TwiNj…..!!! (OS)


Hi came up with new os..
Scene 1
A girl keeps shouting bhai.her face is shown she is chinki
A handsome dashing hunk wearing a white coat and drinking coffee his face is shown he is KUNJ
When he comes out of the room chinki starts teasing him saying
Chinki: oh,bhai r u going to see bhabi
Kunj: hello madam keep quit (hello madam chupkar)
Suddenly a lady comes saying the day starts with ur fight she is usha (kunj’s and chinki’s mother)

Kunj takes her blessings and chinki hugs her
Chinki: maa,I was just teasing bhai
Usha:teke beta,kunj where are you going
Kunj:Maa I have to meet twinkle
Usha:oh,tell my greeting to her and tell leela that I am coming to meet
Kunj:teke maa
Chinki: bhai tell my greeting to bhabi and tell her that to come shopping with me
Kunj:teke meri bubbly sis let me go
Chinki: bye

A girl wearing pink mini skirt and white sleeves wearing silver pump high heels with white white bag
And her face is shown she is twinkle and she is having a fight with her brother yuvi on phone
Twinkle: bhaya u told me that you are coming today and telling me excuses
Yuvi:Sorry twinki I am sorry but we don’t have flights till 30th
Twinkle: hmmmmmmmmmm I want to see you soon bhaya maa and u are my world
Yuvi: so what about kunj
Twinkle: u started teasing me again …………………. U

Yuvi:sorry and how is chinki
Twinkle: she is good
A lady comes and asks twinkle is he uv her face is shown and she is leela
Uv:maa how r u
Leela:I am fine putar
Uv:maa please make twinki understand that I can only come after 30th
Leela:u don’t worry putar I will make her understand

Someone rings the door ..Thanks for supporting me so this my second episode hope for all your support
Twinkle goes and opens the door and surprised to see kunj.
Twinkle:kunj tum
Kunj:hello miss Amritsar
Twinkle: do you know how much I missed u
(She starts beating him in a funny manner)
He stops her and hugs her

Twinkle takes kunj inside the house
Leela:kunj putar how are you
Kunj: I am good maa
Kunj: how are you
Leela: good beta, WhatsApp the matter putar why did you come so early
Kunj: maa actually I came here to invite you for chinki’s birthday party
Kunj: when is yuvi coming
Leela: he can only come after 30th
Kunj: maa I have to leave now so…………….. Bye
Leela:putar at least have a class of lassi
Kunj: no maa its OK I am late for class
He takes leela’s blessings and winks at twinkle and message her to meet him outside
Kunj leaves

Twinkle:maa I have to go bye Leela:but putar ……………….

Kunj: come I will drop you
Twinkle : no thanks Mr.kandoos sarna when did you come from USA
Kunj: calm down I am with you now right
Twinkle :to compensate you have to come shopping with me for the party tonight
Kunj:teke lets go

They finish their shopping and comes out then twinkle receives a call and she is shocked..
scene 4

twinkle gets a call and she is shocked .
kunj:twinkle are you fine
twinkle: p…….pa……papa
kunj: ur dad called u wow what an amazing news
twinkle:i am so happy he said he is coming to see me soon
kunj: wow, that’s great now lets go

scene 5

its night and the birthday party has started kunj is waiting for twinkle
suddenly the light goes off and the spotlight comes on a beautiful girl she is twinkle wearing a blue and white gown
with a blue stoned diamond earring and a diamond necklace. kunj is stunned to see her
twinkle:hi kunj
kunj:h…he….hello t..winkl..e
twinkle: where is chinki
kunj:she is getting ready
twinkle : i will go and meet her

scene 6

chinki was wearing a green and black fork with platinum chain
twinkle:wow chinki u look beautiful
chinki turns and sees twinkle
chinki: bhabi how are you
twinkle : i am good what about you
chinki: i am awesome
twinkle takes chinki to the hall and he cuts the cake ? after that everyone was engaged with entertainments

kunj takes twinkle to his room and closes the door
twinkle:kunj why are you closing the door?
kunj gets closer to her and twinkle leans to the wall
kunj is about to kiss her but chinki starts to tease them
chinki:bhabi and bhai what are you doing
twinkle and kunj in tensely nothing just nothing
chinki:teke teke come with me down stairs
chinki take them downstairs and make them dance
suddenly the song stops and a young man starts to sing maaan ma emotion jaang
chinki,twinkle and kunj is surprised to hear yuvi’s voice he comes and dance
twinkle goes and hugs him shouting bhaya ,kunj and chinki hugs him too then yuvi
gifts her . they four twinj and yuki dances and enjoy the party

scene 7
twinkle: bhaya we have to go home maa will be surprised
twinkle and yuvi leaves

