Twinj in a new journey of love (episode 6)


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D : could u plz set urself 4 d checkup twinkle?
Twinkle gets surprised as she hears a familiar voice
She turns to find kunj (as u all guessed) disguised as a doctor smiling at her
Twinkle feels delighted to see him and both share a passionate hug

I have died everyday waiting for u
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved u
For a thousand years ,
I’ll love u for a thousand more plays

Kunj breaks the hug and cups her face K : are u fine ?
Twinkle nods in a yes and kunj feels relieved
T : but how come u here?
Fb is shown
Doctor comes to the mansion and kunj follows him and sets him unconscious and disguises himself as a doctor
Twinkle continues
Didn’t u get that letter ? Oh did mom intercept them ?
K : I came here to have a discussion on the same
Twinkle what was all that ?
Running away is not the solution
Y don’t u get that ?
T : so u want me to get married to some other guy?
K : twinkle u know that I can’t see u in pain . I don’t want u to get into trouble
I can’t see the society passing ill comments on u .. plz try to understand
I guess u should( looking away ) ….
T : kunj look into my eyes and say me that u …
Kunj closes his eyes
K : twinkle plz
Twinkle smiles and parts her lips on his and kunj also responds
They both break the kiss
T : I love u and my love for u will be everlasting
K : I love u too
Twinj look at each other teary eyed and share a passionate hug and break it as they hear a knock at their door
Maid(M): princess is ur checkup done?
Both compose themselves
T : ya u may come in
Maid comes in
M : so how is she doctor ?
D : not to worry she is fine
It’s viral .. so let me leave and take good care of her
Twinj share an eye lock
Kunj walks out and twinkle tries to have a control over her tears as he leaves
And somehow twinkle finally succeeds M : well u r very lucky princess
The bachelor u r getting married to is quite renowned in the society
He is so dashing that any girl would fall for me ( lost in dreams )
T : I don’t care regarding the others but seems like u have fallen for him
M : no no no dear princess
U r misunderstanding me
T : look If at all I get married to him it would be just due to the enforcement
So y ruining 4 lives after it ?
M : 4 Iives ?
T : ya including urs
M : I have already made a mention that u r getting me wrong my dear princess
I don’t love him
It’s just an infatuation
T : It’s not
A lover can see it all
I have loved kunj and so I can understand whether u love him or its just an infatuation
Mom is playing the chords and ruining the music
( chords simply stands for their lives)
M : I am not gonna come into ur words dear princess . U need rest
The maid leaves and twinkle gives a frustrated look

To be continued

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Credit to: Sanam

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