Yep here sriya again !! Missed me?? I think so no well ummm I missed u so much πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ƒ I think u forgot my ffs no problem !!

No proof reading !!


Recap: kunj to make out with a girl in the party!! Someone knocks the door kunj is shocked & scared !!


The episode starts with twinkle talking with guests !! Kunj was talking with his boss !! One girl was eyeing him lust fully kunj notices her & starts going towards her when he bumps into someone they both roll on the floor & the girl is on top of him ( guess who??) she is none other than our siyappa queen !!

K: hai siyappa queen mere peecha kyu karti hai humesha koi kam nahi hai kya??

T: hello mr flirt mujhe koi shauk nahi hai samjhe aur mai kyu tumara peeche karungi mai koi pagal nahi hu

K: huh tumara yeh matlab hai ki mai pagal hu urghhhh mere din hi kharab hai I hate u siyappa queen !!

T: hate u too mr flirt !!

She stamps his foot and leaves from there angrily !! He shouts ouch in pain !!

Scene 2 !!

Twinkle was murmuring to herself & walking when she bumps into a waiter & all the juice falls on her dress !!

She thinks : aaj ka din hi kharab uss mr flirt ke waaje se I hate him what he thinks of himself varun or siddharth huhhh he will not let me live me peacefully !!

She goes to change her dress !!”

Episode ends!!

Hope u like it !! Bye love u all soon will come with a os on twinj !! If u support and ria thanks for writing your twinj ff – I love u on swasan one I love swasan a lot !!


  1. Ria

    |Registered Member

    Hey Sriya,
    The episode was awesome.

    Hehe..Don’t thank me. Thank Laddoo. Only bcuz of her request I changed the ff into a swasan one.k

    • Sriya


      Okay my cupcake ria ❀️ Thanks a ton ! When u will post love in arguments I love that ff from the bottom of my heart pls post asap don’t make me wait more okay otherwise I will not talk to u take it as a warning love u lotssssss byee tc !!

      • Ria

        |Registered Member

        Hey Sriya,
        So sorry for being late. Me and Shatakshi aren’t getting time to discuss cuz of exams. We submitted an author’s note but, TU rejected the submission. We’ll try to come back soon. So sorry for making it late.

      • Sriya


        No problem cupcake u r breaking rules of frndship no thank u no sorry otherwise kaati but pls try to post asap ❀️

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