It’s morning kunj is sleeping in his room
Twinkle comes there wearing a pink churidhar with golden design and golden sandals
Twinkle opens the door and sees kunj sleeping she closes the door slowly
She comes and sits beside him.suddenly he wake ups
Kunj :twinkle tum (surprised)
Twinkle:yes its me baby
Kunj: what are you doing here in the morning
Twinkle:actually I came here to tell you about the camping trip we are going to go bhaya and chinki is coming too
Twinkle: teke go and get ready
Kunj:before that one refreshment
He leans to kiss her she gets up and runs he tries to catch her and they both fall on the bed and twinkle’s lips touch’s kunj’s cheeks
Kunj:thank you baby
Twinkle starts hitting him with a book in her hand


Twinkle’s car gets puncture and she waits for a taxi some goons come and start to give bad comments and make her feel uncomfortable
Kunj comes that way and sees this he gets angry and starting fighting with them like hero’s . the goons ran for their lives
Twinkle was so happy and hugs him tightly
Twinkle notices a injury in his hands and torn a piece of cloth for her dupatta and ties it and they go home


Twinkle and kunj reaches sarna house twinkle rings the bell
Usha:twinkle putar what happened to kunj?
Twinkle explains everything
Usha:kunj are you alright? Should I call the doctor???
Kunj:maa I am fine its a small injury
Twinkle:I will take him to his room
Usha:teke putar I will bring drinks
Twinkle:ok maa


Twinkle thinks that she can’t let kunj come to camping as he is not well
Twinkle:it’s better if we don’t go this time me and u are not going to camp
Kunj:but why???
Twinkle:u need rest
Kunj:do u think that I am weak with a small injury
He stops her and keeps hand on his mouth

Kunj tells to twinkle that he is fine please don’t see him weak
Kunj: I am fine you don’t have to worry
Twinkle:(she is crying) its all because me
Kunj:no twinkle
He consoles her and she hugs him


Twinj and yuki start their journey to their trip
Chinki:bhabi where will we buy the tent items
Twinkle: meri bubbly don’t worry there is a shop in mehta chowk
Chinki: teke bhabi
Kunj: uv how many kilometers is away mehta chowk
Uv:2 kilometers

They reach mehta chowk
Twinkle: I will go and buy the things needed for building tent
Kunj:I will come with u
Twinkle:it’s not needed kunj, u go and buy the food supplies
Kunj: teke its near right can you join me till the shop
Twinkle:sure,actually its close to each other

Twinkle and kunj leaves yuki have a cute moment together

Twinkle and kunj reaches the place . kunj starts buying twinkle too
A car was passing by and saw twinkle (inside the car was the goons who teased twinkle)
One of the goons: boss isn’t that the girl and boy
Boss: yes , I will teach them a lesson
Other goons:he is not near her
Boss:I need her go and bring her
The goons go and kidnap twinkle . kunj was inside the shop when it happen when he comes out he sees some goons kidnapping a girl and didn’t take it seriously
Kunj:twinkle where are you
Kunj sees twinkle’s golden sandals (one of the sandals was on the ground)
He sees this and recognized that it was twinkle sandals and understood that was who twinkle got kidnapped. He shouts TWINKLE
By hearing this uv and chinki comes there
chinki: what happened bhai
kunj:(is crying) tw……twin…….twinkle…..
chinki: what happened to bhabi
uv:what happened to twinki
kunj:somebody kidnapped her
chinki and uv : what!!!!!
After some time
Scene 1

twinkle gets conscious and sees her tied in a room

twinkle to herself :babaji help me what is this

suddenly she hears someone coming and she acts like unconscious

goon 1: this girl is so beautiful
goon 2: yeah , she is looking so hot
(twinkle is getting angry by hearing these comments)
the goons hear a person coming thats there boss he’s face is not shown

