Twinj A Path to Love episode 1

Hi everyone I was already a Twinj fan but now I’m a fan of all the ff. I’m new here so hoping u accept me being a part here. I just thought of everything that had happened in tei so I tried not to make it more similar to it so rather than making Yuvi the villain always, I tried making someone else negative character to create a little drama. As this has already happened I’m going to write what Yuvi is thinking in this ff.
My ff starts from where twinkle gets trapped in the cupboard by cherry and he makes an excuse so that he can take twinkle to farmhouse for his bad intentions.

At kunj’s place
Everyone is going out to have lunch

Cherry: Bebe I forgot to tell u that I have some important work with my friends so I will not be able to make it to lunch

Bebe: but cherry puttar this was your idea and u will not make it

Cherry: Bebe I forgot that i had important work to do but u all go and kunj will be there. Right kunj?

Kunj: of course I will be there. Bebe don’t worry ( kunj thinks: going out for lunch was cherry’s idea and know he’s not coming all of a sudden. What’s the matter )

Bebe: okay cherry puttar we all will go without u but next time u have to come

Cherry: of course Bebe next time ( he smirks )

All go out and kunj is tensed, he feels something bad is going to happen Yuvi comes to kunj

Yuvi: dost dost why r u tensed

Kunj: Yuvi it’s nothing I’m okay

Yuvi: okay dost let’s go ( Yuvi thinks what’s the matter with kunj why is he tensed and where is twinkle )

Everyone sits in car and leave, kunj is with Yuvi in another car

Yuvi: dost twinki will not come with us

Kunj’s mind is lost somewhere else and he is driving like that

Yuvi: dost r u angry with me why r u not talking ( he shakes kunj not so much to get into accident )

Kunj coming to his senses and driving more carefully

Kunj: Yuvi what happened

Yuvi: I was asking about twinki where is she

Kunj: she’s with her mother

Yuvi: but twinki never left the house I was outside playing she never came out ( Yuvi thinks looks like twinkle is in trouble )

Kunj: Yuvi if u r right then where is twinkle we have to find her

At the farmhouse
Cherry takes twinkle out of cupboard and places her in bed

Cherry: twinkle bhabhi ji now u will be mine ( he takes chloroform bottle out and pours it in his handkerchief he is about to put it near twinkle’s nose but hears some sound and gets alert )

Cherry goes to check what it was at that very time twinkle starts waking up she looks around and sees she’s not at home

Cherry comes back and is shocked to see twinkle conscious twinkle sees cherry

Twinkle: cherry bhaiya what am I doing here and where is everyone where is kunj why am I in this place

Cherry: relax bhabhi ji I’m here why u need kunj ( he comes near twinkle and tries to touch her but she pushes him away )

Twinkle: don’t try to touch me

Cherry: bhabhi ji I’m trying to give u love which kunj can’t

Twinkle: u can’t even be like my kunj then why r u trying to be more

Cherry holds her and twists her hand

Cherry: bhabhi ji I don’t want to become like kunj the great kunj I just want u to be happy the happiness kunj can’t give

Twinkle: u r disgusting cherry ( twinkle is crying ) my kunj is a really nice guy he’s not like u

Cherry leaves her and pushes her down hurting hand very badly

Cherry:( shouts ) then call ur kunj tell him to save u

Twinkle’s hand is bleeding but she gets up and runs from there twinkle runs outside and bumps with someone he is none other than….

Precap- cherry gets arrested by police for trying to take advantage of twinkle…. kunj tries being a good husband to twinkle and takes her on a date to cheer her up as she went through alot

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