Twinj in a new journey of love (episode 7)


Hi guys I know ki I am late but what to do I have my entrance exams coming up but once I am done with it I’ll post my episodes regularly
Since I was late I give u a short update regarding story up till now
The episode starts in a lavish hall in london where a charming guy kunj sings story of my life and everyone cheer for him
The screen shifts to a beautiful lady twinkle who walks by the streets singing I’ve a dream
Kunj walks down the stage and leaves to his mansion
He enters into his room, gets hold of twinkle’s pic and gets into flashback
The screen shifts to his past
Twinkle is a beautiful lady born to leela who is quite renowned in the society for whom her self respect means a lot
In the course of time it is revealed that twinkle has fallen for a charming young guy kunj who belongs to a middle class family
Everday Twinj secretly share a flower bouquet as kunj passes on his horseback by her mansion
One day leela gets aware of twinj’s relation and warns twinkle to marry the bachelor that she would chose for her and have no contacts with kunj as he belongs to middle class and if twinkle went against her will then she wouldn’t spare kunj and his family’s lives. Twinkle having no alternative to save her lover agrees for the marriage
Twinkle is locked in her room and leela takes away her cell phone so that twinkle doesn’t have any contact with kunj
Leela warns her maids to not let twinkle out of her room at any cost . Twinkle without anyone’s knowledge writes a letter to kunj about running away with his family
She packs her stuffs and peeps out through the window only to find guards kept to avoid twinkle from running away
Twinkle enacts as though she isn’t well so that they would hospitalise her and she would escape out
But maid calls the doctor home and twinkle’s surprise it’s kunj who is disguised as a doctor
Kunj explains twinkle that they can’t run away as he can’t see society passing ill comments on her and finally convinces her for the marriage

Episode starts
Twinkle is getting dressed by her maids for the royal function organised by leela
She is wearing a royal blue gown
She looks absolutely stunning but still it looks incomplete without her beautiful smile which leela has snatched it from her by fixing her Marriage without her will
Everyone gathered are waiting for twinkle to arrive
The lights go off and spotlight falls on twinkle at the stairs
She walks down and reaches to the last stair but her foot slips and she lands into some handsome hunk’s arms for whom any lady wd fall for
The spotlights are on them and the guy is revealed to be yuvraj lutra, a successful businessman and the to be husband of twinkle
They share a eye lock
Yuvraj is just lost in her beauty and twinkle looks away breaking the eye lock
Yuvraj makes her stand and takes her hand close to his lips for kiss but before he could twinkle withdraws her hand and walks away
Leela takes the mike
Good evening everyone . May i have ur attention please
I want to make an announcement regarding my daughter twinkle’s marriage
Yes her marriage is been fixed with the successful businessman yuvraj lutra
Yuvraj comes to twinkle and offers his hand to her
Twinkle having no alternative gives her hand and uv takes her to the stage
Everyone cheer for them
Twinkle fakes a smile , her eyes are searching for the one in whom she finds peace . Yes her eyes are in search of her kunj
Finally her eyes fall on the band of musicians
There stands her love disguised as a musician
Both share an intense eye lock
Kunj breaks it as he looks away
Twinkle looks down in disappointment and is lost in her own world
L : twinkle can u hear me ?
Twinkle gers back to her senses
T : yes mom
L : u and uv go out and spend some time together
U will get to know each other better
Leela comes to twinkle and hugs her
Leela speak in a soft tone
L : don’t u try to break this marriage
Or else u know of the consequence
T : I do
L : good
She breaks the hug and twiraj leave
They come to the garden
Twinkle looks here and there
Uv : hmm tell me something about urself
Ur likes , ur dislikes
May I ask u something
Uv : ya sure
T : do u believe in love ?
Uv : I don’t know cse I never fell for someone
But u r very beautiful and I may fall for u soon
And what about u ?
T : I do . It’s a beautiful emotion
Uv : so have u fallen for someone ?
Twinkle has tears in her eyes but she looks away and clears it

To be continued

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Credit to: Sanam

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