scene 2
yuvi chinki and kunj are tensed but kunj finds something and follows twinkle’s broken bangles .
kunj : look this is twinkle’s bangles
uv: lets follow the bangles
kunj: chinki u stay in the car
chinki: but bhai…………
kunj:just do what i said

scene 3

the boss face is shown he is cherry( cherry is kunj’s and chinki’s cousin . he is a womaniser).u guys go i will take care of her.
at the same time kunj and yuvi reaches there . cherry hears someone coming and hides behind the door.kunj and yuvi finds twinkle tied and laying on the ground.
twinkle both shouts . kunj goes there and hugs twinkle so tightly
sajna ve plays
kunj: do you know how tensed i was wondering what happened to u
twinkle: kunj i am fine don’t cry
and hugs him
yuvi starts coughing ( to tease them in a funny manner)
they understood they were hugging infornt of uv
uv:can we go ?
twinkle: bhaya (she hugs him and starts to cry)
uv: twinki don’t cry u are fine now lets go chinki is waiting

scene 4
twinj and yuvi reaches in the cars where chinki is

chinki sees twinkle and shouts bhabi and hugs her
chinki:are you alright bhabi
twinkle: i am lets go to camp site

they reach the campsite and setted the tents and started enjoying
suddenly a cold breeze and hits twinkle’s face . kunj was staring twinkle and yuki notices this and makes a plan to give them some time private.
uv: chinki lets go and bring woods to light camp fire
kunj: its ok i will come with u
chinki:bhai its ok we are going to bring woods
kunj:ok then
yuki leaves

scene 5
kunj was inside the tent twinkle feels scared of dark and goes and hugs him saying kunj please dont leave me i am scared he says dont worry nothing will happen .he ask her to have food? .she resist but he insisted . she was having food she accidentally ate chilly . and started to scream as her tough was burning. in rush kunj gave beer?.she drank the full can of beer.she gets the kick and starts to behave like drunk.
twinkle:(in a drunk style)kunj i love you
kunj:i know that ?
twinkle:(in drunk style ) then give me a kiss ?
twinkle gives him and kiss and falls on him they both fall on the bed then kunj couldn’t
get her off him. so they both felt asleep. then yuki sees this and sleeps in the other tent together.
Nxt Day
The episode starts with yuki and twinj reaching their respective houses
In twinkle’s and uv’s house
They ring the bell
Leela:who is this at this moment
Twinkle: maa
Leela:meri putar (she hugs both of them)
Leela: come inside I have prepared ur favorite food
(Same happens with kunj and chinki)

Kunj calls twinkle and says that he is going to complete his MBA (as he was busy with his father’s business) twinkle supports him.

Kunj gets admission in college and was leaving he sees his childhood friend Maya(the same Maya who’s playing the role in tashan e ishq) there .
Kunj:Maya , do you remember me
Maya:kunj u here???
Kunj:actually I am here to complete my MBA
Kunj: what r u doing here
Maya:I am also here to complete my MBA
Kunj:wow yaar
They have a high-five .

USHA AND MANOHAR AND LEELA AND MR.TANEJA decides twinj and yuki engagement. They all were very excited. Twinkle was waiting for kunj.kunj comes home
Before twinkle could say anything he started talking about Maya and stuff . She gets angry and kunj notices this and asks her what she was going to say.she tells him that their and yuki’s engagement is fixed kunj gets excited and keeps her In the air . they had a cute romantic moment.

Twinj was in a cafeteria and having coffee and have some romantic moments . suddenly Maya comes there they start talking Maya takes kunj from there . twinkle feels so sad and angry .

Yuvi was coming on bike to pick chinki and sees some collage boys commenting on chinki . he beats them up and chinki hugs him they have a romantic eyelock.

The epiosde starts with kunj and Maya hugging and twinkle comes there and sees this and shouts kunj!!!!. Kunj tries to consoles twinkle
Kunj:twinkle try to understand
Twinkle:I understood everything……………. u….. an..d M.a.ya are having an affair
Twinkle was about to jump of an building but before that she wakes up from her bed screaming No No kunj is mine. Then she understands that it was a dream and tries to sleep.

