TwiNj One Shot ~ by Purvi.. Happy B’Day Sohi..!

Hello guys??? How are you all???
I m here with an os. This is specially dedicated to Sohi..!
Well, mujhe treat chahiye…!! Samjhiii????
Nd yeah post to 21st ko hi ker rahi hun… ye TU waly na last time bhi Ishu ki bday pe kiya tha to 12 bje ke baad post hua tha…! Advance me sorry bol rahi hun agr 12 bje ke baad post ho….!!!
Let’s start the os..!

The alarm started ringing disturbing my sleep. I took out my hand from the blanket and stopped the alarm. ‘Kunj beta, get up? Or else you’ll get late.’ Maa shouted at the my room door banging it loudly. ‘Yeah Maa, I m up,’ I shouted back and went to freshen up.
I came out of the washroom and wore blue jeans with black shirt and got ready for the college. I put my wrist watch and came down after wearing the shoes. Maa, Papa was waiting for me on the break fast as usual. I sat with them. ‘Good Morning.’ I spoke. ‘Kunj, finish your break fast early. Or else your good morning would turn into bad morning.’ Papa said to which Maa giggled. ‘Papa! Chill. Nothing to worry.’ I said to which I received a light slap on my head. ‘Baatein banana to koi tumse seekhy!’ Maa said. ‘Baatein banane ke siwa or bhi bht kuch aata hai mujhe.. ap ne apny bete ki qabiliyat dekhi hi kahan hai abhi..!’ ‘Bs zyada nhi..!’ Papa said. I quickly had the break fast and left for college.
It was the first day of my college. I was so excited to go there. I entered the college when the girls stared at me. I didn’t even gave a damn to them as they all were not my types, clingy, flirty and all. There is only one made for me who would stole my heart. The only one whom I would love. I was lost in my thoughts when I collided with a girl. She was about to fall when I saved her. Her hair strand were disturbing the view. I tucked them behind her ears. ‘She is the One.’ My heart spoke and I rejoiced. She is so beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off from her. I was lost in her ocean like eyes when I noticed that everyone was watching us. We both composed ourselves, when she bend down to pick up her stuff. I started to help her. ‘Hey, myself Kunj Sarna!’ I said to which she didn’t even replied and just ignored me and left from there. Strange, every girl drools over me and she just ignored me. I have fallen for her. She is so beautiful, adorable, cute and most importantly innocent. She is the same, whom I wanted. I brushed away my thoughts and went to the class. I got seated when the same girl entered our class. I was so happy that she was in our class. I can’t describe my feelings, my happiness. In the whole class, the only place which was empty was beside me. Having no chance, she sat beside me. ‘Hey, can we become friends?’ I asked her. ‘You’ll regret!’ she said and I was confused. ‘I didn’t get that!’ ‘You’ll regret that you made me your friend.’ ‘I won’t.’ ‘Btw why you want me to be your friend?’ ‘Its like that only, acha ok at least tell me your name!’ I asked, she was so strange. ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Taneja.’ Such a beautiful name. I m getting head over heels in love with her. Her everything is making me crazy. ‘I m Kunj.’ ‘Yeah you told me. By the way, thanks!’ ‘For what?’ I asked. ‘For helping me outside.’ She said with a smile and I could sense that it was a fake one. ‘Friendship me no sorry no thank you!’ I said. ‘We are not friends.’ She said making me hurt. I didn’t showed that and said, ‘So I have to earn your friendship?’ ‘No, I won’t be friend with you.’ I was about to ask her the reason when the professor entered. Soon, the lecture started and we got busy. I kept on stealing glances of her. She was strange.

It was break. She went out and I went behind her. She sat in the playground when I got seated beside her. ‘Twinkle, I guess there is something which you are hiding. Some unknown pain.’ I said and she looked at me surprised. ‘No, it isn’t like that. I m just reserved type.’ She said and I knew she was lying. ‘Kyun jhooth bol rahi ho?’ I asked. ‘Me kab jhooth bol rahi hun.’ ‘Dikh raha hai mujhe.’ ‘Kunj, please stay away from me, meri life jesi dikhti hai wesi hai nhi please don’t come near me.’ She said with tears in her eyes and get up to go. I held her hand and she looked at me. I pulled her closer and cleared her tears with my thumb. ‘Ye aansu bina kisi wajah ke nhi nikalty!’ ‘Kunj, you won’t understand.’ ‘Tum samjha do phir, you know life is not about just happiness, it takes sadness to value happiness.’ I said and leave her. She kept on looking at me. I left from there.

