Twinj one shot – IS THIS HATE OR LOVE ???? by sanjana


Hiii guys its sanju thnx for giving ur love in my previous os . So here I am again with a new . Hope u all will like it .

Lets start
The scene opens in a big mansion . A room is shown . A boy and girl is standing facing each other . The boy was having a gun in his hand which was ponting towards the girl and girl was crying because of boy’s behaviour . The face of boy and girl is shown . They are none other than twinj .
Twinkle – kunj …. plz….. don’t do this to me…….. I LOVE U …. I am ur wife … plz…..
K – just shut up ….. u idiot … I HATE U … and I will kill u …… I don’t consider u as my wife .
T – but kunj ..
Just then kunj shot the bullet and …

Guys wait wait. Kuch samjh aaya . Nahi na. why kunj hates twinkle ????? Is he really hates twinky ??? Why he want to kill her ???? So lets see .

Past ….
Few months
ago .

Again the same mansion is shown and gain the same room is shown . And again twinj is shown but this time they are seen sleeping in each other embrance cuddling each other . Just then kunj woke up bcoz of alarm and switched it off. He sees his wife and his life sleeping in his embrance peacefully . He thought not to disturb her in sleep so he wakes up without disturbing her and goes to washroom .

He comes out from washroom wearing formals and goes n stand in front of mirror . Twi comes and hugs her from behind resting her head on his body .
T – gm kunj..
k – gm princess….
Saying this he turned and took her into his embrance .
Twi {pouty pace } – plz don’t go to office today . U r a big business tycoon and if u will not go one day it will not effect ur business .
Kunj – and if I will go then.
Twi – then it will effect ur wife.

kunj – princess but its an important meeting today . Plz I have to go.
Twi – u say this everyday .
Kunj – ok…ok…. I will not go to office tomorrow … but today I have to go plz…
Twi – ok…. but promise me.
Kunj r – ok. Pakka wala promise .
Twinkle smiles and kunj kisses his forehead .
Soon twinj eat bf and kunj left for office.

Here in kunj ‘s office
Meeting was going on with the a dealer of America named YUVRAJ LUTHRA .
Kunj shows his presentation to Uv {yuvraj } .
Uv – the presentation is good … but .. I want some time to think . Atleast a day . I will come to ur office tomorrow and will sign the paper tomorrow only .
Kunj was about to say yes when he remembers the promise he gave to twinkle the he will spend his whole day with and not come to office tomorrow.
Kunj – sorry .. mr.luthra .. but I am busy tomorrow …. can we sign the papers day after yesterday ?????
Uv – no…. actually I would have been said yes but I have some important work day after tomorrow . So plz can u postpone ur work …. waise what is ur work????
Kunj said with hesitation- actually I have promised my wife to spend a whole day with her so…..
Everyone present there was about to laugh but controled their laughter.
Uv – okkkkkk …. I have an Idea tomorrow I will to ur house … u sign the paper and I will return then . Then u can spend the whole day with ur wife .
Kunj happily nods yes and Uv also smiles back .

After the meeting
Kunj and his pa was talking .
kunj – this deal is very important to us . If we loose the deal it will be a v.v big loss to the company .

Next day .
It was the time for uv to come . Kunj was sitting in sofa having some snacks and twinkle was making coffe for kunj . Just then UV arrives. He came and kunj asked her to sit in sofa . He calls twinkle
Kunj – Swara….. plz come here….
Twinkle comes . Uv became mermerized to see her.
Twinky – namaste … .
But Uv forwarded his hand towards twinkle and wished her hello. He felt uneasy by Uv ‘s touch but ignored .
Kunj – plz go and bring coffee for mr. Luthra …
Twinkle nods yes and leaves .

here Uv was about to sign the papers when twinkle comes with coffee. Twinkle forwards coffee towards Uv and smied. Uv think something and hits the coffee cup intentionally and coffee falled on papers as well as on Uv’s coat . He stands with jerk.
Uv – I am really sorry … actually It happened accidentally. … really sorry … and {to twinkle } can u plz show me the way to washroom…
twinkle nods yes and she took Uv to her room’s wahsroom .
Uv goes inside washroom and smiles evily .
Uv – wow…. what a beautiful wife … I want a night with her ….. and I have a plan ….
Uv comes out and try to misbehave with her just then kunj comes at the nick of time . Kunj goes and slaps Uv .

Kunjn – deal????
Uv – yes deal…. if u want that deal than u have to do a deal with me….
Kunj – what do u mean?????
uv – u have to give ur wife to me for a night …. that’s it than the deal will be urs …..
Kunj agin slaps uv and throws him out of the house .

Uv ‘s pov

2 months passed
Twinj for got about the incident and moved on. But bcoz of the cancellation if deal kunj was facing severe loss in his company . It was very difficult to pay all the expenditures and look after the needs of twinkle. The only way of income was A COLD DRINK FACTORY which was on the name of twinkle .

A place near the sanskaar’s cold drink factory ….
A man was seen giving some money and a bottle of chemical to a worker of that factory. His face ia shown . He is none other than Uv .
uv – mix this chemical in the cold drinks and this ur amount .
Worker – ok… sir… but I want more .
uv – u will get after work .
Worker nods yes and leaves . Uv laughs evily .

Here worker mixes chemical in many bottles of cold drink . And now cold drink is packed and left for the sale .

