Twinj os {sidmin birthday}


Happy Birthday, I hope you have a good day and lots of happiness and success comes in your life.
I also want to wish everyone a happy belated Eid.

Twinkles PoV
It is my engagement today with Kunj . My fathers business partners son. I have met him a few times but I have never had the chance to talk to him. I was only told 3 days before that I need to get married to him as our horoscopes match and it would be good for both of our families business. I don’t know what will happen and whether I will be able to cope with this relationship or not.pov ends
The sarna family had arrived and twinkle was brought downstairs with her sister mahi and best friend chinki. Kunj was mesmerised to see twinkle. The engagement ceremony was done as they made each other wear rings.

After the engagement
Kunj and Twinkle are sitting next to each other surrounded by mahi and chinki. They are both quiet and don’t know how to start a convo as mani and chinki are sitting there.
C- I think we should leave them alone.
M- yeah come … they aren’t talking cause we are here … This made twinj blush a bit.
K- hi
T- hi
K- you look really pretty
K- look I know this is the first time we are talking to each other even though we have met a few times and all of a sudden our parents want us to get married. But I would just like to take you out once before our marriage …
T- I understand everything is really fast… Also I would like to know you a bit before our marriage
They swap there numbers and decide to meet the next day.
Kunj and Twinkle were both texting each other and smiling as they were getting to know each other.
The next day at the cafe.
Twinkle was wearing a black jumpsuit and her hair was done in a French tail. Kung was mesmerise to see her again .
They say down and began to know each other more. They were enjoying being together .
Thanks Kunj it was good spending time with you said twinkle.
I should thank you for coming with me . Said Kunj. They both smiled at each other and the. Hugged each other . They then realised what they were doing and went to there home.

Twins were sitting watching everyone’s dance. Kunj secretly held her hand which made her was finally there turn to dance but they decided to do something different
They danced on kala chasma as they had a face off girls between boys. After everyone insisted they dance on a romantic song (Jena Jena badplaur)
Twinkle mehndi was Being applied on twinkle and men were not allowed in that room .
Kung came and sat next to twinkle as he was dressed in a sari and covered his face so none could recognise him.
L- please take her upstairs
Kunj brought twinkle upstairs . Twinkle removed his sari and asked him to go before anyone came .
He was about to leave the room form the window but quickly went to twinkle and leaked her on the cheek shocking her and went
Mahi and chinki saw this and stated to tease twinkle making her go red.
After Haldi
Kung peeked into twinkle room and put the haldi on her face . He was about to go but twinkle held his hand and rubbed her face against his and said that he will not have to come to meet her securely now as they are going to get married.

After the marriage
Twinj were standing outside there room.
Aliya kunj sister – Bai Babi can’t go in the room like that
Nikita Kunj Babi- Ji devar ji you have to carry her into your room
Kunj listend to his sister and sister in law and stride twinkle into the room .
He put her down on the bed. And told her he wants to tell her something
K- qeverything has changed from our engagement day… I just dream about you… I want to spend the rest of my life with you…I love you
T- I love you too….
They finally came closer and consummated their marriage.

Sorry I know it’s not my best but I’m sorry please comment.
Happy Biryhday Sidmin once again ???

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