I am there for you Twinj OS part 2

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Next day
Twinkle walks through the corridor lost in thoughts . Uv comes to her and snaps his fingers be fire her and she gets into senses .
Uv : Wt happened?
T : Ah nothing
Uv : No something happened . U r lost in whose thoughts ha ? Kunj’s.
T : Ya .
Uv : Ahem ahem .
She takes Vix candy and places it on his palm .
T : Have this . U will be okay . ( annoyed )
She leaves . Uv follows her .
Uv : Arey Twinkle. I was just kidding yr .
She turns to face him
T : Oh really ? U didn’t sound so
Uv : Accha sorry . Tell me wt happened .
T : Actually. ..ah forget . Let’s speak of mission Mahi
Uv : Okay great .
Twinkle turns forward and collides with Kunj .
T : U know wt ?Stay metres away from me .
K : Like I am interested to be close to u .
He leaves .
T : Wt a unique piece ? Couldn’t he even tell me a sorry .
Uv : Damn
T : That is exactly y I don’t like this person .
Uv : May be he needs time to adjust with new people.
T : Idts. He doesn’t need anyone .
Anyways why are we speaking about him ?
Uv : Ya let’s focus on mission Mahi .
T : Lets go .

They both sit in the greens of the college.
Uv : So tell me about Mahi.
T : Mahi loves ice cream . Her favourite flavour is pista.
She loves listening to old Hindi songs .
Uv : Old Hindi !!!
T : Ya and she is allergic to roses.
Uv : Allergic to go out for a date?
Twinkle starts laughing.
T : If she likes u she might say yes .
Uv : Oh God .
T : Accha chill . First at least start speaking to eo. Then will talk about impressing her .
Uv : Right . But how will i talk to her ?
T : I have an idea. U come to my house to return my book .
Anyways mom has a function today . So she will be going out . U and mahi can have some time together speaking of ur likes and dislikes.
And then u can impress her .
Uv : Wow yr Twinkle . I thought u were g
T : Do not underestimate Twinkle Taneja
Uv : Ty yr. U r the best .
T : Ha okay . Btw we are getting late for the class . Let’s go .
Uv : But
T : No bunking today . Or else mission Mahi cancel .
Uv : As u wish master .
Twinkle and Uv walk towards their class .
They take their seat . Twinkle looks around searching for some one .
(Uv is sitting behind Twinkle)
Uv : Twinkle who are u searching for ?
T : That wierdo
Uv : Ohhooo
T : He is supposed to sit next to me cse I have to clarify his doubts .
Else ma’m will feel bad
Uv : Oh God . U and ur ma’m
Lecturer comes .
Everyone greet .
L : Twinkle. Where is Kunj ?
T : He did not come ma’m . I do not know .
Anyways give him ur notes . He must be up to date with all topics . Or else it will be difficult for him
T : okay ma’m
L : Where did the sun rise from ? I find a new person today .
Uv : Ma’m sun never roses nor sets . It’s the earth that revolves around the sun .
Everyone clap for him .
Twinkle makes sign code asking him to shut up .
L : Good . I am impressed . But if u wd have used ur brains for studies then u wd have managed to pass u know .
Everyone laughs .
Lecturer does the topic . Class gets over
Twinraj come out
Uv : It’s all because of u yr. Saw how she insulted me ?
T : But she said right . U must work hard .
Uv : come on Twinkle. Life is short . Enjoy it .
T : U will never change .
Anyways I will go give Mr weirdo my notes .
Then mission Mahi begins .
Uv : But wait .do u know the address of him ?
T: Ya.
Uv : Baat yahan tak badgayi aur muje bataya tak nahi . So mean .
T : It’s nothing like that . Actually . ….
She tells him the incident
Uv : Y is that every time ur path meets his?
May be u both are made for eo.
T : No ways . I and Kunj . Never.
It’s just my bad luck.
Uv : Time will say that. Bye . See u at ur house .
T : Bye.

Twinkle drives through the road and recalls the incident of how he fell unconscious in her arms , their eye lock and everything.
Twinkle’s pov
Y am I thinking of him?
He is so rude to me and y the hell do i still feel attracted to him ?
Twinkle get into senses . He is just not the one for u . Ovbiously no

Twinkle reached his house.
She comes out of the car .
She looks around and finds no houses near by .
Twinkle’s pov
How does he even manage to love here ?
No neighbour , no people to talk to .
He seriously prefers to be alone . But y ?
Anyways y do i bother ?