Kunj was studying from his room and twinkle comes there she starts talking about a boy (imaginary boy to make him feel jealous) and tells him that he is very hot and cute.he says ok I don’t care I have to study (in his funny manner)and maya is coming for helping me the portions I missed .
Twinkle:oh maya is coming
Kunj:ya so what
Twinkle:teke I don’t care I am going with chinki for shopping
Kunj:that will be good

Chinki and twinkle are having drinks ?. They are discussing about what to wear on tommorows ring exchange. Twinkle was texting kriti(her best friend) and talking about their engagement. Chinki and twinkle leaves from the shop . twinkle feels dizzy and faints.chinki calls kunj and informs him about twinkle . he comes running to see twinkle
Twinkle was in the casuallty and sees kunj.
Twinkle:I love you
Kunj:I love you too
(They hug each other tightly ) SAJNA VE PLAYS

Kunj:don’t worry nothing will happen to her

Best Day For TwiNj

Scene 1
It’s evening and the engagement function starts kunj is wearing a blue suit and patiyalla pant, yuvi was wearing yellow suit and patiyalla pant.they both are waiting for twinkle and chinki . chinki comes (she is wearing a yellow and orange davani, with a big necklace , hair opened ). She goes to uv and hugs him . chinki asks kunj was going on are you waiting for something/someone he said twi….twinkle . chinki said bhai don’t worry bhabi will come. The light goes off the spot light comes on twinkle (she is wearing a purple and pink davani,diamond necklace and earrings, hairstyle dutch).Kunj was astonished to see twinkle. Twinkle goes and stands near kunj .They exchange rings
All are happy.

swara and saanskar (from swaragini),sid and roshni (from jamia raja),Karthik and survi (from yeh vaada raha),ishita and raman (from yeh hai mohabettain), ishaani and ranveer (from meri ashiquie tum se hi).They all came and attended twinj and yuki’s engagement
They wishs them and leave. Twinkle and chinki dances on dhol baje .

(All the rituals are over twinj and yuki are getting married today by the time twinkle’s jealousy increased )

Twinkle thinks that kunj doesn’t loves her and gets sad .Twinkle sees kunj and maya together and gets angry and breaks things .The marriage arrangements starts twinkle(is wearing the same she wore in tashan e ishq) and chinki(is wearing red colour of the same dress) gets ready and comes to the wedding. They started to take round around the fire twinkle thinks she have to stop this marriage however .Yuki takes seven rounds twinj was about to take the seventh round but twinkle stops and says she doesn’t want to get married she says let yuki get married I don’t want to get married , I don’t need a guys who cheats on me and having an affair with maya kunj gets angry and slaps twinkle.
Twinkle runs out of the marriage hall . kunj tries to stop her but he couldn’t .kunj says yuki should get married today itself . they resist but kunj insists .they get married . kunj is sad.

Scene 1
A girl is wearing a white shirt and a black skirt and leaving in a scooter her face is shown she is twinkle ,meanwhile in a other scene a dashing man is wearing a white and black suit and is going on a puma black car he is kunj.twinkle to herself I should get this job however.
Twinkle is late and rushing to get inside the office . she performed well. She is appointed they make twinkle sign the contract and hina(she is a staff) guided her to the cabin of the boss.The person is sitting in a chair and is facing the other side and turns twinkle is shocked to see kunj and kunj is shocked to see twinkle there.They both shouts at same time tum. She tell that she don’t want this job.she is about to leave but the interviewers stop her


They say to her that if she resigns the Job without working here for 2years then they will go to court and ask a big amount of compensation. Twinkle unwillingly starts her job(she is kunj’s personal assistant). The office hours end and she was trying to start her scooter but it was punctured. She waits for a taxi and the time is 10:30 . kunj starts leaving and sees twinkle he says that he will drop her but she resist but then she accepts as its too late.

Twinkle reaches her room she gets freshned up and is calling chinki(chinki is pregnant) twinkle says to chinki that she should take care of herself and the baby.she says OK bhabi I will ,twinkle says take care bye I have some pending works to do.


Kunj calls twinkle and says that he needs the report of mr.saxena’s company. She says now its 11. Kunj I need it tomorrow morning in my desk .she agrees and cancels the call and says to herself kandoos sarna.

Next Day
The day stars with twinkle getting up in the morning and sees the alarm clock and she is shocked to see that it’s 9:00.she gets up and rushs she forgets to take her phone.she reaches the office at 10:00.she keeps her bag on her desk and takes the notepad and pen and goes to kunj’s cabin.He asks her why she is late she says that she slept late and got up last.

