Twinj: opposite attracts Shot 1 by kavya

Heya all lovely people yesterday was my birthday??? sorry for not posting my ff for so many days till then enjoy few shots:)


A girl is shown roaming here and there in her room tensely and is bitting her nails continuously. She is holding a book in her hand and trying to learn something. At that time only her phone starts ringing:)


Girl: heya! Chinki how are you?

OS: I am fine and you?

Girl: you know chinki tomorrow is our exam and till now I haven’t prepared anything:)

OS: and why is so that madam what you were doing yesterday:)

Girl: actually I was in pub enjoying with my boyfriend rohit 🙂

OS: what rohit few days ago only you had a boyfriend named Rahul:)

Girl: so what chinki you know I have a habit of changing boyfriend every one week:)

OS: God please save me from this girl and by the way I have to revise for exams so I am hanging the call bye:)

Girl: but wait

Till then chinki hangs up the call. The girl reveals to be twinkle.

~twinkle perspective~

Shit now what I will do? Think something twinkle taneja whose help I am going to take idea should I call rohit no way he only must be preparing at last moment yes! I will call that biggest nerd of my college what was his name? Yes Kunj Sarna wait I will call him! But I don’t have his number now what can I do? Ya Mahi his sister I will call her as I am having her number. She takes her phone and calls up Mahi.

Twinkle: hello Mahi can you once give your phone to Kunj please I need help from him.

Mahi: okay fine madam I am giving him be on line:)

She shouts Kunj name. Kunj is shown studying for the exam confidently and determined he is wearing spectacles he immediately rushes to Mahi and ask her what happened she signs him to talk on the phone he takes from her hand:)

Kunj: hello! Who is speaking?

Twinkle: Buddhu I am twinkle taneja!

Kunj: oh so you are speaking the biggest siyappa queen and a shameless flirt who always changes boyfriend:)

Twinkle: shut the heck and what is your problem it is my wish I will do what I want mr chasmish:)

Kunj: hey look siyappa queen don’t dare to call me chasmish:)

Twinkle: chasmish…chasmish what you will do?

Kunj: get lost and I am ending the call:)

Twinkle: wait don’t do end the call I need your help:)

Kunj: what siyappa queen needs help from me:)

Twinkle: yes and don’t overacting I didn’t learn for exam till now and I have some doubts so if you don’t mind can you come to my house and clear the doubts:)

Kunj: fine give me your address:)

Twinkle tells him the address and hangs up the call:)

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  1. Sohi


  2. SidMin

    Hey happy belated birthday …. ????
    Loved the start it looks so interesting…
    Love you post soon ❤

  3. SidMin23

    It was good and how will twinj endup being together and I love this twinkle junk wear glass he would look hot

  4. Presha

    Happy belated birthday…..
    The shot was awesome …. Just loved it….

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome interesting..

  6. Awesome plot continue soon

  7. Chiku

    Awwww!!! It’s amazing. Lovely. ❤️❤️❤️Loved it.
    Post soon. Post ur ff also??

  8. lovly..awsm

  9. Baby

    Ohhh god kavya 🙂 🙂
    Wow srsly luvly bt like srsly twinkle is calling kunj chasshmish n still he is ready to help her how sweet…..♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★♥☆★
    Hehehe well quiet funny too twinkle ko or koi kaam nahi hai kya party ke elawa…….hehehhehe well love u…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Ramya

    Hey kavya
    Belated happy bday to u
    I hope ur all wishes come ttrue
    Awesome start
    I loved der conversation
    Love u keep smiling

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