TWINJ: Punar Vivah (Part 1)

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Twinj: Punar Vivah Part 1
A young girl is seen crying her heart out on a ladies lap who is consoling her.
Leela= Baas Twinkle, you have cried a lot stop it now
Twinkle continues to cry
Twinkle= Masi Maa first maa papa left me alone in this world then Raman Mamu forceful made me get married to a person who was 10 years older than me. My in-laws tortured me a lot after their son died. They said I was the reason for his death. They called me many things. They also said that maa papa also died because they had a burden like me she cried out.

Leela stroked Twinkles head who was crying, she had tears in her eyes also. Her daughters Mahi and Chinki who were also present in the room also had tears in their eyes. There cousin who was always smiling, bubbly and cheerful was now crying like hell. If Leela wouldn’t have arrived on time Twinkle would have killed herself.
Twinkle cried herself to sleep and Leela made her lay down properly and covered her with the blanket. She asked Mahi and Chinki to stay with Twinkle in the room whilst she goes downstairs.
Leela went downstairs and saw her brother Raman and his wife Pinni looking at her angrily.
Raman= Didi ji why have you brought Twinkle back, I forceful got her married to get rid of her as…
Before Raman could say anything else Leela slapped him across his face.
Leela= I feel ashamed to call you my brother Raman, How could you make her get married to a person who is 10 years older than her. I can’t believe that you took advantage of the fact that I was away so you can get Twinkle married just for money
Pinni= Excuse me Didi Ji Ravi (twinkle deceased husband) was in the army he had a good job, maybe Twinkle was bad luck that’s why he dies 1 week after their wedding at war
Leela= Stop it Pinni, Just cause you and Raman don’t have children of your own that doesn’t mean you can take desions of others children. Vibha(Twinkle’s mother) and I never showed that there was any difference between Twinkle, Mahi and Chinki. Ravi passed away at war and it isn’t Twinkles fault. Twinkle had already went through a lot when Vibha and Jija ji passed away and you made it worst.
Raman= But didi

Leela put her hand across to stop him from talking. She asks both of them to come towards the temple in the house.
Leela= I know that you only got Twinkle married for Money. You will get your share of money by tomorrow. In front of God I break all ties from you and your wife. Go away from our lives.
Raman and Pinni look at each other and leave the house angrily. Leela takes her sisters and brother in laws picture and cries= Mujhe maaf kardo Twinkle has gone through a lot lately and you can blame me too. I promise that I will make Twinkle get married again to a guy who will love her. I promise this to you in front of God.

Next Day
Sarna Mansion
Mahi and Chinki were back at their house. Everyone excluding Usha and Kunj were present. They told Bebe and their husbands what had happened with Twinkle. They were all sad to know this.
Bebe= I pray that Baba ji brighten her life soon as well as my Kunj.
UV= What has Maa decided to do?
Mahi= She wants Twinkle to start her life again so she forget her bitter past
Chinki= Bebe Maa was asking do you know any good guys from a good family, she wants Twinkle to get married soon so she can start everything else again.
Bebe and everyone start to think

Bebe with a smile= KUNJ
Everyone was shocked to hear Kunj name.
Usha= What Kunj?
She walks across to where everyone was sitting down.
Usha = Bebe, how can my son marry a widow?
Bebe= Usha you are forgetting that your son is a divorced person himself.
Usha= But
Bebe= Kunj promised me that he will get married to whoever I say and I have decided to get my Kunj married to Twinkle that’s finale.
Everyone else smiles whilst Usha walks away annoyed.
Bebe= Mahi call Leela ji and tell her we will come with the proposal in the evening.
Everyone else smiles as they thought that this could be a new start for both Twinkle and Kunj

Taneja Mansion
Leela was very happy to know that Kunj proposal had come for Twinkle. She had always liked Kunj, but he got married to Alisha and their marriage only lasted 3 months. She prayed to her Baba ji that Twinkle agrees for the proposal and she can have a good start with Kunj.
She entered Twinkles room
Twinkle was looking at her parents’ photo and was crying. Twinkle sees Leela and asks her to sit down.
Leela= Puttar how are you feeling?
Twinkle= Good Masi Maa you?

Leela= I’m fine, listen Twinkle I want to talk to you about something
Twinkle= Hmm
Leela= Kunj Mahi and Chinki’s brother in law marriage proposal has come for you, I would like it if you agree so that both of you can start of afresh
Twinkle= wasn’t he married to Alisha
Leela= yes he was but she betrayed him so they got divorced
Twinkle= How can I get married? I am a widow Masi Maa
Leela= A widow who never saw her husband, you only saw him during your marriage time and he left for war on your wedding night. Even I am widow beta, I know how hard it can be to face society. I always had family support, but after what Raman done with you I can’t leave you alone. I don’t know how long I will live for but I want to see you married happily.
She hugged Twinkle and left the room.
Twinkle looked at her parents picture= See maa papa I am all alone, I know Masi Maa loves me a lot but I can’t stay as a burden for her. Also it to do with Mahi and Chinki in laws.

Sarna Mansion
Bebe= Usha where is all the Shagun things for Twinkle
Usha= It all there
Bebe smiled and went to see it, she was shocked to see what Usha had packed.
Bebe= Usha what is this?
Usha= The shagan outfit
Bebe= How can you give Alisha’s(Kunj ex-wife) outfit to Twinkle
Usha= But Bebe

Bebe puts her hand across to stop her
Bebe= HaldiRam(servant) go and burn this outfit
Usha= But Bebe
Bebe= Mahi, Chinki come here
M&CH= Ji Bebe

Bebe= Mahi come with me to the shopping mall, I want to but Twinkles outfit, Chinki make sure that all these other things are packed properly
Bebe and Mahi leave. Usha goes to her room whilst Chinki follows Bebe instruction.
Some time later
Everything was ready and everyone was waiting for Kunj to arrive. He arrived shortly and saw that everyone was looking at him.
Bebe went up to him and caressed his face
Bebe= Puttar do you remember your promise
Kunj= Yes I do
Bebe= I have chosen the girl for you. Twinkle, Mahi and Chinki cousin. Before we goahead I want to tell you everything. She tells him about Twinkles past.
Kunj was shocked to hear that and was feeling sad for some reason.
Bebe= We are going Taneja Mansion shortly go get ready
Kunj= hmm
Usha= Kunj before we go you can still think

Kunj= If anyone doesn’t remember I clearly said that my Bebe will take this specific decision in my life as I promised her. I am now going to fulfil the promise. I hope everyone understands.
He goes upstairs whilst Usha looks at Bebe helplessly
Taneja Mansion
Twinkle had decided to say yes for the marriage as she wouldn’t want to be a burden on her Masi Maa anymore.
The Sarna had arrived and Twinkle came down and sat down next to Leela. Bebe really liked her, whilst Usha was not interested.
Bebe= Leela ji if you don’t mind can they talk alone for a bit
Leela= of course, Mahi, Chinki take Twinkle and Kunj to the garden
They go to the garden where Mahi and Chinki leave them alone.

PreCap= Twinj talk

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