Twinj A Path to Love episode 7

Episode starts with someone comes inside and says what about me where will I stay that person is none other than cherry

Cherry: Bebe where will I stay
Surjeet: cherry my son
Cherry: papa ji

Kunj and yuvi get angry

Yuvi: ( shouts ) cherry what r u doing here
Surjeet: he is my son and he has his right to stay here
Kunj: tau ji have u forgotten what he did with twinkle
Surjeet: he has got his punishment now leave him
Kunj: then ok twinkle and I will not live here
Twinkle: kunj it’s ok it is his home too
Kunj: how can u say that after what he did with u
Twinkle: kunj pls let’s just forget it
Cherry: thank u bhabhi ji I will change promise ( thinks bhabhi ji now I will take revenge for what u did with me )
Twinkle: ( thinks I don’t know why but I don’t trust his words )
Surjeet: cherry puttar u will come with us
Cherry: ok papa ji

In the afternoon
Everyone who had to leave, sit in the car and leave
Amvi and Twinj r at home in their rooms

Twinkle: kunj do u remember anything ( thinks pls say happy valentine’s day )
Kunj: twinkle what is today ( remembering ) oh I remember
Twinkle: really ( getting really excited )
Kunj: yeah it is valentine’s day
Twinkle: so u will not wish me
Kunj: why should I wish u
Twinkle: it’s valentine’s day kunj
Kunj: ok happy valentine’s day
Twinkle: happy valentine’s day to u too
Kunj: why do u girls get excited about this day it’s like every other day
Twinkle: ( gets disappointed ) it’s special
Kunj: u girls r just too much

Twinkle gets upset Yuvi goes to amaya’s room

Yuvi: ( thinks I have to make amaya confess ) Amaya I need to talk to u
Amaya: yes what happened ( sees his face ) why r u upset
Yuvi: I have to go
Amaya: where
Yuvi: my mom wants me to settle down after getting married
Amaya: but u r not married
Yuvi: yes but mom has found a girl for me
Amaya: what about us
Yuvi: what about us
Amaya: no nothing but u can’t leave like this
Yuvi: why
Amaya: because
Yuvi: because why why can’t I leave
Amaya: because
Yuvi: because what amaya
Amaya: because I love u
Yuvi: ( smiles ) I love u too
Amaya: so this was for teasing me
Yuvi: if I didn’t tease than u wouldn’t confess

They smile and hug each other ( manchala from hasee toh phasee plays on background ) Twinj come and see this

Twinkle: see them they look so cute
Kunj: they love each other
Twinkle: this is great they unite us and in the process they unite themselves

They go inside Amvi see them and break hug

Kunj: looks like my sister is going to get married soon
Twinkle: yes now they have to and we will get them married

Amaya gets shy

Yuvi: guys pls yaar
Twinkle: Yuvi pls yaar now let me at least tease u
Yuvi: ok u guys tease me as much as u want

They all laugh Twinkle is upset Kunj notices this and takes Yuvi outside with him
Amaya and twinkle talk

Amaya: bhabhi what happened
Twinkle: ur bhaiyu doesn’t like valentine’s day
Amaya: what
Twinkle: yeah
Amaya: bhabhi Yuvi also didn’t say anything to me
Twinkle: u know boys r just too much
Amaya: agreed

Yuvi and kunj talk

Yuvi: what happened
Kunj: did u get the venue ready
Yuvi: of course I did

Flash back shows
Kunj and yuvi decide to surprise the girls and act like they do not have anything for them kunj goes to check the venue and yuvi goes to buy gifts for Amaya and later kunj also goes to buy gifts for twinkle they hide the gifts
Flash back ends

Yuvi and kunj come to Twinkle and amaya

Kunj: what happened to u
Twinkle: nothing ( angry )
Kunj: really u’re ok
Twinkle: yes
Yuvi: Amaya we have to go somewhere
Amaya: where ( angry )
Yuvi: kunj and I have something for u both
Kunj: yeah and we will give it only if u promise not to complain that we don’t do anything for u
Amaya and twinkle: ( excited ) yes we promise
Twinkle: so u don’t hate valentine’s day right
Kunj and yuvi: yes we don’t

They go to the venue its a beach site it is beautiful the girls r very happy
They play dumb charades and dance and have a lot of fun then they go to their own romantic dates


Twinkle: ( blindfold ) kunj where r we going
Kunj: just wait a minute
Twinkle: that’s what I can’t do
Kunj: ok we’re here ( opens her blindfold )
Twinkle: ( opening her eyes ) kunj this is so beautiful I love u kunj
Kunj: I love u too

It is near the beach and has a great view

Kunj: surprise
Twinkle: thank u so much kunj
Kunj: it’s just for u

They dance on gerua and then go to their date
Twinkle hugs him and kisses his cheeks

Twinkle: u’re the best kunj
Kunj: thank u twinkle
Twinkle: I should thank u for being the best husband
Kunj: what has happened to u
Twinkle: nothing just loving u


Yuvi: few more steps
Amaya: ( blindfold ) fast
Yuvi: ok we’re here ( opens her blindfold )
Amaya: ( opening her eyes ) Yuvi this so awesome
Yuvi: this is for u
Amaya: thank u

Yuvi gets on his knees and proposes

Yuvi: will u marry me
Amaya: yes
Yuvi: I love u Amaya
Amaya: I love u too Yuvi

They dance on tum hi ho and enjoy each others company
They return home and go to sleep
Next morning kunj wakes up and gets a call he drops his phone

Precap – Twinj and Amvi leave their house and go to leela’s house Pinni comes, slaps leela and asks Twinj and Amvi to leave her house

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