Helloooo everyone …. and a HAPPY WALA BIRTHDAY TO SHRUTIII … and this os is dedicated to shrutiii and I know shruti ‘s birthday was on 13th but I was busy so can’t post ….

Note – this is an os written for swasan by me only but I edited it and changed it into an twinj os .

Lets start
Kunj ‘s pov
Today is my marriage … my unwanted marriage …… I am marrying to the most rich businessman of kolkata RAMAN TANEJA ‘S daughter TWINKLE TANEJA … I am just marrying her for money bcoz my mumma needs money …… She is facing loss in her business … I can’t say her no bcoz from childhood she never said me no for anything … After my father’s death she alone took care of me .
I am just doing this marriage for those 1 CRORE that was offered by RAMAN TANEJA in return of marrying his daughter .
Pov ends .

Twinkle ‘s pov
I am marrying my love … my KUNJ …. when I first time met him I fell for his simplicity and caring nature . First time when papa had gone to kunj ‘s house to talk about mine nad sanskaar marriage I was very happy . but when papa returned with dull n disappointed face I understood that KUNJ had said no . Days paseed on like this and one day kunj’s mom came to our house to talk something from papa. I don’t know what she talked with him but after kunj ‘s mom departure I got the news that I am getting married to kunj . I was on cloud nine .
Pov ends .

RT ‘s pov {twinkle ‘s dad}
Today is my princess marriage . I am very happy . That day when kunj’s mom came and told me about loss in her company and asked me for some help I got an idea . I offered her 1 CRORE rupees in return of twinj marriage . She told me that kunj love someone else but I don’t care . I always fullfilled all wishes of my princess and will always fullfill her all wishes .
Pov ends .

At marriage hall
Everyone had gathered there .to see twinj getting married . Kunj was sitting in mandap . Twinkle comes down beautifully dressed as a bride with her cousins and sat beside kunj . Pandit ji started chanting mantras . They took 6 pheres . Now the time of last phera when kunj stoped . Everyone was shocked.
K – sorry but I can’t marry twinkle … I love someone else .
Twinkle was hell shocked .
T {angry n dissapointed }- So why u said yes for marriage .
Kunj- bcoz ur offered my mum 1 CRORE to marry u …
T – what ????
K – yes … sorry ……
Saying this kunj oped the knot tied for pheres and left from there making twinky disheartened . Suddenly twinkle became unconcious . Rt took her to her room .
Doc was called .
Doc – ur daughter is suffering from blood cancer …. she had only some days left .
Rt – what ???
Doc -yes …..
Doc left leaving a disheartened father behind .

Next morning
Nani {twinky ‘s caretaker } told twinkle about her condition . Rt comes .
RT – beta pack ur bags we are leaving for australia for ur treatment .
T – no papa …. I want to die. …… I can’t live withoit KUNJ …
RT – no … princess come and pack ur bags ….
T – plz papa ….
RT – I don’t want to listen anything …. be ready in 30 mins ….
RT left followed by nani .
Here TWINKY was ready .
She came down .
T – papa … I want to last time see amritsar ….
RT – what do u mean by last time .. nothing will happen to u ….
T – plz papa ….. I want to go …
RT nod yes n TWINKLE left …

Here she reached to a coffee shop where she ussually used to chill out with her friends. As soon as she entered she saw kunj talking with a girl . … she goes and sit in a chair little distance from kunj so that she could hear their conversation .
K – pallavi …. I am very happy … now marriage had broken we can now marry …. but I am tensed about mumma’s business …
P – don’t worry everything will be fine ….
Twinkle listened there conversation and an idea popped up in her mind.
She goes to kunj and pallavi .
T – hello kunj ….
Kunj was shocked to see her .
K – u here … sorry I can’t marry u just for money sorry ….
T – ok … I want to talk to u in alone ….
K – but….
P – kunj ….. u talk to her I have na important work … I am leaving ..
Pallavi left ..
K – now say ….
T – sanskaar … I have blood cancer ….
K – so … {he then realised wht she just said } what ????
He felt a pain in his heart as someone had stabbed a knife .
K – plz … don’t joke …..
T – I am not joking ….
Twinkle told everything to kunj what happen after kunj left from their marriage .
Kunj was hell shocked and was not uttering a single word . .
T – Now I should come to the main point …. I am here for asking u 7 DAYS in return of 1 CRORE …. PLZ GIVE UR 7 DAYS TO ME …..
K – what ????
Twinkle nods in yes .
T – plz kunj …. I want to live last 7 days of my life with u ….. I know love cannot be sold or bought but here I am in the condition where I want u … only u … I don’t want to marry u … just spend these last days of my life with u ….. plz …. make my last 7 days special for me ….
Kunj’s heart melted by twinkle’s words . He said yes .
Kunj – but on one condition…. we will keep distance from each other …
Twinkle nods yes .
Next day kunj decided to take a snall house on rent . Here twinkle told RT about 7 DAYS DEAL …. RT 1st denied then finally after lot argument he had said yes with a heavy heart . Twinky knows that she can’t be treated in some days so it is better for her to live her these 7 DAYS with the love of his life . Kunj told pallavi about this and thinking about twinkle’s condition she agreed {in my os pallavi is playing a positive role .}
Kunj took twinkle to a house which he took on rent . It was niether a big nor a small house . It was perfect for a couple . twinj goes in .
It was a small house with all the facilities for twinky .
K – I know twinky u want ur house to be big but i am really sorry …. I can’t afford more than this .
T – no worry …. I always want to live in a small house ….. see it is good …. by this we can live close to each other ……
Kunj happily nods yes .
3 days passed …
Kunj was trying his best to make twinkle feel like a PRINCESS . And kunj started falling for twinky . Her simplicity her chidish behaviour her smile .
One day ….
T – lets go to orphanage kunj … bcoz I love to play with kids .
K – but twinky ….
T – plz …
K – ok ….
TWINJ left for orphanage .
Here TWINJ reached orphanage .
T – wow …. soooo many cute cute kids are there …
KUNJ smiles seeing twinkle happy …
twinky goes to small girl kid of around 5 years .
Twinky bends to meet her height .
T – hello mera baccha. …. what is ur name ????
Kid – my name is shruti {our cute sidmin urf mili ????}….
T – shrutiii .. wow …. so cute name….
twinkle took shruti with her and played with her .

