twinj OS

once there lived two best friends . they used to share their each and everything .they said once they grow up they will ,marry each other. bcz they also loved each other . their parents could also see the love between each other. they were our twinj they were 13 years old only. but one day Manohar and his family went to London and twinkle was too broken. she didn’t ate for many days. and now she had lost her hope for kunj for coming back. kunj too missed her .he also decided that he wont marry anyone else twinkle.

10 years leap.

twinkle was not changed at all but kunj was way too much change he used to flirt with girls and bars and all . but never crossed his limits and never kissed anyone. Manohar decided to go back to Amrister . they went there but they had forgotten taneja fam. they went and settled in their home. kunj went to his room and reminisces about twinkle and said ” I LOVE YOU TWINKLE I MISSSED U SO MUCH NOW IM BACK I HOPE U DINDNT FORGOT ME he smiled saying this and opened his album and watched all of their childhood pics.

twinkle changed her look she used to wear short dresses . she got to knw about sarna fam had came to amrister back and decided to test kunj if he forgot her or not. so decided to go to a bar where kunj is coming . she dressed in a small dress and at n8 went to the bar. she became shocked seeing kunj dancing with girls and drunk . her tears came out. and she went there and danced with kunj kunj felt a connection with her and took her to bar side and asked her name she faked her name as priya kunj compliments her beauty and drinks wine and asked her to drink too she denied but atlast she drank one glass but kunj insisted she drank more and more and both become drunk and act like mad the manager throws them out of the bar. they laugh with each other and go inside a 5 star hotel and asked for a key for one room . he gave them the key and both went inside the room . twinkle push kunj on bed and both get intimate.

next morning , both wake up become shocked seeing their state as they were not wearing anything. kunj becomes angry on himself for cheating his twinkle. and twinkle misunderstood him that he does the same thing with other girls. they both wear their clothes . and feel embarrassed . finally kunj spoke up

k: i’m really sorry priya . i dont knw wht happened but im realy sorrry i didnt did that intentionally and im feeling tooo guilty that did this i never did such things with anyone as i have given that right to only one girl the love of my life
twinkle becomes shocked and teary eyed and asked hin
T:who’s that girl?
k: TWINKLE TANEJA i loved her so uch but maybe destiny didnt wanted us to be together that we were separated. i came and thouht that i will confess my feelings for her but i wont be even able to face her …… he breaks down. twinkle hugged him and was on 9th cloud
T:I LOVE YOU TOO MR.KHADOOS SARNA. she smiled saying that while kunj was shocked as only twinkle knew this name
K: r u t..t…w……kle?
she nodded in a yes
K: then priya?
T: i did that to test u if u remember me and u passed the test
kunj hugged him

the next day they told their parent and they accepted that and got them married and they lived happily ever after.

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  1. amazing work
    keep writing these type of OS
    i liked them
    this os was fantabulous

  2. by the way your os dp is from which epi
    pleaseeeee TELL

    1. directionert91

      the confession day before Manohar heartattack when twinj were imagining eo

      1. thank u

  3. Amazing yaar
    pls do write more os

  4. Amazing

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..

  6. Awwww…..yrr it is so cute os ….enjoyed it ..very nice…

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    Massive thanx to all of you.??????????

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