Twinj A Path to Love episode 3

Episode starts with kunj smiling at twinkle

Twinkle: why r u smiling

Kunj: nothing I was thinking about Yuvi how he changed I just hope he chooses the right path

Twinkle: I hope so too

Kunj: u know my little sister is coming tomorrow

Twinkle: amaya right ? ( guys amaya is avani from aur pyaar ho gaya )

Kunj: how do u know

Twinkle: Bebe told me

Kunj: oh u know she’s probably changed a lot I haven’t seen for a long time

Twinkle: she’s also not seen u

Kunj: I know that’s why I’m gonna surprise her

Twinkle: how r u going to surprise her

Kunj: u’ll see

They go to sleep
Next morning kunj wakes up and doesn’t see twinkle in the room

Kunj: where is twinkle

Twinkle: ( shouting ) Kunj Kunj come down

Kunj: twinkle what happened

Twinkle: kunj just come down pls

Kunj gets up and runs down and is shocked to see amaya at the door

Kunj: amu

Amaya: I’ve been standing here for so long can I pls come inside

Kunj: who told u to stand outside

Amaya: I thought I should hug u before coming inside like we used to in school

Kunj runs and hugs her ( they have a brother sister moment )

Amaya: bhaiyu now can I come inside pls

Kunj: of course

Amaya goes and hugs everyone and starts searching for someone

Kunj: amu who are you looking for

Amaya: twinkle bhabhi after all this was her idea

Kunj: so that means twinkle was behind all this

Twinkle comes to amaya

Twinkle: amaya u know ur bhaiyu has a surprise for u also

Amaya: for me what is the surprise bhaiyu pls tell pls

Kunj takes her to a room which is decorated with kunj and amaya’s childhood pics and designed the way she would like to design her own room

Amaya: bhaiyu I love u so much

Kunj: I know u do and I love u too

Both of them talk and laugh
Twinkle comes inside room

Twinkle: amaya I was going to prepare food for everyone so what would u like to eat

Amaya: bhabhi first thing u can call me amu and second thing I will eat anything u prepare

Kunj: twinkle why u want to spoil lunch for us

Twinkle: kunj u know what I will make awesome lunch and u won’t get anything

Kunj: amu believe me u don’t want to eat food prepared by twinkle

Amaya: bhaiyu if u think bhabhi doesn’t make good food then maybe u should help her

Kunj: why should I make food and with her

Twinkle: why if u make good food then maybe u should prepare lunch if u can

Kunj: I can and I will

Twinkle: okay ( she smiles )

Yuvi is in his room and Anita enters

Anita: Yuvi what’s the plan know

Yuvi: what plan mom

Anita: to destroy twinkle’s life what else

Yuvi: mom I’m not going to destroy anyone’s life because I want to change

Anita: so u r not gonna take ur mom’s revenge

Yuvi: mom this was never about ur revenge it was about my love

Anita: ( she is really angry at yuvi and Yuvi notices ) I can not believe this

Yuvi: why is there a problem with me changing

Anita: okay change yourself but have u forgotten twinkle

Yuvi: mom I was after her because I thought she loves me too but she doesn’t at least not now she loves kunj and even I can see that I loved her enough to let her go

Anita leaves angrily

Yuvi: mom I know u’re angry but I won’t go back to what I was mom I’m sorry but now I’m going to unite twinkle and kunj not for doing good but to tell u that revenge is never the answer

Twinj are making food twinkle is making the dough she has flour on her face kunj sees this and laughs

Twinkle: why are u laughing

Kunj: u look like a witch

Twinkle: kunj pls stop teasing

Kunj goes closer and removes the flour on her face ( sajna ve moment )
Amaya comes Yuvi also comes

Amaya: oh romance and all

Yuvi: now they’re not gonna romance in kitchen then where will they

Twinj separate and look here and there
Amaya and Yuvi laugh

At lunch everyone are having food

Usha: kunj the food is really good

Bebe: only kunj puttar didn’t prepare food twinkle did also

Usha looks at twinkle and twinkle feels sad

Everyone praise Twinj twinkle gets happy and thinks how lucky she is to have a family like this but she still has to win usha’s heart

Kunj: but I have to admit that twinkle did most of the work

Twinkle: thank u Kunj ( janam janam from dilwale plays on background )

Everyone goes to their rooms
At night amaya and Yuvi are talking

Yuvi: amaya u know that I did alot to trouble twinkle and kunj but now I want to unite them they do love each other but won’t confess

Amaya: then we will make them confess

Yuvi and amaya shake hands
Anita sees this

Anita: I won’t let twinkle change my Yuvi he has to take my revenge and I promise I will not let them unite twinkle and kunj

She looks back at someone ( who is that person will be revealed in next episode )

Precap – amaya and Yuvi plan to play basketball twinkle stumbles and falls on kunj while playing basketball ( sanja ve moment ) twinkle gets hurt and kunj picks her up and goes to their room Kunj scolds twinkle for not playing carefully ( a very cute fight happens ) while fighting kunj says that he never be able to live without her ( soch na sake from airlift plays on background )

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  2. What kind of mother is anitha do not want son to become good

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  4. Guys thanks a lot and yes I’m going to unite Yuvi with amaya any ideas what we could call them as a couple pls help and yes I will try putting more Twinj scenes and their nok jhoks

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