I am there for you Twinj OS part 1

Hey there. How are u all ?
I am here with an os . As it’s long I made 2 parts of it .
Hope u will like it .

Taneja mansion
Leela (L) : Twinkle . Where are u ?Come have your breakfast .
Twinkle climbs down the stairs in a hurry .
She was wearing a beautiful pink frock with light make-up.
T : Maa bless me . I am getting late .
Bye bye .
L : But twinkle.
Mahi (M) : Maa rehne do . She will not stop today . She will never miss any lectures at any cost even if she would have to skip her breakfast .
Accha maa bye. I am also getting late .
L :Bye putter.

At college
Twinkle is seen running . In the process she collides with a person and is about to fall but the person holds her hand and pulls her towards him .
Twinkle had kept her eyes closed but now opens it slightly.
T : Uv chod(Uv leave ). I am getting late .
The person is none other than uv.

Uv : Twinkle kabi to life mein kuch mazedar karo yr( Do something interesting in life dude) Why everytime these boring lectures?
T : Uv !! Everyone is watching. Leave me
Uv : Oh sorry. Waise i need to speak to you about something.
T : After lecture. Bye
Uv : No right now .
He lifts her in his arms and leaves from there .

Twinkle is struggling to free herself .
T : Uv what are u doing leave me .
Uv takes her to the parking lot.
T : Uv leave me !!!
Uv does so.
T : Are u mad? Y did u get me here? I am leaving.
Uv : Arey Twinkle sun na yr(Twinkle listen dude). I need your help .
T : For wt?
Uv : Mahi !! Obviously. U kno I really like her and she is ur sister . So only u can help me out na?
T : Go propose her na . Simple
Uv : U think it’s that simple ?

T : Yes.
Uv : Tumne kabi books ke alava kisi se pyaar kiya hai? (Have u ever loved anyone except for ur books )
So easy for you to say that but hard for me to do it .
T : Shut up uv . I do much more than studying okay.
Uv : Oh really ?
T : Yes.
Uv : Okay . So what if I ask u to propose someone? Wd u?
T : No
Uv : See . I knew u I cannot do it

T : Stop it uv . It’s just that ab tak mere type ka koi mila nahi ( Its just that i did not find anyone of my type)
Uv : Who is ur type. Padaku?(Nerd )
T : Uv!!!!
Uv : Accha sorry . Plzzz help me na . Plz plz plz .
T : okay fine .

Uv : Ty ty ty ty tysm
He hugs her and she hugs him back
They break the hug .
Uv : Okay. Is kushi me a treat from my side .
Chalo jaldi .

Food court :
Uv : What will u like to have ?
T : Chiken pizza , French fries , Chicken noodles and ..
Uv: Twinkle . Ye food court mere baap is nahi hai (My dad doesn’t own this food court) . So plzz.
T : Okay fine . Chicken pizza and cola .
Uv :I will be right back .

T : Okay .
Uv leaves.
Twinkle takes a seat and is busy using her phone . Someone walks by her and her hand gets hit with the person’s and ……..
(Obviously her phone fell and broke)
She stands up from her seat in shock .
T : What the hell!!!!
Andhe ho Kya? Ye kyakar Diya?
(Are u blind ? What have u done ?)

The person was wearing red t-shirt with black jeans .
Person is revealed to be Kunj
K : Sorry .
T : Wt sorry ? I need a new cell phone . U get that ?
Kunj now gets pissed and bangs the table. Twinkle gets scared . She walks backwards and slips but kunj holds her on time .
His hand on her waist and her hands wrapped around his neck . They both share an eye lock .
Bol na track from kapoor and sons plays in the bg.

They both come to senses and Kunj leaves her .
K : Miss whoever u r , take this .
He takes out cash and places it on her palm .
K : (In tashan ) I know the phone isn’t worth this amount . Doesn’t matter . Buy a better smart phone for urself . Bye .
Kunj leaves leaving Twinkle boggled.
Uv comes to her
Uv : Our wt happened?
T : Uv let’s leave .
Uv : But pizza and cola ?
T : I am full.
She leaves .

Uv : Wait for me .
He takes a slice of pizza and juice and runs behind Twinkle.
Twinkle is walking fast and Uv walks behind her enjoying the pizza slice and drinks the juice.
Twinkle turns back and finds Uv drinking cola
T : Uv u r bothered about this drink? Like seriously?
She makes faces .
Uv : Want a sip?
T : U r impossible.