Twinkle rings the bell .
5 mins over but no one opens the door .
She rings the door bell yet again.
She is about to leave but turns back and comes near the window on hearing some sound coming from the house.
She peeps through the window and sees the broken vase and Kunj unconscious on the floor.
T: Kunj !!!!(shouts )
Twinkle’s pov
Oh God plz help me . How to get in ?
She tries to open the door but it doesn’t . She is all tensed . Her eyes fall in the sliding door open in the 1st floor .
She gets the ladder from the store room outside and climbs up . She enters inside .
Twinkle starts to walk down through the stairs . She misses the last stair and falls down
T : Aghhh. My leg
Her eyes fall on Kunj unconscious near her .
T : Kunj .
She tries to stand but fails. She starts pushing herself towards him
T : Kunj wake up . Please Kunj wake up .
Twinkle dials Uv .
Uv : Twinkle where are u yr ?
U kno wt? Forget about speaking to mahi.
It would be great if these gigantic doors of your house would open for me .
I think even she left with aunty for the function.
Oh wait she is come . I think she just went out for some other reason . I wil call u later . Bye bye .
T : Uv but
Oh God he cut the call . Wt to do ?
I think I shouldn’t be disturbing him .
I will have to stay here and take care of Kunj .

Twinkle wraps Kunjs hand around her and carries him on her back . A broken glass vase piece pricks her leg .
She winces in pain . Her leg starts bleeding.
She takes him to the room and makes him lay on bed .
She feels dizzy and falls on him .
Kunj gains consciousness and is confused to find Twinkle over him
He taps her face.
K : Hey get up . Wt r u doing here in my house ?
Kunj’s pov
She has high fever .
She needs rest .
But how did she reach here and how am i on bed?
He gets into flashback
He hits the vase out of dizziness and falls unconscious on the floor .
Did Twinkle get to know of …..
No . That cannot happen .
Kunj ,for now more important is to take care of Twinkle.

He looks at her foot bleeding .
Kunj’s pov
So Twinkle brought me here . But how did she manage to get me In spite of her pain ?

He takes her leg and places it on his lap .
He slowly removes the glass from her foot.

Kunj’s pov
After so long some one has cared for me.
Thank you Twinkle.
But it’s better for u to be away from me .
My darkness will overpower ur bright life.
Stay away from me . It’s better for u and me.
I prefer remaining alone .

He gets the aid box and dresses her wound. He leaves the room.
Twinkle opens her eyes .
Twinkle’s pov
U r wrong . My brightness will destroy all darkness from ur life . I will make you live again . I will have to learn his past.

She walks towards his cupboard . She opens it and finds something which leaves her stunned.
Twinkle’s pov
Drugs !!!
Kunj takes drugs and ie y he used to feel dizzy all time .
Tears flow from her eyes .

K : How dare u touch my cupboard ?
T : Kunj u…
K : (shouts ) shut up . What do u think of urself?
Y do u interfere in my life ?
He holds her hard by her shoulders .
T : Kunj . Y are u ruining ur life . Just give up all this .
K : (shouts) Get out of her .
He pushes her away and she falls on the floor .
Twinkle stands up .
T : Kunj . U have to tell me . I am not moving out of here until u answer me . Y drugs ?
Kunj y ?(holds him by his collar and yells )
K : (shouts) Cause I feel peace taking drugs .
I feel stress free . When I was in need of my family , they weren’t there for me . I feel lifeless and stressful. But these drugs help me overcome all pain .
T : Kunj . U r only ruining ur life .
She cups his face .
T : U still have time . U can set everything right . I will help u in this . I am there for u .
K : leave . I said leave. (Yells)
T : I will change u . I will make u fine Kunj . That’s my promise .
She leaves .

She comes to her car and drives at full speed .
A truck approaches her car from the front. Screen blurs.

