Happy Birthday Pallavisha Di hope you have a good day and all your wishes come true.

After a few days Twinkle and Chinki were discharged from hospital. Chinki and Abhay baby boy was named Veer. Twinkle was being taken care by everyone with special care to avoid any complications in her pregnancy. Time was going fast and Ayush was 2 years old and Mahi also found out that she was pregnant again. Abhay and Chinki were enjoying parenthood with Veer who was 8 months now. Bebe was enjoying being a great grandmother and Usha was also enjoying being a grandmother. Manohar had retired and let his sons handle business as he wanted to spend his old age with Usha and watching his grandchildren growing up which he couldn’t do with his sons. Kunj and Twinkle couldn’t wait for their little bundle of joy to be in their hands. Kunj was enjoying taking care of Twinkle and Twinkle was enjoying being pampered by everyone.
It was a Sunday and everyone was sitting down on the dining table eating lunch. Ayush was sitting down on his highchair eating his roti in a mess. Veer was in his great grandmother Bebe arms. Usha and Kunj were force feeding Twinkle who was already full. Usha= Twinkle puttar only a few more bites she said putting a spoon of rice and daal in her mouth. Kunj then put a piece of apple in her mouth and Twinkle made a face. Twinkle= Please I am full now. Kunj= Only one more bite. Twinkle nodded her head in a no. Twinkle= Please I am already fat and you will make me more fat by feeding me so much she complained whilst everyone else laughed. After lunch Kunj took Twinkle for a walk. They came back home and Twinkle went to sleep for a bit. Kunj who was working on his laptop was admiring his wife. Twinkle suddenly woke up as she began to feel some pain. Kunj= What happened? Twinkle= Nothing she stayed quiet and didn’t mention that she started labor pain. She stayed quiet for 2 hours but couldn’t take it anymore and screamed. Kunj along with everyone took her to the hospital.
Twinkle was taken to the deleivery ward and everyone was waiting for her outside. After 30 minutes they all heard the baby cry and hugged Kunj. The doctor came out with a smile and went to Kunj.
Dr= Congratulations Mr Sarna you have been blessed with a beautiful daughter
Everyone smiled as the first girl came in their family had arrived.
Kunj= Twinkle?
Dr= Your wife is also fine you can go and meet her
Kunj went inside to meet his little bundle and everyone waited outside.
He saw Twinkle carrying their daughter in her arm. He walked towards them and kissed her forehead. He looked at his daughter and smiled at his wife.
Kunj= Wow she is so cute like you
Twinkle= Thank You
Kunj carried his princess and couldn’t be happier. It was the best feeling.
Kunj= Twinkle she is my princess and I want to name her Preity
Twinkle= Our Princess Preity
They smiled andtook their first family selfie and soon everyone joined them to see the new born.
Leap 4 years
Mahi gave birth to twin boys Samar and Sahil when Preity was 5 months old. She was now expecting their fourth baby and UV prayed that they have a daughter. Chinki gave birth to their second child a daughter when Veer was 2 they named her Aarohi. Abhay loved his children a lot .Twinkle gave birth to her’s and Kunj second daughter Pihu a year ago when Preity was 3.
Everyone was happy in their life with their children and grandchildren. The Sarna empire business was running successfully in India and Abroad. Kunj and Twinkle along with their daughters shifted to England for their business success. Twinkle loved her daughters a lot and enjoyed motherhood and most importantly she was glad that she married Kunj. Kunj also was glad to find love again and couldn’t be happier with his small family. Twinkle and Kunj got married again after their unsuccessful first marriage. They loved each other and looked forward to spending the rest of their future with their daughters.
Childrens age
Ayush Yuvraj Sarna= 6 years
Veer Abhay Sarna= 5 years old
Preity Kunj Sarna= 4 years old
Samar Yuvraj Sarna= 4 years old Twin 1
Sahil Yuvraj Sarna= 4 years old Twin 2
Aarohi Abhay Sarna= 3 years old
Pihu Kunj Sarna= 1 year old
Being divorced or a widow doesn’t mean you cannot move on in life again.

Thank You so much everyone who supported me throughout this FF.
This was the last part and I hope you all enjoyed it.
Take Care
Loads Of Love Simiyy


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