TwiNj OS : A Call From Twinkle By TuttiFrutti

Sweet Warning : Its Hot if u can manage then read.

It was a busy day in the main building of Sarna Industries, everyone was concentrated in their own work. Files getting opened, exchanged, phones ringing… a complete scenario of Monday mornings.

In admist of these, the CEO of the company received a call. A pretty normal thing for a boss to receive calls.

“Hello, Kunj speaking.” The authorative voice of s*xy

Greek God said who didn’t see the caller’s name. For a
moment he didn’t hear any sound from the other side.

“Hello anybody there?”He tried again but no response​ other than hard breathing, which was missed by Kunj’s sharp ears.

The moment when he thought

about cutting the call considering a prank call, a panted moan was heard from
the other side.

“Kunj…” the person speaking was breathing hard, she was panting.

“Twinkle, what are you doing, baby?” Kunj being the genius he understood what was his lovely wife doing alone at home.

“I was ……trying to ..complete what you started this morning.” came a rasped whisper. The beautiful women
sounded like she was in deep pain and she needs some relief now.

“Baby, f**k… I am in office. I have a meeting in less than half an hour, please don’t do this to me.” The boss was trying very hard to control his urges to go home and f**k his wife. Hard and fast. Like the way they both love.

“Kunj…it’s frustrating darling. I can’t do this alone. This s*xual tension. This urge to have your cock deep inside my pu**y. It’s very frustrating.” Twinkle moaned loudly, which made the boss hard in his pants.

“Baby, listen to me. I will come home after the meeting and I will f**k you so hard that you will forget everything but not my name. Until then baby please control for both of us. I just can’t leave this.” The boss voice himself was in verge to lose control, his voice all s*xily aroused which made Twinkle​ on the other side more wet.

“Yes….talk dirty to me. You know what it does to me when you talk dirty to me.”Twinkle whispered. ” I’m on bed,all naked baby. You know how wet I am??” Twinkle took control in her hands, both literally and metaphorically.

The boss was now very aroused, hard. He raked his hand in his messy hair, making it more messy and look hot.

He definitely know how wet his wife was.


“You are so wet that you can take my cock in one brutal thrust. You want me to f**k you slow? No, you probably want me to f**k you rough. You love it when I take you from behind.” Kunj can’t control now, his hand made his way to the awakened soldier, who wanted to bury deep in Twinkle’s wet canal.

“Yes… I like…. love it hard, rough baby.” Twinkle rasped, her fingers rubbing her clit.

She wanted his fingers to replace hers. She wanted her husband’s big cock in her tight pu**y, who can take her to oblivion.

“Ya.. you are rubbing your clit, baby. Put your little fingers in

your cunt. Imagine my hard dick in your pu**y.” Kunj rubbed his own boner from above the trouser pants.

Twinkle listened to her husband deep aroused voice and thrusted her fingers in her twat, imagining it to be his

The sound of thrusting fingers made more hard if that was

even possible.

“You want my lions in your wet passage. How can you be so greedy? I f**ked you raw last night, but again your greedy weeping pu**y want to be filled with my hard soldier, f**king you. Say how you want it. It is ready for your service. ” Kunj took his lion out of the cage and started to f**k his, imagining the pink wet twat.

It was so wrong for a boss to f**k his fist while listening to his wife’s moans over a phone in office hour. A sinful act which felt so right.

“f**k…Kunj…I’m close….” Twinkle was in no condition to form coherent sentences. Her fingers started to move more fastly, swiftly. The pad of her thump rubbing the little nerve of ecstasy.

“You are close…f**k….baby…you make me feel so horny. Rub your clit for me now. I will definitely bite that little clit of yours. But for now do this for me.”

Both of them in their own world of oblivion .

Twinkle’s deep cry of moan, indicates her orgasm, which helped Kunj to reach his.

Both of them panting hard.

Their breathing  hard.

Heartbeat out of control.

A pure climax.

” You make me behave like a f**king teenager, imagining crush’s pu**y to masturbate. f**k…. I made a f**king mess.” Kunj’s hand was all soaked in his cum which he wanted his wife to swallow. What a waste of cum.

Twinkle giggling sound was

heard from the other side, as if it was taunting him to lose control.

“You enjoying this, baby doll. I think you will enjoy more when I will f**k that tight ass of yours.” Hearing about getting f**ked in ass, made Twinkle silent and wet again and Kunj to smirk. But this is Twinkle. A dirty mind of
her own.

“Of course, I will enjoy more when f**ked in my ass, f**king boss.”

The nick name sent him shivers in anticipation, but a soft knock distracted the Julie secretary.

“Shit…. Twinkle. I have to go. Take care and be ready to f**ked hard. Bye, sweetheart.”

“Bye, Kunj F Boss.” Twinkle’s​ sweet yet s*xy voice made Kunj hard again, but a man should know when to control.

After cleaning the mess, he allowed his secretary to come in, informing him about the meeting.

On the other side​, Twinkle thought to give his husband a sweet surprise. It’s a wife duty to make her husband’s desires fulfill.

~~~THE END~~~

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  1. Baby

    ohh my god that was too much s*xy n hot shit that was dirty too but like reading this on twinj makes it soo srsly i don’t have words
    but loved it 🔥😂😅

    1. TuttiFrutti

      hahha Thanks !!

  2. Sana785

    It was really a sweet warning..

    1. TuttiFrutti

      hahahah Thank you !!

  3. I m speechless …..
    It was super hot 🔥🔥& s*xy too 😉😉
    Keep writing more os

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so mcuh

  4. SSK

    It was super romantic OS. Loved it. 🙂

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you !!

  5. Ramya

    It’s the first time that someone wrote such story on Kunj.
    Awesome dear

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you Dii !!

  6. Saumitra

    For this only one words is that…
    HOT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this types of cute and hot stories on twinj 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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