Twinj OS by Bela: Jab Twinkle Went Shopping

Hello Everyone, my name is Bela. You all may not know me. I am mainly active on the Swaragini page and now, Ishqbaaaz page. I used to watch Tashan-E-Ishq but not regularly and I am totally a Twinj fan(Kunj being Siddhant Gupta).

I was requested by some fans to write on Twinj and so, I have tried my best to present before you a short and sweet fluff titled Jab Twinkle Went Shopping, which focusses on a dilemma Twinkle faces. Hope you all like it.


Twinkle Kunj Sarna i.e. Miss Amritsar, is a lot of things. Beautiful, bold, hot, kind, smart, talkative, beautiful, ball-sy, generous, honest, intelligent, beautiful, rich, polished, mature, fashionable, beautiful, street-smart, perceptive, loving, caring, loyal and did I mention beautiful?

She was all of the above things, so you may be thinking that she is perfectly perfect, right? No. She wasn’t perfect. Because, right now, I am standing before her while she is pacing the length of her room, worried out of her wits. You may be wondering what could be wrong in such a person’s life? Well, it is a huge problem. Let us find out from her what it is.

“Hey Babaji, what will I do now? Kunj’s birthday is on Thursday and it is Tuesday already. And I haven’t even bought a gift! I was so confused, he has everything, even a beautiful wife like me! What can I buy him?” Twinkle lamented as she sat down on the bed with a huff.

Kunj Sarna, as you may all have guessed, is her beloved husband. He wasn’t so beloved when they met, nor when they got married. Theirs was a ‘Tashan-e-Ishq’. But gone are the days of hate and annoyance. Well, at least hate. I can assure you, they still do get annoyed with each other regularly but now they are madly in love.

Anyways, back to the problem pestering our heroine. Kunj’s birthday is on the day after tomorrow and his one and only wife Twinkle Sarna neé Taneja hasn’t bought anything yet. This is scandalous! Preposterous! Unthinkable! Unforgivable! And umm…….all other bad things.

Twinkle stood up with determination. The determination which I display when I go to relieve myself in the washroom. But she wasn’t going to the washroom. She was going to her brother-in-law’s room.

“Cherry Bhaiya!” Twinkle called out as she entered the room of Cherry Surjeet Sarna, a self-proclaimed handsome, gorgeous and dashing man and Kunj’s elder cousin. He was on the floor, doing yoga. Twinkle stood in front of him, hands on her hips as she looked at him.


“I wanted help.”


“It is Kunj’s birthday on Thursday.”


“I am confused about what I should gift him.”

Cherry stood up from the floor, where he had been dozing off on the pretext of doing Shavasana for the past fifteen minutes. He looked at her in thought.

“You should give him a watch.”

“He has one.”

“Then you should give him a shirt.”

“He has many. What are you gifting him?”

“Bathroom slippers.”


“Yes. Actually, I bought a pair. And since my pyaara Kunj is my brother, I thought that I should give him a matching one. Same bathroom slippers pehenenge, tabhi toh lagenge na bhai-bhai!”

Twinkle slapped her forehead in irritation.


Twinkle was now sitting with Bebe, Kunj’s grandma. She smiled as Bebe told her stories of how Kunj used to do potty when he was little. Very little.

“And then, he would scrunch up his face, make a strange sound, and everyone would know that my Kunj wanted to go to the toilet!” Bebe laughed. Twinkle laughed along politely. Then gently, she broached the topic.

“Bebe, what are you gifting Kunj on his birthday?”

“I am gifting him a collage of his childhood pictures.” Bebe said. Recently, Kunj had taught her how to use Photoshop. She was now on Instagram, uploading stories and photos every hour. And using Photoshop every time.

“Good idea Bebe! But what should I gift him?”

“Arrey puttar! Don’t worry. Gift him the experience of becoming a father!” Bebe said as she winked knowingly. Twinkle realised that it was now time to make an exit.


“Why don’t you gift him poison?” Yuvraj, Twinkle’s friend cum ex-boyfriend cum enemy cum friend again, suggested. Twinkle raised her eyebrows up at him.

“No, I mean, sleeping pills! If he ever stays up, you can put ten-twelve pills in his juice………” he whispered with a smirk. Soon, he was on the floor, writhing in pain, holding his crotch as Twinkle brushed off imaginary dirt from her suit.

“Give some good idea.”

“Give him a car.”

“Give an affordable idea!”

“Give him a toy car! HahahahahahahaooOWWWWWWWW!”

He was now holding his cheek, looking at his once-love with widened eyes. He thanked his stars that he got saved and wondered how Kunj lived with this woman. Salute to him man! Yuvraj decided to seriously buy something for this enemy turned friend who he had developed respect for just now.


Twinkle, after wasting her time with all the people she could think of, decided that enough was enough. She now decided to go to a mall and see if she could find anything which could be of use to her dear Kunj. And so, Twinkle went shopping.

She started from the food court, ordering a Maharaja Mac for herself with large fries and coke, for how could she function without food? After her stomach had been sufficiently satiated, she set forth and entered a shop which sold women’s lingerie. For she had spotted a sign indicating ‘Sale’. Totally understandable.