Twinkle goes and sits at her place and says thank god kandoos sarna didn’t say anything. Hina(she is a staff I have mentioned her in the last epiosde she is Alisha who was kunj’s ex in tashan e ishq but here she is a staff) comes and says that kunj sir is calling her she takes the notepad and a pen and goes to his cabin .he tells her that there is a meeting in Mumbai and they have to go.twinkle says OK .

Twinkle and kunj starts there journey they reach Mumbai @ 3:00pm and finishes the meeting at 11:00.twinkle was in the car sleeping kunj eye him lovingly. Kunj was trying to cut and apple but his finger gets a cut ,then he sees something in twinkle’s head and cleans it with the finger he got cut it comes like sindoor but he doesn’t notices that suddenly the car gets some problem and finds that he need to find any workshop near . suddenly it starts raining heavily .twinkle gets up.

Twinkle asks what will they do now he says look there’s a village gets go there . kunj says everything to the villagers they say only tomorrow they can go to workshop as its night and raining heavily. The villagers mistakes them as husband and wife as a lady sees sindoor in twinkle’s head.twinkle and kunj and really wet . they take them to a room (in that room only one bed is there )they lady gave twinkle a saree(a green and blue saree with white beads)and a man gave kunj a shirt and pant . kunj was stunned to see twinkle in saree (she was looking goregous). Twinkle thinks to inform her roommate but she understood that she forgot her phone at home . kunj tries to call but his battery is dead . they both fight for the bed and falls on the bed they are lost in each other “SAJNA VE PLAYS”but a lady comes and breaks the eyelock.atlast they both sleep on the sides of the bed.
Next Day
Kunj wakes up and sees twinkle sleeping and eyes him lovingly and think she has not changed at all . He goes to wash room ,twinkle gets up and starts to remove her Bangles
She gets hurt kunj sees this and asks her to be careful ,she asks him why is he showing her concern as she to marry him he said that but I loved you . SAJNA VE PLAYS

Kunj’s car gets repaired and they starts their journey to office , twinkle and kunj have a fight on choosing the FM.twinj reaches office and goes to their desk . Hina comes and tells kunj that they losted Mr.gopinath’s contract. Kunj is shocked , kunj enquires why hina tells him that Mr.gopinath is a sick person that he won’t give contract who didn’t get married .


Mr.gopinath comes to kunj’s cabin . twinkle was in kunj’s cabin. Kunj was talking with mr.gopinath,gopinath sees twinkle badly , kunj says that twinkle is his would be wife . twinkle is shocked . mr.gopinath says OK I will take all expenses of their marriage, kunj tries to stop him but he couldn’t , twinkle was still In shock ,Mr.gopinath makes twinkle and kunj stand together SAJNA VE PLAYS. He says I will talk to a pandit and fix the nearest date for their marriage . twinj are shocked ????.gopinath goes , twinkle shouts at kunj for telling lies.


Kunj pins her up on the wall and tells her that it was because of some circumstances,and tells her that she was his would be wife and leaves her and goes , twinkle feels sad.
Kunj gets a call from Mr.gopinath gopinath tells kunj that he have talked to pandit ji and tells him that they will get married in 2days . kunj is shocked .

Twinj is tensed mr.gopinath tells them to get ready . twinkle (she is wearing a blue lehanga and hair opened with curls at end ).kunj (he is wearing a blue sharvani ).They both unwillingly takes rounds around the fire they finish the 7 rounds around fire and kunj puts sindoor on twinkle forehead (twinkle is crying) then he puts mangalsutra,pandit
Declares them as husband and wife twinkle is crying , kunj is also sad (but happy inside as he love her ) twinkle (she is happy inside as she loves him).

Twinkle is crying and kunj comes to her and tells her that I am sorry for this ..She leaves from there!!
Mr.gopinath tells to twinj go to room no 300 . it’s in the top floor and only one room is there that’s room no 300.twinj gets inside the room and Is astonished to see the room decorated with lovely flowers .

Twinkle comes from washroom she changed her dress (she is wearing a black night dress short ) she comes towards kunj and hugs him saying that I am sorry kunj I shouldn’t have ran away from marriage I didn’t trust u ????. Kunj cups her face.

