Twinj A Path to Love episode 4

Episode starts with Anita looks back at someone that person is surjeet

Anita: don’t worry they will not be able to unite twinkle and kunj

Surjeet: because of that twinkle my son went to jail so I will not let her be with kunj anymore we will separate them

Anita: yes we will

Amvi are planning a basketball match for tomorrow

Amaya: bhaiyu loves basketball so let’s have a match

Yuvi: twinkle also loves playing basketball so decided basketball match tomorrow

Amaya: yes and it will be fun

Kunj’s room

Kunj: look twinkle just because I said u did most of the work doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything

Twinkle: when did I say that u didn’t do anything u did alot alot alot of work

Kunj: u’re taunting me siypaa queen

Twinkle: I thought u have decided not to call me that

Kunj: if u keep doing siypaas then what can I do

Twinkle: kunj pls

Kunj: twinkle pls

Twinkle: ( to herself ) what kind of husband I have

Kunj hears this

Kunj: a very cute and handsome one u should thank god for giving u me Kunj sarna

Twinkle: like u should thank god for giving u me twinkle taneja sarna

Kunj: thank god and for u for that I have to lose my memory

Twinkle: (in a angry tone ) Kunj I just hate u hate u hate u hate u

Kunj: and I just love ( he stops )

Twinkle: what did u just say

Kunj: I meant that hmm…

Twinkle: hmm… what

Kunj: just go to sleep ( thinks what has happened to me why am I behaving like this it’s not like I’m in love with her )

Twinkle is smiling

Twinkle: ( thinks why am I smiling at his stupid behaviour leave it I should go to sleep )

Kunj and twinkle look at each other, smile and go to sleep ( muskurane from citylights plays on background )

Amvi are planning to do something to make Twinj realise their love

Amaya: we can a basketball match but what can we do to make them realise ( amaya is walking towards a slippery floor and she is about to fall but Yuvi holds her )

Yuvi: what r doing can’t u see u would have fallen down

Amaya looks at yuvi and is smiling ( manchala from hasee toh phasee plays on background ) she gets up

Amaya: it’s okay Yuvi I’m all right

Yuvi: u wouldn’t have been if u had fallen stupid we’ll discuss plan tomorrow

They go to their room and sleep
In morning

Amvi tell everyone about basketball match

Amaya: u all have to play for me

Yuvi: ( like a kid ) dost dost u will play na

Kunj: oh no u have become a kid again I have take care u such a hard job

Yuvi: ( back to normal ) Oh so taking care of me was a hard job

Kunj: hardest job

Amaya: ok ok stop papa, tau ji, anand bhaiya, bhaiyu and Yuvi will be in one team and maa, Anita aunty, nikki bhabhi, bhabhi and I will be in another team bebe will be the referee and ishaan can keep scores ok done

Surjeet: ( to Anita ) this is the right time to hurt twinkle so much that she regrets sending cherry to jail

Everyone agrees with Amaya and goes and changes
The game starts
Twinkle has the ball and is going to score but kunj snatches it but then amaya snatches and scores

Amaya: yes ( hi fives with twinkle )

Twinkle: kunj concentrate huh

Kunj: yeah I’ll show concentrate

Twinkle and amaya laughs Yuvi goes to kunj

Yuvi: Bro don’t worry we’ll win at the end u just see

Amaya: aww bhabhi how cute he looks na when losing

Yuvi: it’s been one goal and u think u won

Amaya: I said u’ll lose

Yuvi: yeah whatever

The game resumes kunj has ball and goes towards goal but twinkle does drama of getting hurt he leaves ball and goes to her

Kunj: r u ok twinkle

Twinkle: kunj thank u for leaving ball

Kunj realises that he left ball and looks behind amaya has already scored
Kunj leaves angrily

The game resumes again this time kunj makes score and then Yuvi after some time twinkle makes score this goes on till the score is 24-24 one last score and the game finishes

Twinkle goes towards goal but Anita throws a sharp rock twinkle stumbles on rock which hurts her foot but she falls on kunj ( sajna ve moment ) he sees her foot which is bleeding he picks her up and takes her to their room

Anita: this is nothing twinkle u will get more hurt

Amaya goes to yuvi

Amaya: bhaiyu cares so much for bhabhi

Yuvi: they love each other so they will care and trust

Amaya: so if someone cares for someone that is love

Yuvi: yeah that is love

Amaya intentionally falls down but Yuvi holds her
Amvi look at each other ( manchala from hasee toh phasee plays on background ) game stops due to twinkle getting hurt

Kunj’s room
Kunj scolds twinkle for not playing carefully

Kunj: can’t u see where is what u were playing like a blind person

Twinkle: kunj first thing I’m hurt and second I’m not blind

Kunj: oh really u’re not blind

Twinkle: kunj pls ok

Kunj: yeah twinkle ok

Twinkle: kunj what has happened to u why r u behaving like this

Kunj: because I’m angry at myself I can’t even take care of my wife then how will I take care of my family

Twinkle: kunj

Kunj: no twinkle don’t say anything

Twinkle: kunj I know that u want me to be safe and happy but it’s not ur responsibility to keep me away from hurting myself if I get hurt it’s my fault

Kunj: so finally u admit it’s ur fault

Twinkle: ok it’s my fault happy

Kunj smiles
Kunj is applying ointment twinkle screams with pain

Kunj: sorry sorry

Twinkle: kunj shall I ask u something

Kunj: hmm…

Twinkle: why were behaving like that

Kunj: twinkle pls leave it

Twinkle: no kunj u have to tell why

Kunj: twinkle pls

Twinkle: kunj pls tell why why were u behaving like that huh why pls kunj tell why why why why

Kunj: because I was worried if something happens to u then I will never be able to live without u

Twinkle is shocked ( but happy inside )
Kunj realises what he said

Twinkle: kunj

Kunj: I meant if u get hurt then Leela maa will not leave me she will kill me that’s all

Twinkle knows kunj is lying but doesn’t say anything

Kunj: ( thinks why did I say all that am I in love with her )

Twinkle: ( thinks why am i feeling happy thinking of kunj am I in love with him )

Kunj tells twinkle to rest, she listens and they look at each other ( soch na sake from airlift plays on background )

The next morning
Kunj and twinkle have breakfast and go to do their work
Kunj has a job interview tomorrow so he has some work to do
Yuvi comes to amaya

Yuvi: amaya what is the next plan

Amaya: I don’t know what about u

Yuvi: nothing in my mind

Amaya: i just got an idea

Yuvi: what idea

Amaya: let’s play a game

Yuvi: what kind of game

Amaya: u know like if I say something then the other person has to answer what comes first into mind then we ask them about love

Yuvi: about love why

Amaya: it’s like if they know what for them love is then maybe they’ll realise that what they think about love is actually what is between them

Yuvi: ( acts like he doesn’t know what she means ) what is between them

Amaya: love stupid they have love, care, trust, honesty and most importantly they have each other

Yuvi gets touched by amaya’s words

Yuvi: it looks like u’re in love with someone

Amaya: ( hesitating ) what no I’m not in love with u I mean why would I be in love with u

Yuvi: I never said u were in love with me

Amaya gets shy and leaves from there

Yuvi: amaya I know u love me but it’s been just a few days and for me to love u back I have to know that I can change myself fully otherwise I’m gonna end up hurting u ( main hoon hero tera from hero plays on background )

Precap – amaya says bhabhi let’s play a game I’ll say something and u say the first thing that comes in your mind Yuvi does same with kunj ( guys pls do tell if u don’t like something about the ff and if have any ideas again pls tell )

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