Next, she entered a shoe store and there, went to the men’s section, to search for something suitable. Though she didn’t find anything worthy of her Kunj, her eyes did catch a very beautiful pair of beaded white stilettos. The purchase was made quickly.

After that, she entered the showroom of an international clothing brand where she looked for suits. Men’s suits, to be more precise. Her Kunj is a very handsome man who slays it in suits. But there was nothing special, even the pink suit on display was already owned by Kunj. Dejected, she was about to go out when she saw a beautiful royal blue suit. Women’s suit, to be more precise. She bought it quickly, not wanting to lose out on owning it.

Her quest found her reaching a Bag store where she looked for wallets. None suited her fancy. Finally, she did select a bag, made up of the finest black leather with gold chains. Chains? Yes! Because it was a woman’s tote!

She entered a jewellery store and proceeded to check out rings. All were so simple. Kunj Sarna will NOT wear simple. She ultimately chose a ring worth Rs 2.2 lakh, made up of gold with a diamond on it. For herself, obviously.

Her final destination, no wait, it came out wrong, didn’t it? Her last stop was at a departmental store where she checked out a few perfumes but ultimately ended up buying packs of Kellogg’s Special-K for herself and Anita Aunty(both were now gymming and dieting together), some packets of Patanjali’s Daliya for her mother, some packets of noodles and a bottle of Harpic(Kunj was suffering from an upset stomach for a few days).

So while she couldn’t find something for her dear Kunj, at least she successfully did shopping. It would be such a shame, wouldn’t it, if someone goes shopping but doesn’t buy anything? That is why!



Twinkle watched as the clock struck twelve. She turned to her one and only, gorgeous and irresistible husband Kunj who she had forcefully kept awake to wish him first at midnight. The poor soul was lightly snoring. She shook him so hard that he fell out of the bed and then treated him to a big hug with a loud, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” resonating in his ear. He smiled softly as he hugged his wife and replied a “Thank You.”

“Happy birthday my dear Kunj!”

“Thank you Twinkie! Ab so jaun main? Ya aur siyaappe karne hain tujhe?”

“Gift nahi chahiye?”

At the mention of gift, our hero’s eyes widened as naughty thoughts of a long and sensual night creeped into his mind. He quickly sat up and looked at Twinkle expectantly.

Twinkle proceeded to take him outside, where everyone had gathered in the hall. A cake was cut, which had been printed with his face and he was presented with gifts. Kunj wondered if this was her gift? When finally everyone went back to sleep, Twinkle took him back to the room. There, he found a new sofa in place of his old one. It was black, shiny, broader and softer. He looked at her in confusion.

“This is my gift for you! While we were celebrating your birthday, a few servants replaced the old one with this. See Kunj, isn’t this the most thoughtful gift? Now, whenever we have a fight and you are forced to sleep on the couch, you can sleep on this sofa cum bed! See, I will show you how to convert it into a bed.” Twinkle said as she gave him a class of turning the sofa into a bed.

Kunj stood behind her, arms crossed in front of his chest. A smile graced his lips. Twinkle is crazy, but he loves her, to the moon and back. And if one has perspective, it was a really sweet gift. His back and his neck hurt really bad whenever he slept on the old couch, which was, by the way, A LOT. His lovely wife had solved the issue.

Kunj pulled her towards him with and they both fell on the bed. Twinkle’s recently shampooed with Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 hair gently fell on Kunj’s whiter than Fair and Lovely’s Yami Gautam’s skin while their breaths fanned each other’s faces in a way similar to the Close Up ad. They shared an eyelock.

*Enters Sajna Ve……..*

“Thanks Twinkle.” Kunj said huskily. His wife almost swooned at his tone and slowly, even more slowly than the WiFi connection in their house, they came closer. Kunj kissed his wife deeply while she responded fervently. Their hands roamed around each other’s bodies as they gave in to the depths of their passion for one another.



Kunj Sarna, our handsome birthday boy, looked at the screen blankly. His mind was in a chaos. You may wonder why? I will type down the contents of that screen which have affected our hero in this manner.


Bill Payment for Credit Card No. XX22:

Dear Mr. Sarna,

Your bill for Tuesday is an amount of Rs. 3.41 lakhs only. Kindly pay latest by 28th of this month. Thank you for using our card.

With regards

TEI Bank


‘She paid for the sofa through my card!’ Kunj thought as he looked at the detailed purchase list. His heart started beating faster

You can assume that Kunj’s worry for the rest of the day was whether the party she had thrown for him that night was also arranged through this card as well.

And let me tell you, his fears were totally unfounded. Twinkle Kunj Sarna had paid in cash and in that process, almost halved the amount in their joint account. And it was not linked to this card.

Needless to say, I think it was Twinkle, who ended up using the new sofa first.