Twinj is sleeping , twinkle gets up and shies remembering last night , she gets up and changes her dress(she is wearing a green churidhar), she sees kunj she goes and sits beside him and she caresses his hair.he gets up by the soft touch of twinkle’s hand and pulls her closer to him he kisses her hand and tells her good morning princess .


Twinj goes to Amritsar and everyone is stunned to see them together and married , yuki is happy yuki hugs twinj . Usha does twinj’s grahapravesh . kunj takes twinkle to his room ,then he cups her face and they have a eye lock and about to kiss her but usha breaks the eyelock and she says sorry I came here to tell twinkle that there is a pooja today and get ready at 5pm.twinkle says OK.
Twinkle is coming from the bathroom and trying to put hook of her blouse,kunj sees this and helps her he hold her waist and pulls her closer twinkle slowly asks him what are you doing. Kunj says shssssssss I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU? twinkle blushes . twinkle asks kunj if he knows how to wear saree , he says I don’t know but I will try for you.they try a lot to make her wear it and at last they suceeed.(twinkle is wearing a violet color saree with white designs on it).

Twinkle is doing the arati and she gives everyone prasad and takes everyone’s blessing
Usha praises twinkle ,twinkle gets happy .twinkle was serving food and manohar says that we have to send them honeymoon so Nikki tells them that they are already enjoying twinkle blushes and goes to the kitchen, kunj acts like his is done with his dinner and goes to twinkle he hugs her from back and kisses to neck . Twinkle tells him that someone will see and goes.
Next Day
Kunj is practicing his pointing silks twinkle comes there with juice for kunj and tells him that she is interested in pointing skills and she wanna try. Kunj makes her hold he hugs her and teaches her to point they have some romance and finally they hug .(SAJNA VE PLAYS).Ishaan comes there shouting kunj they break the hug and twinkle shies away but kunj hold her pulls her closer and says wear are you going ,twinkle tells him that Ishaan is here and tells him that she will give him everything on night.

Nikki and twinkle goes shopping and a car hits twinkle and she gets injured in her head.
A person is coming out from the car and he is Varun (twinkle’s friend)(he can be Vivian acted in madhubala as RK).he apologize to her they take twinkle to hospital Nikki informed this to kunj he came as fast as he could , there he sees twinkle trying to walk and she is about to fall but of course kunj holded her in his arms ,they share an eyelock but varun breaks their eyelock. Twinkle introduces varun to kunj and kunj to varun ,Varun tells kunj that he is the reason for twinkle to be hospitalized, kunj holds his collar.

Twinkle sees this and tells kunj to leave varun and tells him that it was an accident. Twinkle says to Varun that we are leaving, kunj tells varun good to see you bye.Twinkle and kunj reaches sarna Mansion and everyone is shocked to see Twinkle’s injury , Usha asks kunj to take twinkle to his room he makes her sit on the bed and goes to bring water twinkle’s head is paining and she is crying she sees kunj coming and wipes her tears .
Kunj asks her if the would is paining she tells him that it doesn’t hurt , kunj cups her face and kisses on her wound,twinkle gets happy and lays on kunj’s shoulder and they sleep.
Twinkle sees kunj sleeping twinkle says he always sleep he is waiting for a chance to sleep , twinkle makes kunj get up and pushs him towards bathroom , he starts to shower and twinkle knocks the bathroom door saying kunj your towel open the door , kunj opens the door and pulls twinkle inside and they have romance under shower (SAJNA VE PLAYS), suddenly Usha comes there calls out kunj he says I am in bathroom , usha calls out twinkle ,twinkle shies and says maa I am also in bathroom , Usha blushes and tells her to come down fast .

Twinkle is rushing to go and change but she slips kunj holds her and (he is shirtless) he holds her hand and says where are you going,twinkle’s says kunj leave me I have to go maa called me.he pulls her closer to his chest and says I Love You , twinkle says aare baba I know if I don’t go then tonight I will sleep on the bed and you should sleep on the couch. Kunj leaves her hand twinkle goes and changes (she is wearing a pink saree with golden boder ) her hair in wet and she is trying to dry it of kunj comes from the bathroom his goes near twinkle, twinkle was trying to dry her hair the water droplets of her hair falls on kunj’s face .he hugs her from back and kisses her hair.(SAJNA VE PLAYS)

The whole sarna and taneja family are having a get together in sarna’s garden ,twinkle is serving food and kunj is talking to yuki. Chinki is sleeping as she needs rest ( she is pregnant ).twinkle goes to get refills to kitchen kunj also acts as if he needs water he tells that everyone is impressed with u , Mr.kunj sarna twinkle says and traces kunj’s face. He asks her what she is doing she tells him that I wanted to say something I Love You,kunj gets excited and take her in his arms and rotates her and they have a eyelock and is lost in each other,Yuvi comes to the and sees this and he says OMG,you guys are romancing each and every where in this house they comes to sense that they are in kitchen and breaks the eyelock..

