TwiNj OS : Valentines Day By Nish Dii & Fenu


Hello TEI Family…. So finally the valentine OS is here. honestly i never understood the buzz of valentine’s; why do we need just one day or a week to tell that we love and fight the rest of the year. when you are in love everyday is valentines and valentines signifies love; love of all kinds and not just a man and a woman.
any ways chuck my lecture.. here i am presenting a TwiNj One Shot valentines special.As always something new i tried this time with Nish Dii hope you all will like it.

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It was late night, how late hard to tell. The clock was ticking lazily between 12.30 am to 1 am when a flashy Red Audi R8 Spyde pulled in front of a huge mansion. It was a limited edition car and only few people in India could have it and the owner of this one was definitely limited edition. As the ignition turned off a tall guy with a smashing physic and drop dead drool worthy good looks stepped out of it. He was tired and exhausted after a long tiring day after all its not easy being the Kunj Sarna; the leading business man and the best band leader in India. But as soon as he stepped in his home all his fatigue washed away and new energy touched him. “Home sweet home!” Kunj whispered as he looked around the hall; it was dimly lit giving it a serene and positive energy. The house which was just an expensive but free hotel for Kunj as he was growing up is now his abode forever. The guy who would look for every chance not to come here once would now look for every opportunity to be back here.

He looked at his watch and thought “shit they must be sleeping.” And he ran towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms. He opened the door and entered a huge bedroom and as he walked in he stepped in a shoe. He shook his head in disbelief and kept the shoe aside. As he further moved in he saw clothes, pizza boxes, guitars and more shoes thrown all over. “Wow he is so me.” Kunj thought as he tided everything and moved towards the bed where a handsome young guy all of 17 was sleeping lost in his dream world. He was none other than Nisarg Kunj Sarna, the eldest of Sarna kids. He took his devilishly handsome looks, attitude and talent from his dad; a future rock star in making and a total bad boy with a heart of gold. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that he reminded them of Kunj at 17. Nisarg was special to Kunj as he was the one who made him realize what a wonderful feeling it is to be a father. They shared a great buddy bond a rare sight to watch was when they made music or rather magic together. “Good night buddy” Kunj whispered and walked out closing the door behind him.
As he stood in front of the next door which was his favorite room he smiled from ear to ear after all it was his princesses room. He walked in slowly to a pink themed room with truck loads of soft toys. His smile grew bigger as he looked at them. He walked up to the bed of his elder daughter Prisha, 15 years old but way mature her age just like her mother. She takes her height, her eyes and smile from her dad and her nature from her mom. She was as talented as her mom and helped her in her fashion designing . “Wow she’s growing up” Kunj thought and soon frown lines formed on his forehead. “Growing up means boyfriends.” He thought and that was the thought enough to give the ever invincible Kunj Sarna sleepless nights as daddy dearest won’t allow any boy within 2 km radius of his princesses.

Kunj was lost in his own world when Pakhi, 11 his youngest baby’s stirring in sleep caught his attention. He ran towards her and patted her head to make her sleep. She was the apple of her daddy’s eyes. A total female version of Kunj Sarna when it came to being stubborn. She takes her short height and cuteness from her mom. Pakhi happened to them accidentally, they never planned for her but as days passed she grew to be Kunj’s favorite even when she was in her mom’s womb. Kunj still remembers the day she was born when she proved she is as stubborn as him refusing to come out. Kunj laughed mentally remembering how Twinkle screamed in frustration in labour room “damn you Kunj Sarna”. He kissed his princess and slowly walked out.
This was a daily routine for Kunj no matter how tired he was he would love to spend time with his three kids. They were his world. He walked into his huge bedroom without making any noise only to find the most serene sight. This girl, the one woman who held the key of happiness to his world and his family; Twinkle Kunj Sarna was sleeping while sitting waiting for him. Twinkle never slept without Kunj and today too she dozed off waiting for him holding their wedding pics. “She must be tired. Raising three kids is not a joke” he thought.
They got married early within a week of passing out from studies and Nisarg happened within a year. Kunj never had a mother and a proper childhood but seeing Twinkle with his kids made him forget every pain Usha inflicted on his soul. He thanked her Babaji everyday for giving the best mother to his kids. 18 beautiful years of being married and 20 years of togetherness later he still felt the same as in their studies days.