She leaves in anger .
Uv finishes the cola and throws the can in the dustbin . He follows her .
Uv : Twinkle listen to me . Sorry i was really hungry .
T : Come to me after u r done filling ur tummy.
Uv : Done .
He overtakes her and blocks her way .
Uv : Wt happened?
T : nothing . Enjoy ur food . I am leaving for the next lecture.
Uv : Okay . I’ll see u after class . Bye
T : Wt will u do then ?
Uv : Enjoy life . Bye

He leaves
Twinkle enters into her class.
Everyone is chit chatting . Lecturer enters and everyone get back to their places
L : We have a new admission. Meet Kunj
Twinkle was busy reading but now looks up and is shocked .
Kunj also looks at her . They share an eye lock.
L : So Kunj . Hope u enjoy with ur new friends .
Twinkle. Kunj take ur seat beside twinkle .
T : Yes ma’m

L : Make sure he is up to date with all the topics done .
T : Okay ma’m . ( looks at Kunj and annoyingly and then looks away )
Class ends .
Kunj packs his bag and gets up to leave but feels a hold on his hand.
He turns to look at Twinkle.
T : Don’t u remember wt ma’m said ?
I have to teach u . I haven’t forgotten anything but still I cannot help it either . So lets just forget that and focus . Okay ?

Kunj takes her hand from his and walks away .
Twinkle’s pov
He is such a rare species!! I am helping him out and he is showing attitude to me .
My day is so bad .
She leaves the class .
Twinkle is walking towards her car but is stops as a bike parks before her .
T : Tum ? (U?)
The person removes the helmet .
It’s Uv .
Uv : Who else do u expect it to be ?
Don’t tell me u were expecting that Kunj
T : Not funny .

Uv laughs .
T : Wait . But how do u know about him ?
Uv : I know . He is new to our class and Rohan said that .
T : Oh.
Uv : So wts happening ha ?

T : wt ?
Uv : Between u and Kunj?
T : Don’t even speak of him to me . Such a psycho piece he is . He seriously needs a psychiatrist to check his mental status .
Uv : And u need a cardiologist for checking your heart status . (Laughing)
T : Shut up uv. I am tired and I am leaving.
Uv : But mission mahi ?
T : Tomorrow
Uv : Okay bye .

Twinkle is seen driving . Its a lil dark . The area on either side of the road is covered by thick trees . She is listening to radio music and enjoying it .
Her eyes fall on the person walking in the middle of the road with his back facing her . She blows the horn but the person doesn’t move . She applies sudden breaks and the car stops inches away from him . She feels relieved and walks out of her car .
T : Excuse me . Are you mad ? This is a road not a foot path to walk over it .
The person turns to her .

T : (soft voice ) Kunj (Shocked)
He feels dizzy and is about to fall but twinkle holds him and he falls unconscious in her arms .
T : Kunj get up .
She taps his face but no response.
She walks towards her car and makes him sit on the seat beside hers .
She takes a lil water from the bottle and sprankles it on his face . He gains consciousness.
T : R u fine ?

K : (ignoring )Yes I am. Ty .
He moves his hand to open the door but stops as he feels a grip near his elbow.
He turns to look at it and then looks at her.
T : I will drop u . Put your seat belt.
K : No ty . I will go by myself .

T : Go where ? Heaven or hell? Cse u won’t be on earth by the time u regain ur consciousness the next time. I will drop .
She helps him to wear his seat belt . Their faces are close. Kunj looks at her while helping him wear his seat belt .
Rj : This beautiful track just for u guys .
Humdard plays .
Twinkle is done with it and their eyes meet . Their faces still close.

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai plays.
They come to senses and twinkle starts her car .
T : Tell me the address .
K : Stop the car . I will leave .
T : Okay fine . Don’t say . I will take u to my house then .
K : It’s xxxxx ( giving up)
T : Good boy.
Kunj looks out through the window annoyed.
Twinkle starts humming the song playing as it plays in the radio .
K : U sing well .
T : (surprised ) Ty.

Twinkle’s pov
I am helping the one who ruined my day .
He is so rude but still he has a soft corner in him . He is a total mystery .
Twinkle reaches the address and stops her car .
Kunj pulls out his door and walks away .
T : Oh hello . Can’t u even thank me for dropping u ?
K : I didn’t ask u to do so .
He leaves .

To be continued.

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2nd part will be posted may be tomorrow
stay blessed

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    Amazing plot dear…!
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    Uv nd twinkle’s scenes were so funny..!
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    Interesting story Dear Sanam
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    U know what i want to read Twinj ff i love them but many ffs have more chapters so can’t read from the start.
    Hope u don’t mind.
    Love the way u describing Yuvi and Twinkle friendship.
    Kunj is cute but rude.

    1. SanamMel

      Tysm Fenil. Btw it’s just an Os not a ff. It’s comprises of 2 parts .
      Anyways Tysm and I really like ur writing. U r Amazing

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      Ya if i plan on some ff then I wd surely inform u . Btw the next episode will be posted today

  15. SanamMel

    Ya if i plan on some ff then I wd surely inform u . Btw the next part will be posted today

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