It was our first date….. I was really very excited…. While I was leaving my heart hinged back a bit….still I left coz I had promised kunj to reach CCD by 10:30 am.

It was already 11:45, kunj was just going to ring me when I entered the cafe..Gaspingly
Our seat was in an offside corner of the cafeteria which was booked exclusively for us….
“at last u came!! I thought………..” before kunj could complete his sentence I broke out in the middle…. “baby actually due to an accident the road got blocked so..”
Anyways….i couldn’t hide my emotions…finally it revealed itself in the form of tears…nd unfortunately kunj saw it….
He asked me “is anything wrong??”
Without saying anything I just kissed him ….for a moment there was all silent… our lips touched…and the feeling was eternal.. “I love u…. I love u with all my heart KUNJ…!!”
Just when he was going to tell me…that how much he loved me, his phone rang….he excused himself and went outside the cafeteria to take the call…but by then I had to leave due to some important reason..
So I left..keeping a note on the table…

Kunj: hello!!
Caller: beta!! Its me..leela aunty..twinkle’s mom..
(yeah she is my mother..who called him)
Kunj: yes..aunty…wait..y are u crying?? Is everything all right??
Leela: (breaking tone) beta twinkle….
Kunj: twinkle what??
Leela: she is no more…she left us…
Kunj: what are u saying she is with….(before he completed)
Leela: she died in a road accident..about 30 minutes back…m in the city hospital..come fast..please….
Kunj was more than shocked…he kept the phone and entered the cafe……he didn’t get my note…finally…
“honey..I love u a lot..
But by the time you will be reading this..I will be long gone..
But u see..I kept mu promise.. I LOVE U KUNJ

~~~Yours ever Twinkle~~~ ”

“I love u too twinkle” said tears…
By now I guess kunj understood everything ….as well as u all….

Hey guys..u all won’t be knowing me..even I don’t know u all…I m Isha..friend of Tara… i guess u know her… she used to read out her stories and sent me the link of ffs…I had the knack of writing bt was unknown to TU…so it was she who told me about TU and TWINJ and so i wrote it…so tell me if u all like it or not…so I will continue writing os of these kinds…let me know through ur comments..nd one imp msg from Tara: she wont be able to post her ff today..she is really sorry but is helpless…actually we got a lot of homework in she is busy with that…she may post is tomorrow…
Thanks for regards

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  1. Welcome Isha to TU. N the one shot was awesome amazing fabulous

  2. Isha dear osum os….keep up the good work

  3. wah..finally it got posted….”onek khetechis re..” lolzz m very happy to have u here…nd plzz hume nirash mat karna..likhte rehna…love.. u

    1. are u bengali?????????????????i m also bengali

  4. Hey isha. This is really good. Is this your first time writing? I’m Amazed. Good work dear and keep it up.
    Keep giving us amazing shots like this.
    Loved it to core. ????

  5. welcome isha to our grp n tell tara to do her hmwrk fast okk the os was superrb

    1. Thanx…. Nd fr sure… Cause i myself is eagerly waiting fr hr nxt shot….

  6. Please continue with was pretty good.

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  8. Isha it was soo heart touching…. Its was really too good… N yes welcome to tei family…
    I hope u will come back with some another awesome story…waiting for it??

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  10. Good Luck ?
    & its amazing, keep on doing ?

  11. Hii isha wc dear n OS ws jus osmmmmmmmm loved it

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  13. very good…..keep it up.
    hope you shine in life.
    love, luck n best wishes kiddo

  14. First of all OSHA wlcm to our tei family.
    Secondly nice one slot

  15. Thank u … Evry1 ….

  16. Yrr ye to bht puraani story h.. Aivayii kuvh b copy paste matlab. Like seriously. M sry if m hurting uh. I dint mean that. But really yrrr. Its really boring coz it sooooo old n heard so many times. Once again sorry dear.. Ut I din mean to hurt uh

    1. I love to hate u

      Like srsly, how The hell do you get the guts to copy paste. This is too much. How can you take the credit of someone’s efforts. I have read(3rd form) this story many times before.

      1. may be u have read this…bt if u dont feel its worth then dont comment like this..u can’t just ignore someone’s effort…the concept may be old but the writing is her own..and u cant insult her..every new serial that comes on air..drags with same old story at some point of time..yet people watches it..nd those who dont like dont watch…so my request is if u feel its boring dont jsut read or comment…it was just her first attempt..nd u ppl without appreciating her…ur insulting…if u have so much unique brain..y dont u write on ur own..i wud love to read that..u dont have the courage to write ur name so what will u write a story..huh…and Amii m sorry to say..u r telling u dont wanna hurt her bt in the same time u r doing it.. u could have said that u read the story that’s it..even i read it befor..when isha told me this..she herself admitted its a common how does it matters..when she is trying out something new…really i dnt get u ppl…

  17. Nice and so sad

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  19. Really good work.. appreciated to the core.. keep it up.. bt plzzz tell me wat was the suspense.. coz i dint get it… i know m such a stupid bt will u plzzz tell me wat was the reason n cause… plzzzzz???????

    1. twinkle had an accident..when she came to meet kunj already she was dead..she came becuse she loved him..she came for her “promise”

    2. Nd moreovr d whole tging wd narrated by d ghost of twinkle…!!!

  20. Aliza how sweet you’re…
    isha it was awesome…don’t care about others…keep writing…

  21. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    its amazing isha…n keep writing…

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