Twinj A Path to Love episode 5

Episode starts with kunj preparing for his interview and twinkle comes

Twinkle: kunj do u need something
Kunj: yes u
Twinkle: what
Kunj: u not to disturb me
Twinkle: so u think I’m here to disturb u I have better work than to be with u
Kunj: oh so what work u have
Twinkle: better than this at least
Kunj: so u have better work than to see ur handsome husband
Twinkle: u and handsome yeah u’re cute but not handsome
Kunj: really
Twinkle: yeah handsome is ranveer singh he looks so charming
Kunj: yeah but he has deepika padukone what do I have siypaa queen
Twinkle: kunj pls
Kunj: twinkle pls

Twinkle angrily looks at kunj but he smiles Amvi come to Twinj Amaya takes twinkle to her room

Amaya: bhabhi I’m getting bored pls let’s do something
Twinkle: like what
Amaya: I know a game which we could play it’s fun
Twinkle: ok let’s play what’s the game
Amaya: bhabhi if I say something than u have to say what first comes in your mind ok
Twinkle: ok let’s start
Amaya: ok clouds are grey
Twinkle: rain
Amaya: family after
Twinkle: friends
Amaya: tree is
Twinkle: green
Amaya: life with
Twinkle: happiness
Amaya: love
Twinkle: kunj ( realises what she said ) kunj love kunj
Amaya: bhabhi u love bhaiyu
Twinkle: I love kunj amu I love kunj I love him
( haan hasi ban gaye female version from humari adhuri kahaani plays on background )

Kunj’s room Yuvi is playing the same game

Yuvi: ok let’s play
Kunj: ok
Yuvi: rainbow colours
Kunj: beautiful
Yuvi: madness
Kunj: u
Yuvi: srk with
Kunj: kajol
Yuvi: life with
Kunj: happiness
Yuvi: love
Kunj: twinkle ( realises what he said ) I mean hmm u should go to ur room I have work to do
Yuvi: u have admit one day
Kunj: what
Yuvi: that u love her
Kunj: who ( knowing who he was talking about )
Yuvi: u know who
Kunj: I have work to do ( he thinks about twinkle and smiles )
( haan hasi ban gaye male version from humari adhuri kahaani plays on background )

Yuvi leaves from kunj’s room
Twinkle lost in her own world goes to her room smiling

Kunj: why r u smiling
Twinkle: nothing
Kunj: ok ( he smiles )
Twinkle: why r u smiling
Kunj: nothing I was thinking about Yuvi’s joke he told me one
Twinkle: what joke
Kunj: why u want to know
Twinkle: I also want to laugh
Kunj: I have interview tomorrow so I have to prepare for it
Twinkle: ok
Kunj: ( thinks I love her )
Twinkle: ( thinks I love him )

They look at each other ( sajna ve moment )
Anita’s room

Anita: for a girl the most important thing is her reputation so her reputation will get ruined
Surjeet: what will u do to twinkle
Anita: something that she will be ashamed of

Anita goes to kunj’s room

Twinkle: Anita aunty u here
Anita: twinkle I have realised my mistakes so I wanted to give u this saree so u can wear it tomorrow
Twinkle: tomorrow why
Anita: tomorrow is surjeet ji’s birthday so we have a party and if kunj gets job then double celebration
Twinkle: thank u anita aunty
Anita: I’m very sorry for what I did before
Twinkle: don’t be sorry it’s ok

Anita leaves from kunj’s room
Twinkle and kunj look at each other and both r happy

Twinkle: what happened why r u happy
Kunj: why r u happy
Twinkle: because after yuvi anita aunty is also changing
Kunj: now everything will be ok
Twinkle: yes it will

At night Amvi come to each other

Yuvi: so did twinkle confess
Amaya: yes but now she has to confess to bhaiyu
Yuvi: kunj also he knows he loves twinkle but now he has to confess
Amaya: let’s give them time they’ll confess
Yuvi: yeah and u also
Amaya: what do I have to confess
Yuvi: I don’t know that maybe u love me
Amaya: Yuvi if I do then will u love me back
Yuvi: amaya love is very beautiful relationship and I want to have that relationship with u but
Amaya: but
Yuvi: what I did with twinkle and kunj I just hate myself for that
Amaya: I don’t care Yuvi I don’t
Yuvi: do u trust me
Amaya: of course I do