Kunj comes to the receptionist crying .
K : Can i meet Twinkle Taneja.
She met with an car accident and got admitted here .
R : She is getting operated .
K : Where is the operation theatre
R : ………
K : Tysm
He runs in search of it . He finally finds it .
Leela, mahi and uv are crying outside
Doctor comes out of the operation theatre.
Kunj rushes to him
K : How is Twinkle?
D : She is out of Danger . She took drugs and ie y she couldn’t drive properly .
L : Drugs ! No my Twinkle doesn’t take drugs
D : But she has.
Kunj is taken aback
K : Doctor can i meet her ?
D : She is unconscious . We will shift her to the room . She will gain consciousness before an hour . U can meet her that time .
L : Mahi let’s leave .
M : Maa but.
L : This isn’t my Twinkle . I lost her . She is not my Twinkle.
Mahi cries.
Leela drags her . They leave.
Uv also leaves.

Twinkle is being shifted . He looks at her in pain while she lies unconscious.
He enters the room . He takes his seat beside twinkle and caresses her head .
She wakes up .
T : Kunj . I knew u will come .
K : Are u out of ur mind . U took drugs dammit . Y?
What is wrong with u ?
Upon that u had fever . If something happened to u then ?
Twinkle tries to sit and he helps her .
Twinkle takes his hand hers.
T : I didn’t take drugs .
K : But
T : Doctor said I took . I know. That’s May be because I had traces of those on my hand .
I tried taking those but couldn’t cse I realised that I cannot let my mom’s upbringing down .
I am neither see u like this . Please Kunj quit it .
I cannot see u live like a lifeless. Please Kunj.
K : Why did u even think of taking drugs ?
T : (yells) Becuase I love you dammit .
I love you . I had to change u and thought if I’d take drugs , looking at my state u wd think of giving up .
I really do not know when and how did I fall in love with this mysterious person . All i know is i cannot see u ruin ur life cse I love u .
K: Sorry …
His eyes are now filled with tears.
K : U r loving some1 who doesn’t deserve any1.
My family never had time for me . For them those meetings and parties became important. It’s since i was a kid . I had a family but I lived like an orphan . I was all alone playing with the maid .
Then when she expired, my parents put me to hostel . I was subjected to ragging cse I was new to the hostel. It went on like this . Then i grew up to be a drug addict. It’s been years now . I can’t survive without drugs .
T : My love will make u survive Kunj . May be u don’t love me but i really do. I will not force u to love me cse love is not all about being with the one u love . It’s also about wt can u do for the one u love . I will change u without my presence in ur life.
K : What do u mean by without ur presence ?
T : Inspector. Arrest me .
Kunj turns to see the inspector standing behind . He gets shocked.
K : Twinkle, u have not done anything wrong. Then y are u ?
Kunj goes to inspector
K : Inspector she didn’t take drugs .
I : Sorry sir but we found drugs in her car and for this we have to arrest her.
I spoke to doctor . The time she gets discharged we will arrest her .
Inspector leaves .
Kunj falls on his knees and cries .
T : Kunj . Go home . U need rest (Smiling)
Kunj goes to Twinkle
K : I promise i will set everything right. I am there for u .
T : I trust u (Smiling)

Twinkle gets arrested after discharge.
Judge gives her yrs of imprisonment for drug dealing.
Kunj gives up drugs and after 5 years he has now become a lawyer and fights for twinkle.
He finally proves Twinkle innocent .
Outside the jail
Kunj is waiting for Twinkle.
Twinkle gets released and she comes out.
She smiles and walks towards Kunj
K : I kept my promise .
T: I am happy u gave up drugs
Kunj sits on his knees
Twinkle looks surprised
K : Twinkle will u marry this Mr weirdo?
Twinkle is in tears
T : Sorry . It’s a no
She tries to leave but Kunj stops her
Kunj cups her face
K : I know why are u saying no . Twinkle u went to Jail and it’s not ur fault . I am responsible for this .
T : No kunj
Places hand on her mouth.
K : shh. Today I will speak and u will have to listen . I really don’t care about wt society wd think . I only care about u and that’s the truth .
I also love u. I really do . U r my everything. U gave me this new life and that’s y u own it .
I am incomplete without u. Please dont say no.
Twinkle has tears of happiness.
T : yes (Smiling)
Twinj hug .
Humdard plays in the bg

The end .

Hope u liked it . Do comment . Love u all
Stay blessed .

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