This is my first article if you like it I will continue

Scene 1
Tenja Mansion

A lady is calling out for her daughter to get ready as she has to go to collage (as its her first day )
That lady is leela then a bubbly girl comes down through stairs wearing a black skin fit pant and a pink top that’s twinkle

Leela :- twinkle its ur first day to your new collage come and pray to babaji
Twinkle :-OK maa
L :- OK putar u may go now
T:-bye maa
[ they have a hug and twinkle goes ]

Scene 2

Twinkle has her four friends chinki,juhi,soni,and roshni
Twinkle:- hi guys
Chinki,juhi,soni and roshni In one voice yeah twinkle
Soni:- u have changed a lot ur hair and dressing everything is awesome
T:- thank u thank u
Juhi :- come lets go to class
Chinki,twinkle,soni and roshni:- OK let’s go

Scene 3

A handsome guy is playing guitar and he face is revealed he is KUNJ SARNA

Twinkle and kunj loves each other
Twinkle was standing behind him when he suddenly turns and oh twinkle !!!!!
T:- ha twinkle
K:- baby I missed u so much
T:-me too
[They hug each other] Sajna na ve plays and they have a eye lock

*precap*:- There is a party in twinkle’s house and uv is introduced and chinki’s and uv’s love Kunj kisses twinkle and they dance.

Credit to: twinkle

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