Twinj A Path to Love episode 6

Episode starts with kunj coming out of bathroom Amvi comes to him

Amaya: bhaiyu how is bhabhi
Kunj: ( he nods his head ) she’s ok now but I’m still worried
Yuvi: this is called love kunj u love her
Kunj: I didn’t want to admit that before but now when I see her cry it makes me feel her pain I see her smile I become happy if this is not love than I don’t know what it is
Amaya: bhaiyu it’s love u love her so much that u can’t see her in pain u r with her in her good times and her bad this is love bhaiyu
Kunj: I love her ( soch na sake from airlift plays on background )

In the evening kunj comes back from work
Twinkle is in kitchen kunj comes to her

Kunj: twinkle pls don’t cook food
Twinkle: kunj pls I make good food
Kunj: yeah u do but today we’re going out
Twinkle: what why
Kunj: I have something important to tell u
Twinkle: then tell me now
Kunj: twinkle I’m asking u out and u don’t want go wow
Twinkle: it’s nothing like that
Kunj: then what is the problem
Twinkle: ok I’ll go
Kunj: now that’s like a good girl ( thinks twinkle i can’t see u like this and today I want to cheer u up )
Twinkle: ( thinks kunj I know u want to cheer me up )

Kunj is getting ready for his dinner plans Anita comes

Anita: kunj where is twinkle
Kunj: twinkle is in the bathroom she’s getting ready for dinner
Anita: I’m sorry Kunj what happened in party was because of me ( she starts shedding crocodile tears )

Twinkle comes out kunj is mesmerised seeing her ( sajna ve moment )

Twinkle: Anita aunty it was no one’s fault
Anita: twinkle u r very nice ( she goes and hugs twinkle )

Anita leaves from room and smirks

Kunj: twinkle ready to go
Twinkle: yes ready

Kunj takes her to a fancy restaurant Twinkle smiles seeing this Kunj notices and he smiles too

Kunj: u like it
Twinkle: yes very much
Kunj: well done kunj well done ( he pats his shoulder )
Twinkle: kunj can we eat now I’m very hungry
Kunj: of course but don’t eat too much
Twinkle: why
Kunj: because u will get more fat
Twinkle: that means I’m fat
Kunj: yeah and u can get more if u eat too much
Twinkle: kunj ( in an angry tone )
Kunj: twinkle ( sweetly )

Some guys r in same restaurant who were in the party

Guy 1: look she’s the same girl in the party
Guy 2: she looks hot
Guy 1: but she looked more hot yesterday

Twinj listen this Twinkle becomes sad Kunj gets angry, he gets up and starts beating them up Twinkle tries stopping kunj

Twinkle: kunj pls leave them ( she starts crying )
Kunj: because of them u have tears in your eyes
Twinkle: ( she wipes her tears ) kunj look look I have no tears just leave them pls

While stopping kunj twinkle gets hurt Kunj leaves the boys and takes twinkle’s hand and starts blowing on her fingers ( sajna ve moment ) the boys run away

Kunj: why do u have a habit of hurting yourself
Twinkle: I know that u r there to take care of me
Kunj: and what if something happens to me
Twinkle: kunj ( in a sweet way ) don’t ever say that again
Kunj: ok sorry
Twinkle: let’s go home pls
Kunj: yeah let’s go home

Twinj reach home bebe comes to them

Bebe: kunj puttar how was ur dinner
Kunj: Bebe we didn’t
Twinkle: Bebe we didn’t enjoy dinner it was not like home
Bebe: home is the best place isn’t it now go sleep

Twinkle nods and Twinj go to their room

Kunj: why did u lie
Twinkle: Bebe would have been upset
Kunj: and what about u
Twinkle: what about me I’m ok
Kunj: really
Twinkle: of course I’m ok kunj

Twinkle goes and sleeps Kunj sleeps on couch and thinks about what happened
Twinkle wakes up in shock and starts crying Kunj hears this and goes to her

Kunj: twinkle
Twinkle: why did this happen to me why
Kunj: twinkle pls don’t cry

Twinkle runs to balcony and cries badly Kunj goes to her and hugs her It starts raining ( title song from khamoshiyaan plays on background )

Kunj: twinkle I’m always with u
Twinkle: ( breaks hug and moves away from him ) Kunj pls go let me be alone I don’t want u to see me like this ( she starts crying )
Kunj: I’m never gonna leave u alone
Twinkle: kunj just go pls go

Kunj doesn’t listen and goes to her, picks her up and takes her inside ( zaroorat from ek villain plays on background )

Twinkle: kunj just leave me
Kunj: never
Twinkle: kunj why r u doing this why just leave me alone just leave me
Kunj: ( in an angry tone ) twinkle I’m never gonna leave u
Twinkle: ( shouts ) why kunj why
Kunj: ( shouts ) because I love u ( going back to normal ) Twinkle I love u

Kunj puts her down

Twinkle: kunj
Kunj: I know maybe u don’t love me but I do love u
Twinkle: kunj ( she cries ) kunj l love u too

Kunj hugs her twinkle hugs him back ( janam janam from dilwale plays on background ) They break hug

Twinkle: kunj we will not be like those romantic couple who can die for each ohter right
Kunj: twinkle we will be different
Twinkle: kunj can we sleep now
Kunj: together ( mischievously )
Twinkle: kunj
Kunj: ok ok sorry
Twinkle: kunj u know since we love each other then we can share bed
Kunj: twinkle I’m ready if u r ready to take this relationship to the next level
Twinkle: kunj I love u
Kunj: I love u too siypaa queen
Twinkle: kunj pls change this name I hate it
Kunj: u r the great siypaa queen but u r the queen of my heart
Twinkle: omg kunj I didn’t know u were so romantic
Kunj: there is a lot of things u don’t know about me

Twinj sleep in same bed
Next morning Twinkle is in kunj’s arms Amvi comes to their room

Amaya: ( knocks ) bhaiyu wake up pls fast
Yuvi: twinkle kunj guys open the door

Twinj wake up and see each other Twinkle gets shy Kunj goes and opens the door

Kunj: what happened
Amaya: bhaiyu how was ur date
Kunj: u woke us up for asking just that
Amaya: why what were u doing
Yuvi: romance and all huh
Kunj: nothing like that
Amaya: ok ok stop bhaiyu come downstairs maa is calling u and bhabhi
Kunj: ok I’ll come
Amaya: where’s bhabhi
Kunj: amu pls go
Amaya: ok ok I’ll go u come fast let’s go Yuvi they r now a fully romantic couple

Amvi leave kunj goes inside and tells twinkle maa is calling them they get ready and go downstairs

Usha: kunj twinkle we r going to visit a temple in Delhi so we will leave in the afternoon and u both, amaya and Yuvi r going to stay here ok
Kunj: yes maa

Someone comes inside and says what about me where will I stay

Precap – Amvi say I love u to each other Twinj decide to get Amvi married and Valentine’s day surprise for twinkle and amaya

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