Twinj A Path to Love episode 2

Episode starts with twinkle running from cherry and bumps into someone who is none other than Yuvi as he is so obsessed with twinkle he gets angry at cherry who was following her

Yuvi: cherry how dare u even touch twinkle how can u even do that ( getting really angry he starts beating cherry up )

Twinkle is crying she feels dizzy and as she is about to fall kunj holds her ( janam janam from dilwale plays on background )

Twinkle: ( crying ) ku ku kunj thank god u came ( she hugs him tight and kunj hugs her back )

Suddenly Yuvi starts shouting at cherry kunj and twinkle break their hug

Yuvi: how can u do this to twinkle huh how I’m not going to leave I’m gonna kill u

Kunj realises that Yuvi is talking normally and is shocked

Kunj: Yuvi what r u doing

Yuvi: what kind of husband r u u’re just standing there

Kunj: at least u accepted that I’m twinkle’s husband

Yuvi realises that he revealed his truth himself

Twinkle: Yuvi I’m really happy that u at least care for me but I’m only kunj’s not anyone else

Kunj looks at twinkle ( sanja ve moment )

Cherry tries to run but gets arrested by the police kunj had already called the police before coming here

Twinkle: kunj how did u

Kunj: get to know where u were i heard cherry’s friends talking about the cupboard which they took to farmhouse then I went to them and made them reveal everything twinkle u r okay right

Twinkle: I’m okay kunj and thank u Yuvi for saving me

Yuvi: what kind of girl r u I tried destroying your life I almost killed kunj and I also tried taking advantage of u that night where everyone thought it was kunj

Twinkle looks on and is shocked

Kunj: okay okay let’s forget all this and be friends right twinkle?

Twinkle: of course Yuvi can we be friends at least?

Yuvi: twinkle I don’t deserve ur friendship I promise I will leave forever never trouble u again

Twinkle: Yuvi if u try to forget ur mistakes and move on then u will be able to gain everyone’s trust now let’s go home

Kunj: oh my god u guys have emotional drama every day

Yuvi laughs and twinkle smiles but then becomes sad kunj notices this and starts thinking

Kunj yuvi twinkle go back home and tell everything that happened and also Yuvi’s truth everyone is shocked but then they also forgive him Anita is really happy Bebe goes to twinkle and hugs her twinkle starts crying Bebe also cries

Kunj: what had to happen already happened so why become sad about it

At night
Everyone goes inside their rooms twinkle and Bebe r talking to each other kunj calls twinkle

Kunj: twinkle can I talk to u about something pls

Twinkle: of course kunj

Kunj and twinkle go in their room the lights r off twinkle switches it on twinkle is surprised to see a date setup there the room is decorated with balloons and roses it’s just so beautiful

Kunj: so how is it

Twinkle: kunj thank u so much u have this talent also

Kunj: which talent

Twinkle: to make a girl smile when she is sad

Kunj: oh that I had that a long time ago ( he smiles ) twinkle I’m sorry for not believing u

Twinkle: I should say sorry for not believing u when u said that u didn’t try to take advantage of me I’m sorry

Kunj: okay let’s have our dinner date

They have dinner talk to each other and dance while dancing twinkle slips and falls on kunj ( sanja ve moment )

Kunj: twinkle I

Twinkle: I what

Kunj: I I can’t bear this weight on me u’re like an elephant

Twinkle hits kunj cutely and gets up

Twinkle: u r just just disgusting kunj

Kunj smiles at her and looks at her sweetly ( soch na sake from airlift plays on background )

Precap – twinkle is cooking food for everyone and kunj is helping her as kunj’s sister told him to ( kunj’s sister will be revealed in next episode ) Yuvi is shocked to see his mother angry on him for changing himself

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  3. Very nice

  4. Nice I liked it a lot especially Twinj scenes

  5. good one..
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    1. no no..sorry m mistaken…she is diff..i saw another princess actually..sorry dear..

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  7. Tara I post it every Monday and Friday so it will b uploaded tomorrow…. Btw thnx for asking coz I m planning to end it as I am not getting a good response or comments…???

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    2. ohhh please rakshita how i always wait for ur ff please dont end it yrrr i would be heartbroken :'(

  8. Hey everyone thanks again I’ll try posting next episode as soon as possible and guys yes if u have any suggestions or don’t like where the ff is going just tell me pls really appreciate u all

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