He walked close to her and bussed her forehead waking her up. “Kunj when did you come?” She smiled. “Just a while ago. Why didn’t you sleep haan?” He questioned her as he knew she had too many responsibilities on her shoulders. “You know I can’t sleep without you.” Twinkle said as she adjusted the duvet on Kunj who came on bed after changing. Kunj spread his arms and Twinkle put her head on his chest, that has been her pillow for 18 years. “What happened?” She asked Kunj who seemed to be lost in deep thoughts. “Our daughters are growing up too fast Twinkle. Is there a way where I can freeze their age. I don’t want them grown up and boys will be looming all around them.” Kunj replied. Twinkle looked at him in utter disbelief and said “you are impossible Kunj Sarna. So jao. Good night”

It was 6 am in the morning when Pakhi’s alarm rang and she sprang out of bed in a jiffy all excited leaving Prisha all giggling. Had it been any other day it would take a whole new level of efforts from daddy dearest to wake her up but today was special ; it was valentine’s after all and Pakhi just couldn’t wait for Prem to admit that he likes her after all she’s Pakhi Sarna. She quickly freshened up and wore a baby pink jumpsuit that she bought with mommy dearest. She tied her hair in a high ponytail and wore her favorite diamond studs that daddy brought for her. She even borrowed her didu’s special strawberry lip gloss. “Perfect she thought. its a casual Saturday.” She thought as she was excited for her first ever valentine celebration.

On the other hand Twinkle walked in with Kunj’s favorite Earl Green Team wearing a red dress and a red rose in her hand for their 20th valentine. “Good morning Kunj.” She whispered in his ears seductively. “Good morning jaan.” Kunj said slowly opening his eyes and what he saw blew his fuse away. “Woo.. Aaj kuch special hai kya?” He asked and Twinkle’s face fell. “Nahi kuch nahi. Go wake up Pakhi” she said cursing him for forgetting the day.

Kunj finished his tea and braced himself for waking up his mini monster ; well she’s stubborn like him so everyone called her mini monster. Every morning he has to brave the wrath of her pillows which she threw on him cause he disturbed her sleep, if it was left on Kunj he would never wake up but thanks to Twinkle she was receiving education. Chucking all the thoughts he walked in her to be greeted by a cheerful Prisha “good morning daddy.” Kunj smiled and kissed her forehead saying “good morning princess.” And soon his eyes fell in Pakhi’s bed which was empty. “Where is mini monster?” He asked. “I’m here.” Came her voice first and then Pakhi who jumped on Kunj as per her habit. “Good morning kiddo” Kunj said after she got down and he noticed there was something different about her today though he couldn’t figure out what but there was something different.

Soon after breakfast Kunj drove his girls to school, he made it a point to drop them to school whenever he could to spend more time with them. All through the way Kunj just couldn’t figure out the deal with Pakhi. Soon after dropping the girls Kunj went straight to Sarna industries and was surprised to see everything in red. “What is it today? International paint the world in red day.” He thought as he walked in maintaining his aura of strict and arrogant business man. Soon Yuvraaj walked in and wished “happy valentines day bro.” “Oh shit” Kunj face palmed earning a hearty laugh from Yuvraaj who knew Kunj forgot. “Freak that’s why Twinkle was wearing red. Damn how many days a man is supposed to remember. And why do we need to celebrate a special day for love isn’t all days in love. Why do we..” As Kunj was muttering curses suddenly his mind struck something “shit valentines, Pakhi was dressed for that and which means boy. That boy is so dead if he touch my baby today.” In an instant Kunj forgot his plight and was worried for Pakhi.

Kunj parked himself at Pakhi’s school at 1.30 pm itself even though he knew the school will break at 2 pm. He was impatiently waiting for her when finally after the final school bell Pakhi made her way out looking dreamily at her surroundings and walking in a trance. Well you can call tinge effect of first successful valentines, the first feeling of growing up and the first feeling of being special for someone who’s not family. She so wanted to run to her mommy and tell her when she heard a tap on her shoulder. She turned and blushed to fund Prem, her boyfriend and as expected Kunj lost all sanity seeing his little munchkin blushing and smiling with a devil, well that’s what he envisioned Prem to be. After saying some sweet nothings Prem bent and kissed her knuckles and that was it for Kunj and he charged towards the poor boy. Before Prem or Pakhi could realize Kunj pulled Prem away from Pakhi and held his collar saying “how dare you touch my baby girl. Make sure next time I don’t want to see you in the 5 km radius of my daughter or else you’ll be dead my boy. Now run.” he said spitting fire from eyes.

All this while Pakhi was shouting “daddy stop it. Daddy please. You are scaring him. Daddy you are embarrassing me.” But it fell on deaf ears and poor Prem who was just short of peeing in his pants ran for his life. “What is wrong with you daddy?” A sobbing Pakhi stomped her feet and walked off leaving a baffled Kunj.