Now it was evening …
Twinkle is till now playing with shruti .
K – chalo ghar chale….
T – noooooo ….
K – if u want to play with this child take her to home ….
T – achhha idea hai let adopt this child …
K – are u mad … I was just joking … leave her and come …
T {disappointed }- I think u r right .
kunj felt bad seeing twinkle disheartened .
K – ok ….. lets adopt her …
T – but who will take care of her after me …
K – me ….
T – but …
K – don’t worry she will become sign of our FRIENDSHIP …
T – but what about PALLAVI ?????
K – how many question u ask …. just close ur mouth …..
3 days passed on …. and TWINJ adopted shruti and completed all formalities and papaer work … And now only the last day is left for the 7 DAYS DEAL … and probably the last day of twinkle ‘s life …. In these days kunj realized that his love for pallavi was only a attraction and nothing more than that . He realized that how much he love twinkle and can’t live without her . So he he decided to propose her .
Last day ….
K – wear this dress I want u take somewhere …
T – where ….
K – u r really a QUESTION TANEJA … get ready n come outside I am waiting for u …
After half hour . Twinkle came out with the dress given by kunj . She was not feeling well but she can’t say no to kunj . She goes to kunj and suddenly felt unconcious . kunj goes and pick her up . She was sweating heavily . kunj took her to hospital .
Doc admitted her in I.C.U …
After an hour ..
Doc comes out of I.C.U .
Doc – as u know she is suffering from blood cancer … she now having some hours . There is no way to save her . she should jave taken treatment before only . Now everthing is dependent on god . I don’t know whether we can save her or not . But we are trying .
Kunj sat on chair with a thud . Doc left .
K – I should have not said yes for 7 DAYS DEAL . If I would have said no then u would have went to australia for treatment . U would have been fine now.. all becoz of me …..
A leap of 2 months ….
A man was standing talking to photo of a lady . The face of man is revealed he is kunj .
K – hey TWINKY …… how are u SIYAPPA … {yes the photo is none other than of TWINKLE . }
Suddenly a lady came and hugged her from behind .
Lady – why are u talking from my photo ????? I am here only na … {the lady who hugged sanky was none other than TWINKLE … yes guys she is alive …. }
Kunj turns towards twinkle .
K – when u were in admitted in hospital I used to talk to ur photo only ….
flashback …..
The 7th day …
RT came to hospital and arranged for the best doctor of australia . Next day evening doc came and examined TWINKY . SHE was treated and was admitted in hospital for one month … .
After that she became all fine . Doctor precribed her some medicines to take it daily and discharged her . KUNJ told PALLAVI about his feeling for TWINKLE and PALLAVI agreed at once .KUNJ proposed TWINKLE and THEY married and SHRUTI became witnessed of their love.
Fb ends.
KUNJ kisses TWINKLE ‘s forehead and took her into his embrance . Just then a cute girl come and started coughing . TWINJ departed. She is none other than SHRUTI .
S- mule bhool gaye bery bad . {U forgot me very bad .. }
Trio share a cute hug and screen freezes on their happy faces .
******************************sorry to bore u but plz read and comment . And about the treatment of blood cancer of twinkle . I don’t know the process of curing blood cancer . I just wanted twinj to be together at last . Plz read and comment . … again a HAPPY WALA BIRTHDAY TO SIDMIN..
. TATA ….

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