After 4 to 5 days .
Twinj was sitting on sofa and watching tv .
Twinkle – jaanu … plz this chnage this news channel …. plz koi movie wala channel lagao…
Kunj – but meri SIYAPPA QUEEN … I want to liaten news….
Kunj started fighting for remote when a news came and they stopped fighting n carefully listened to the news

Today around 90 to 100 people who was came for lunch in the most famous restraunt was admitted to hospital bcoz of food poisioning . The doctor told that they are sufferung from food poisoning .We got the news that this all happened becoz of Sarna’s cold drink FANTASPRIT .

Twinj was shocked to hear the news . They immediately left for factory .
There they saw a huge crowd with some reporters standing at the entrance of the factory . They were shouting against sarna’s.

Just then twinj arrives in car . They comes out of the car and police was handling the crowd .
S.P- sir…. we had taken the samples of the cold drink and the report came that some harmful chemical was mixed in it. Kunj – but sir…. we are supplying this cold drink from so many years and nothing happened to none of them . Then how u can .
S.P – but sorry ….. we have to arrest ur wife mrs. Kunj Sarna as this whole factory is on her name.
Kunj – but sir she had not done anything ….
S.P. – {to lady Constable } – arrest her….
Twinkle started crying while kunj tried to stop S.P from doing this .
Twinkle was put behind the bars .

After a month…
Twinkle won the case and now every charges from twinkle and factory was removed . And the worker who mixed chemical was arrested but he till now not told the name of Uv .

Some days after twinkle returned to home .
At night
Twinj bunglow .
Someone ‘s noise was coming . The voice was pleading someone to not to beat him . The voice is none other than of twinkle .
Twinky – while crying}- kunj … plz…… don’t beat me …. why are u beating me????? Its pains a lot … plz don’t beat me with hunter .
Kunj while beating – just shut up u r mixed extra sugar in my tea .
Kunj finally stopped and sat on bed leaving injurd twinkle on floor .
Twinkle {trying to speak }- what happened to u kunj ?????? From the day I returned home from jail u r beating me … I am not ur slave …. for small things u started beating me…. why ?????? Why ???????
Kunj got angry and picks a gun from a drawer and points it on twinkle .

Present ….

Kunj shot the gun but it got hit to the wall back of twinkle..
Kunj leaves the gun on floor and forwards his both hands signalling her siyappa queen to hug her. Kunj goes and hug her tightly .
twinkle – why u have done this to me???? Why u started beating ur Siyappa queen ????? Why ?????
Kunj – i am sorry twinkle actually ……

A flashback is shown….
Kunj was not getting any lawyer to fight the case of twinkle . Just then he gets a call from Uv and he told to come to a place . First kunj refused then thought to go and left .

Kunj reaches the place.
uv – welcome mr.sarna …..
Kunj – don’t do this drama…. and tell me what u want …..
Uv – offo …. ok… ok… so listen …. do u know the person behind all this…
Kunj – I think so some of the worker of factory…..
Uv – no….. no….. the real person….
kunj – who ????
Uv – offfffoooo u r so bewkoof…. the person is none other than me….
Kunj – what ?????
Uv – yes …. my dear kunj … and if u want I can give u a lawyer to fight ur case … and if u win the case …. u have to do a favour for me….
Kunj – what favour ??????

Uv – actually … its not a favour but a revenge ….
Kunj – what I have to do….
Uv – after twinkle will come out of the jail … u have to everyday beat her …. and make her realize that it was her mistake to marry u …. make her feel that she is in hell….
Kunj – what …. no…..
Uv – ok…. then … no lawyer…. the choice is urs …
Kunj after thinking said yes with a heavy heart .

After twinky returned from jail kunj started beating her with heavy heart. Uv ‘s men were keeping eye on twinj .

And one day ….
Uv again called kunj ..
Uv – helloooo
Kunj – kya hai jaldi bolo…
Uv – ok… ok…. shant …. u have to again do a work for me…
kunj – what ????.
Uv – yes …. u have to KILL UR WIFE … kunj – but …. but …. no not at all….
Uv – ok….. so get ready to loose ur wife’s dignity …
Kunj -nooooooooooo….. but how can I kill her …
Uv – don’t worry don’t worry …. o qm sending u a gun … kill her with it …

Fb ends .

Twinj was crying hugging eo when kunj ‘s phone rung . It was from its pa.
Pa – hello sir … we got to know the real culprit behind all this …. the worker had finally told his name …. he is YUVRAJ LUTHRA …
Kunj- ok….

kunj cut the call and was relieved as now there is no danger to his wife neither her dignity or her life .
Kunj – twinkle …. everything is fine now…….
Twinkle – I am sorry kunj . ….. I misunderstood u …
Kunj – it was my mistake …. I TURNED MY LOVE STORY INTO A HATE STORY …

twinkle – shhhhh … bas bohot ho gaya .. now I want to spend whole life with the same happines that we used to live before this tornado in our life .
Kunj – I LOVE U …
Twinkle – I LOVE U TOO…

the end . ..

So guys how was it …. plz comment … and I know it was long but plz comment .. qnd ya sorry for making Uv negative but I was not finding anyone to play his role . I love SidZaiMin eually.

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aawww sanjana
    the story was very cute N emotional
    Keep writing like this my dear …..?

  2. well it was same as an os of swasan fully copied

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      It was written by me only …. if u want u can check ….

  3. Sayeeda

    Woowww yrr it was a cute story… Amazing… Awesome….
    Loved it to the core…

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    It was just beautiful!! Awesome??

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    Sanju beautiful 1

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  8. Baby

    sanjana amazing yr
    luvd it 2 d core
    n no wries it suits uvraj luthra d negative role
    osm cute end

  9. SidMin

    Such a sweet OS Loved it it was so emotional Loved the end too 🙂

  10. it’s an awesome story
    Twinj at last got their happiness

  11. It’s jst amazing…..

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