The ride to home was all silent where Pakhi was crying and Kunj making failed attempts to talk to her. As soon as she entered home Pakhi ran to Twinkle crying “mommy”. Twinkle was worried “what happened my baby? Did Prem reject you? How dare he well don’t cry for that moron.” And hearing this Kunj got another shock “Twinkle you knew?” “Of course! What I won’t know what’s happening in my babies lives.” “Unbelievable” Kunj sighed. Pakhi sunk a little more into Twinkle while Pakhi narrated what happened. “What is wrong with you Kunj Sarna?” Twinkle screamed as she wiped Pakhi’s tears. “Waah ek toh I’m saving our baby girl and I’m the bad guy here?” Twinkle shot an angry glare and said “Kunj Sarna it was a chaste kiss on knuckles nothing wrong and take bow for scarring a kid and killing your daughter’s first crush.” By then Pakhi ran into her room and Twinkle too walked out saying “at least he remembered unlike few.” Kunj stood there all shocked he expected to be a hero as usual and ended up as a villain .

“Tough life dad right?” Nisarg mocked as he walked in and Kunj glared at him. “Don’t give that first go and pacify your mini monster.” He said as he walked into his baby sister’s room.

Pakhi was sitting all angry in her room and her elder siblings were trying everything in the book or out of it to pacify her but she being mini monster won’t budge. Suddenly they heard the guitar strumming and smiled ear to ear..

β€œLaal laal gaal jaise tamatar
Pakhi ka gussa Chad gaya chat par..”

Kunj sang and Pakhi looked from the corner of her eye. Suppressing her excitement as her daddy was singing and she was his biggest fan. “Its Twinku not Pakhi, NKS told me.” She frowned earning a chuckle from elder Sarna kids and glare from Kunj. “Oh so daddy should write a new song hai na. Promise.” Kunj said making a puppy face. “Pakhi promise?” She asked and Kunj said “Pakhi promise.” “Daddy you’re the best.” She hopped into his arm making him smile and his rest two kids embraced him too. “My babies.” He said.

Twinkle returned home after dropping the kids to chachi as all of a sudden they wanted visit their naani and insisted her to drop. She found the home to silent and hush hush. “Kunj!” She called his name and just then she heard her favorite tune and her favorite voice.

Delhij pe mere dil ki..
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam..
Tere naam pe meri Zindagi …
Likh di mere humdum…
Haan seekha Maine jeena..
Jeena kaise jeena…
Haan seekha Maine jeena mere humdum..
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena..
Na sekha jeena tere bina humdum..”

Kunj bent on his knees and said “I am sorry Twinkle to forget the day of love but there is not a single moment when I forget your love. You have made my life a beautiful dream with the colours of your love. I was just living but after you walked in I am alive. You gave me the best gift three beautiful kids and made his house a home. I love you Mrs.Twinkle Kunj Sarna.” He cupped her face.

Twinkle was overwhelmed by his words and without speaking anything she just pressed her lips on his. Kunj was taken aback for a minute and responded with equal fervor. He lifted and she wrapped her legs around as they moved to the bedroom. Kunj placed her on bed and hovered on her as he kept on kissing her. He bit her lower lip and entered her mouth while his hands opened her dress zip and undid their clothes. Next what followed was her moans and his groans and a love like no other.

After claiming her once more Kunj gathered her in his arms. “Happy valentines Mr Sarna” Twinkle kissed his cheek; Kunj smiled and kissed her hair and said “happy 20 years and many more in love.” “Kunj I’m hungry.” Twinkle made a puppy face and said, Kunj smiled and said “get ready for valentines dinner Mrs Sarna.”

Kunj and Twinkle soon got dressed and came down only to find the table loaded with every known cuisine. Just as Twinkle about to say something they heard the chorus of “mommy..daddy..” And their kids came running. Pakhi ran into Kunj’s arms and settled in his lap while Twinkle gave him a surprised look. “What do you think I’m gonna celebrate without them?” Twinkle nodded in a no. “Twinkle you fought me what love is, you gave me unconditional love, you gave me these diamonds and valentines is all about love; love between man and woman; love between father and his kids; love between a mother and her kids and love between a family. And this how Sarna family will celebrate valentines”.

Twinkle looked at Kunj with pride and thought “if 20 years ago someone would have told me one day I’ll see Kunj Sarna like this I might have got a heart attack” but her thoughts were broken by shouts of “mom..” “Twinkle serve dinner” she smiled and got busy feeding her little family.

Happy Valentines !!

~~~THE END~~~

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      Opsss You are on second Position !!
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      Thank you so much yashika.
      Glad that you loved it.
      I can write but would prefer happy one !!

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