Next few days went quite busy. I didn’t get chance to talk to her. She didn’t told me anything about her.
I was roaming in the park when I noticed her walking. I got extremely happy and went to her. Before I reach her, her foot stumbled and she fell down. I got worried and quickly went to her. ‘Twinkle you alright? Lagi to nhi? Tum thk ho na??’ I said and looked at her. She had tears in her eyes and was looking at me. I cleared her tears and picked her in bridal style. I made her sit on the bench and took her foot in my hand. ‘Kahan lagi Twinkle? Kuch bolo to ??’ ‘Kunj, humara koi rishta nhi to itni fikr kyun kerr rahy ho meri??’ I was startled at her question. I sat beside her and held her hand. ‘Twinkle, tumhari fikr kerny ke liye humara koi rishta ho ye zaroori to nhi!’ I said and tears rolled down her eyes. ‘Don’t cry please!’ i pleaded her. She rest her head on my shoulder and held my arm. ‘Kunj, I loved someone who was so near to me. We were in a relationship for past 2 years. I thought he loves me but I was wrong. He betrayed me. I was just a time pass for him. I loved him truly but I was wronged. Since then, I forgot to live. I forgot to smile. I forgot that love ever exists.’ Tears were flowing from her eyes and unknowingly I also had tears in my eyes. She looked at me. ‘Twinkle, jo hota hai hamare achy ke liye hota hai.. he don’t deserve you! To uske liye apni zindagi barbaad mat kero..! Life is full of happiness just give it a try. These tears are very precious. Don’t waste them for the one who don’t know the worth of it.’ ‘Kunj, tumse mil ker aesa laga ke me wapis jee skti hun, life itni bhi buri nhi hai!’ I got up and knelt down in front of her holding her hand. ‘Twinkle, when I first saw you, your beauty captured my heart. You stole my heart Twinkle. All I want to say is I LOVE YOU. I love you Twinkle Taneja and I want to spend my entire life with you! I promise you, I won’t ever betray you! I love you!’ I finally confessed but I was scared. What if she rejects? ‘Kunj, pehly mohabbat ki thi to toot gayi thi ab ki to bikhar jaaungi!’ ‘Me tumhe bikharne nhi dunga!’ i got up not leaving her hand. She also got up. ‘Twinkle, give me a chance to prove my love.’ I said and she hugged me. ‘You don’t need to prove anything. I trust you. I love you too Kunj. I really do!’ She spoke and I couldn’t believe my ears. I hugged her even more tighter as someone would snatch her from me. I got my world.


Do comment guyss??? Again a very happy bday to you sohi..! Many many happy returns of the day..!
Loads of love ????

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  1. SanamMel

    That was Amazing ???
    Purvi well done dear. ???
    Keep writing more like these.
    Love u dear ?
    Achha okay bye Gn ?

  2. Sohi

    Amair, marvelous and emotional os
    Tu Phirse emotional mode me chale gayi ???


    This I my best and memorable birthday
    I’m very happy to get u all as my friends

    Love you dear

    Keep writing

  3. awesome os dear
    luv u

  4. Sidmin ki sadia

    Amazing. Awesome. So emotional. But luv it

  5. SidMin23

    Good one and happy birthday sohi

  6. Sameera

    Such a sweet and cute one yaar loveddddddd it ?????????????????…

  7. Presha

    Sweet os..
    Loved it

  8. Supriya18d

    supreb yaar Purvi….
    luv it

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous

  10. Luvd it… Amazing…

  11. Shalini15

    Awesome amazing fabulous nd emotional OS Purvi. Loved it so much.
    Love you ????????

  12. Ramya

    Purvi dear it’s so so cute
    Loved it
    So sorry for late
    Love you keep smiling

  13. Baby

    ohhh god puru ♥
    loved it ♥
    applauds ♥
    osm ♥
    speechless ♥
    marveleous ♥
    luv u lods ♥
    achaa listen lets do 1 thing drop d ideas for d 1st epi on hangouts wenever u can divide d wrks n den i ll do it n mail it to u…… 🙂
    isse jydada we bth can do anything i suppose soo……♥
    chal bye gn ♥

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