Amvi hug each other ( manchala from hasee toh phasee plays on background )
Next morning kunj goes to interview

Manager: so mr sarna why should we take u in our company
Kunj: sir u probably will not because I didn’t complete my studies and I’m here but sir I will work very hard just give me one chance if I don’t do my job well then fire me pls just one chance
Manager: mr sarna we’ll give u only one chance
Kunj: thank u sir thank u so much
Manager: congratulations

Kunj goes home and tells everyone he got the job everyone is really happy
There r preparation going on for the party

Anita: I told u there will be double celebration u should tell Leela
Kunj: aunty when she will come for party then I will tell
Anita: ( thinks this is great now Leela has to come to party and she will see her daughter’s reputation get ruined )

At night in party
Twinkle wears the saree which Anita gave ( guys this is the same saree Mahi wore in tei )
Kunj comes to twinkle

Kunj: u’re looking really beautiful
Twinkle: thank u kunj u also look handsome
Kunj: but I was cute not handsome remember
Twinkle: yeah but today u look handsome also
Kunj: twinkle r u ok what has happened to u
Twinkle: love
Kunj: what
Twinkle: love for myself today I’m in a very good mood
Kunj: ok ok let’s go downstairs

In party everyone is enjoying Leela comes too Kunj tells her about his job
They cut cake and say happy birthday to surjeet
( guys in tei Yuvi paid a man to on the fan when mahi is near it the same thing Anita does )
Twinkle is near fan anita shows her thumb to the man
The fan is on twinkle’s saree gets tangled and she starts spinning her saree gets unwrapped everyone is shocked Anita and surjeet smirk

Twinkle: ( shouts ) Kunj
Kunj: twinkle ( he runs towards her and covers her with his coat )

Twinkle runs to her room and closes the door and starts crying
Kunj goes to her

Kunj: twinkle pls open the door
Twinkle: kunj go from here leave me alone
Kunj: how can I leave u huh
Twinkle: kunj pls go
Kunj: twinkle what happened is not ur fault
Twinkle: but my reputation is ruined na
Kunj: twinkle
Twinkle: u don’t have any answer right ( she starts crying badly ) Kunj if u didn’t come then I would have been ruined fully
Kunj: twinkle I will always be with u pls open the door ( he starts crying too )
( sun raha hai from aashiqui 2 plays on background )

Leela comes to kunj’s room

Leela: twinkle pls beta open the door pls ( she starts crying )
Twinkle: maa pls go from here and take kunj with u

Bebe comes

Bebe: Leela ji leave twinkle for a while she’ll be ok after some time
Leela: kunj beta let’s go
Kunj: no maa I will not leave twinkle u go

Kunj sits down and keeps his head against door twinkle also keeps her head against door and cry ( sun raha hai from aashiqui 2 plays on background ) Amvi come to Twinj and try taking kunj from there but fail in doing so they also try taking twinkle out but fail

Next morning
Twinj is sleeping against door at other sides
Twinkle wakes up and opens the door Kunj wakes up

Kunj: twinkle do u need something
Twinkle: no kunj it’s ok
Kunj: twinkle u’re ok
Twinkle: yes kunj I’m ok I’m sorry u had to sleep here u go and fresh up
Kunj: twinkle I’m always here for u
Twinkle: I know kunj

Precap – twinkle cries and says to kunj why did this happen to me why Kunj says twinkle pls don’t cry twinkle goes to balcony and cries badly kunj goes to her and hugs her it starts raining ( title song from khamoshiyaan plays on background ) Twinkle moves away from kunj and says kunj just go Kunj doesn’t listen and goes to her, picks her up and takes her inside ( zaroorat from ek villain plays on background )

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