TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 15

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Hello everyone, hope you are well. I am extremely sorry for not posting on Monday like I had said. But I was ill and busy. I am also sorry for commenting late on some FF and sorry if I missed any of your writing. Hope you understand.
It had been a week since Twinkle parents death anniversary. She was upset as her parents death still hurt her as it was a fatal car accident. However, during that past 1 week everyone especially Usha were very nice with her.

Twinj Room
Night time
Kunj was sitting down on his laptop and Twinkle was applying cream on her hands. Kunj looked at her and smiled. After applying some cream Twinkle went and sat down on her side of the bed. Kunj also put his laptop away and settled comfortably on the bed. They were both very close to each and Kunj decided to start of a conversation. Kunj= Twinkle are you ready for tomorrow? Twinkle= No I am really scared, what if I failed my exams? Kunj= I know you have done good. You put so much effort into your work so please don’t think anything negative. Twinkle looked at Kunj and smiled. He believed in her more than she believed herself she thought. They continued to speak until sleep took over them. They slept without a pillow barrier.

Next Day
Everyone wished Twinkle all the best for her results. She was very nervous. Kunj decided to go with her to check what grades she got. They left Sarna Mansion and went to Twinkle college which was a 20 minute drive.
They reached her college and Twinkle was nervous to get her results. Kunj came out of the car with her. Kunj holding her hand= go get the results, I believe that you have done well. Twinkle=But I am scared she said with tears in her eyes. Kunj wiped her tears and cupped her face= Don’t be upset no matter how you have done I will be proud of you he said . Twinkle smiled at him and went to get her results in the room. Her friends Maya and Rajveer were also there. They both had passed. They wished her all the best. She went to collect the results.

Kunj was waiting for Twinkle and some college girls were just staring at him.
Girl 1= OMG he is saw hot
Girl 2= He is just perfect look at his body
Girl 3= He is mine
Maya and Rajveer who noticed this smiled. They went to Kunj.
M= Hi I am Maya, Twinkle’s friends
K= oh hi he said with a smile
R= I am Rajveer Twinkle’s friend and Maya fiancée
K= nice to meet you he said and they shook hands
They could hear the girls talking about Kunj and laughed. The girls smile faded away as they saw a girl approaching Kunj and then hugging him.
I passed Twinkle said. Kunj hugged her back. They broke the hug and Maya and Rajveer congratulated Twinkle. Twinkle was offered a 4 month intership at RGB solicitors form and was happy.
M= Twinkle this is for you

It was Maya and Rajveer wedding invitation
T= congratulations
M= thank you she said with a blush
R= You both have to come
T= We will see she was cut off by Kunj= We will definitely come.
They smiled. Maya and Rajveer left so did Twinkle and Kunj.
They were both in the car and Twinkle realised that Kunj is going a different direction.
T= Kunj which way are you taking
K= First we are going Gudwara and then I am treating my wife a day out.
Twinkle looked at Kunj and smiled. He held her hand and continued to drive.

Precap= Twinj moments

I know it was a boring part. Please bear with me. I will ry to post soon.
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Loads of love Simiyy

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