Twinj in a new journey of love (episode 4)


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Kunj consoles her though he is himself hurt within
Twinkle composes herself
T : kunj u must leave now
Mom might come here at any moment and if she sees u then we will get into a big trouble
K : twinkle promise me that u will take care of yourself
Cupping her face
U know that my heart beats along with urs and if anything happens to u ,I will die
T : promise my love
I was urs, am urs and will remain urs forever
They both share an passionate hug and after a while they break it
Kunj plants a kiss on her forehead and leaves
Twinkle looks on sadly as he leaves
He climbs up the horse and sees twinkle at the balcony with the bouquet which she tosses to kunj and smiles
Kunj gets hold of it and smiles and leaves
There is a knock at her door
Twinkle unlocks it and finds leela
T : mom do u need something ?
Leela clutches her hand and gets her down to the hall
Kunj was already there beaten up
Twinkle sees him in that state and tries to free herself from leela’s hold to attend to his wounds
Leela tightens her grip more and twinkle cries in pain
L : u have let me down twinkle
I had warned u not to go against my will nd u fell for this middle class guy
How will I face the society ha? Do u even care ?
T : mom so what if kunj is of middle class
I love him and so does he
That’s what matters..not what society would think
K : don’t worry twinkle I am fine
L : not for long .. He has to die
Twinkle shouts no
Guards get the rifle and aim it towards kunj
Twinkle cries and shouts them to stop
She frees herself and runs to kunj and stands before him
T :am not gonna let anyone of u harm him even if it would cost my life
L : twinkle move aside
T : never
K : twinkle move aside . I can’t see u in pain plz for my sake
U can’t break ur promise
U know my heart beats with urs if something happens to u then I will ..
Twinkle places her hand over his mouth and hugs him

Am never gonna say goodbye
Cse I never wanna see u cry
I swore to u my love will remain
And I swear it all over again

Am never gonna treat u bad
Cse I never wanna see u sad
I swore to share ur joy and ur pain
And I swear it all over again plays

T : nor can u break ur promise kunj
U said u will stand by me through my rough and tough and will respect all my decision
My life in urs. . If u die I cannot survive
K : no twinkle u aren’t gonna do anything of this sort
He looks towards Leela and continues
U take away my life but give twinkle her deserved happiness
T : my happiness is in u kunj
I can’t imagine my life without my kunj u better get that
L : I can pardon him for an condition
T : what is it ?
L : u will have to get married to the one I would choose for u
Or u will witness u r beloved and his family’s death
T : I am ready for It but u need to make an promise to me that u will never harm kunj and his family
L : as u wish my princess
Twinj look at each other teary eyed
Leela holds twinkle’s hand and walks upstairs and guards get hold of kunj and drag him out
Twinj keep staring at each other
Guards push kunj out and close the door and twinkle is locked in her room

To be continued

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Credit to: Sanam

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