Scene 1
Varun kidnaps twinkle and escapes leela sees this and stops him he shoots her and goes her there kunj comes to taneja Mansion and is shocked to see leela socked in blood .kunj takes and goes to hospital.yuki comes there and (chinki gave birth to a handsome baby boy,they name him sidhant. )

Yuvi tells kunj that he founded out where varun had hid twinkle (its muted )
Kunj rushes to the place there varun is injecting himself drugs and coming to twinkle is trying to kiss her forcefully. He is about to kiss her but………….a wood came and hited on his head he falls unconsciously . kunj comes and unties the rope and twinj hug each other very tight.

Scene 2
Kunj brings twinkle to leela ,twinkle cries bitterly seeing leela’s state. For 1 month twinkle takes care of leela twinj hasn’t seen each other for one month.finally twinkle comes to Sarna house (twinkle is wearing a blue and green saree).kunj sees twinkle and is mesmerized to see her .usha and Beebe welcomes twinkle ,twinkle is very busy with arrangements for the party tomorrow and she is working in kitchen kunj comes there and hugs her he didn’t see Beebe and usha coming he started his romantic lines and whispers I LOVE YOU .Beebe says kunj putar let her do the job you have time.twinj blushes and kunj leaves from there then its 7 kunj comes to twinkle and tells that he is sleepy twinkle tells him to go and sleep if he is that sleepy .kunj caresses his hair.

Scene 3
Twinkle comes to kunj after finishing all her work , she goes and changes (she is wearing a black night dress which kunj gifted her on valentines day). Kunj is mesmerized to see her.she comes and sits near him he gets up twinkle gets sad kunj goes and closes the door,and comes back and sits wid her .he hugs her saying he missed her so much she also hugs him tightly..

Scene 4

The party have started kunj comes downstairs (he is wearing a red and black suit ).he is waiting for twinkle and sees her coming she is looking goregous (she is wearing a red gown )he is astonished to see her .twinkle and kunj are the host of the show (the party is for usha’s and manohar’s wedding anniversary). They show a video about usha and manohar from marriage to till now everyone is happy and enjoying. Twinj yuki usha and manohar dances couple dances

Twinj dances on gerua

Yuki dances on Janam janam

Usha and manohar dances on ishq wala love (they didn’t dance properly becoz they were enjoying twinj’s and yuki’s dance ).

Everyone started to have food .twinkle feels dizzy and falls unconscious .everyone rushes to her .kunj calls the doctor .

Scene 5

The doctor congratulates kunj kunj asks what she tells him that he is going to be a papa soon everyone was very happy and surprised.kunj was astonished to know he goes and sits near twinkle .Beebe says let them spend some time together ,twinkle wakes up kunj tells her that she is going to be a maa soon , she gets teary eyes and hugs kunj he hugs her .

Then its shown a 8 months gap

Scene 6

Kunj is waiting outside labour ward he is tensed .a nurse comes and gives him a cute baby she is looking like a angel he enquires about twinkle ,the nurse tells him that twinkle and the baby is fine ,and can meet her (kunj rushes to meet twinkle ).

Then its shown the moments wid twinj and their baby ( baby’s name is Jasmin)

Now it’s shown Jasmin got old now she is 18 years old . she is coming from London
Yuki and twinj decide sidmin to get married (sidhant and Jasmin)

twinj goes to airport to pick Jasmin they meet wid an accident and then its shown yuki running to hospital ,they see twinj. twinj tells them they have one last and final wish its to get sidmin marriage. Jasmin also reaches there wid sidhant twinj keeps his hand and jasmin’s hand and says this is our last wish …………. U ……bo…t….h have to get married and both dies .Jasmin cries bitterly and sidhant consoles her .

Then next scene is shown sidmin getting married and coming infornt of TwiNj Pic!!

The End..

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