How was it? Criticism is always welcome. Please do comment. Thank you. 😀

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  1. Ria

    Hell! ??
    Bela, you’re just too much. What on Earth was this? Are you kidding me? ? She went to shop for Kunj and ended up shopping for her own self? I can’t get over this.
    And then comes the next; I thought Twinkle, for once, was being a little thoughtful, but she bought the sofa from Kunj’s account? ? Cool, eh??
    And then, even the party? Oops, looks like someone is in big trouble. ?

    Good luck Kunj! Handle our Siyappa Wife with care. ?

    1. Ria

      Your Siyappa Wife ?

    2. Bela

      Well, I don’t know why, but only Twinj came to my mind when this plot was made. Twinkle is too cute??

  2. Sohi

    Bela I have no words to say
    I’m going to die now coz of this os
    And our twinkle is soo she did soo much shopping ?for herself and family members except our kunj not badd yaar ?
    And that sofa idea was sooo hilarious
    Bechari twin

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Sohi???

  3. Sohi

    Bechari twinkle ko upper sona pada last me ?
    And kunjs expressions on checking his bills was worth watching ?
    And in the starting intro of our twinkle was very beautiful ?
    In short it was a perfect os with full of comedy
    Thank you for such a excellent writing
    Do continue
    And I’m waiting for ur next writing on twinj
    Bye Luv u??

  4. Aamna_2690

    Hey Bela!
    First of all a WARM WELCOME to TWINJ’s CRAZY FAMILY ???I am Aamna?TWINJ FF writer n yeah Silent Reader of Swasan FF’s ☺☺
    I am Glad u tried on TWINJ ??N that to Amazing One??I loved it❤❤It was Hillarious??Oh God Our SIYAPPA QUEEN Ended up shopping for herself??Oops Sorry KUNJ’s SIYAPPA QUEEN ???
    That was an Amazing piece of Writing??Just loved it to the core of my heart??Hope to see u writing more on TWINJ??
    Once again a WARM WELCOME TO TWINJ’S CRAZIEST FAMILY??Here u will find many crazy n loving Friend’s ??Including me the craziest??So will u be my Friend??
    Do write more on this??Just in love with it☺☺
    Loads of love ??
    Keep Smiling ??

    1. Bela

      Thanks for the welcome Aamna?
      I will definitely be your friend???

  5. awesome ff bela di
    please post the next episode as soon as possible.

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Ayesha???
      It was a standalone actually. So no continuation ?

  6. SidMin23

    Nice and enjoy

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot SidMin23??

  7. Nishfd

    I just love it yr…..
    Post some other writing piece of yr…..
    If possible. …
    For twinj. …

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Nishfd???
      I will try to post on Twinj?

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous fantastic funny epi….Lovely

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Purnima???

  9. Presha

    Hey bella…
    It was just awesome..
    I mean it was so hillarious…
    I just it..
    Was laughing like hell…
    Do write more stories on twinj..
    Love u…

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Presha.???
      I will try to??

  10. Mia12

    Hallo Bela,,??..Tumara Edward kaha hai,,??..well mene tumari name recent post ke side pe dekha tha Swasan ff par,,?? Ok Now A big warm welcome to you our Tei TU TWINJ world,,☺☺☺.. I’m Priya name to suna hi hoga writer of 1 ff,,??.. Well Aarjkia hai tumari tariff mei mai kya bolu,,??..Areh wohi bolungi na Jo manjure mera dimag bolega,,????…Wowww just wowwww ur writing is MARVELOUS,,???????????.. What os u wrote FABULOUS,,???.. Like really kunj ka siyappa queen ne to watttt lagadi kunj ki yarr,,????????.. Hubby ke liye shopping karne gayi khudke liye karke ayi warna baijati ho jata,,???????? Or seriously Sofa gift kia BD par,,???????..Oh god m laughing like pata nai,,????????.. Just Loved it to the coreeeeeeeee,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤….Hope soon we see ur 2nd Fabulous writing on Our Twinj,,????????.. Ur first writing on twinj pe hi m fida hogai,,???????…Plssmsss its humble rqst write like more plssss m waiting 4 more,,??? next time Edward ko bhi invite hai tumare sath mai ana jarur hope u don mind m mad,,?????
    LOAD’S OF LOVE BELA,,❤?❤?❤

    1. Bela

      Actually it is Bela, not Bella. So no Edward, only Kunj?????

      Thanks a lot Priya???

      And I will definitely try to post another one?

  11. Amazing??
    Literally No word’s to say??
    U left me Spechless??
    It was Hilarious??
    Oh God Our Birthday Boy got the biggest give??
    Such a Big Amount to play??
    Bechara Kunj??
    Just can’t stop laughing at Twinkle’s Antics??

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Aveesha???

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      Thanks a lot Sakshi??
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    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Baby???
      I am smiling like crazy reading your comment, and my Mom is looking at me suspiciously too???

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    please continue posting twinj ff dr
    waise tum twilight fan ho Woh kya haina Tumhara naam dekhe first came to my mind is Edward. Anyways waiting for ur more twinj ff:-) 🙂

    1. Bela

      No, I liked Edward but I am more of a Potterhead ???
      Thanks a lot nrk????
      I will try?

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      Thanks a lot Tushi?????

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      Thanks a lot Nisha???

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