she said and pecked his cheek. He smiled= Its ok, whenever you need anything feel free to tell me. They both shared and eye-lock .Twinkle realised what she had done as her lipstick mark was still on his cheek. Twinkle quickly wiped the mark and Kunj smiled. I am sorry she said. Its OK he said and held her hand and began to walk. Twinkle smiled as he held her hand. They reached another shop where Kunj saw a beautiful navy blue sari with gold embroidery. He just imagined his Twinkle in the Sari and smiled. Twinkle also brought a few simple salwar kameez to wear every day. Kunj went to pay for the clothes and also asked to pack the sari. Twinkle wasn’t there at the moment as she went to the jewellery department. Twinj then went a to eat as they were both very hungry. After eating they went to the car to make their way to home. Kunj stopped the car near and ice-cream vendor. Kunj= What flavor do you like?

Twinkle= bubblegum
Kunj leaves the car and comes back with 2 tubs of ice cream. A bubblegum and a chocolate. They both sit down and eat their ice-cream.
Twinkle = thank you so much
Kunj smiles. They both offer each other their own ice-cream and feed it to each other with smiles on their faces.

PreCap= Twinkle finding the gift Kunj brought for her

I hope you all enjoyed it. Please comment both positive and negative

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