Twinj in a new journey of love (episode 2)

Well am so sorry to post the earlier episode in an odd timings as I have my exams and so hardly find some time
Ya I want u guys to answer my question which would follow soon after the episode
For the ones who haven’t read the full 1st episode. .here is the link

Kunj comes to his balcony and gets teary eyed holding the pic of an lady
He dreams of her soft look
Her uncommon beautiful smile
Her sparkling brown eyes and her brunette brown hair
“Twinkle” he whispers
And holds the pic against his lips
He recalls their moments of grace
And smiles to himself but it fades as his memories drive him to the most devastating incident of his past
5 years ago ….
An lavish mansion is shown
An girl is shown sleeping peacefully in her luxurious room
As the sun rays makes its way through the room and fall on her beautiful face
She turns her face In the opposite direction and escapes to her balcony
and starts her day listening to the melodious songs of birds
She gets an bright smile on her face
“Twinkle ” someone knocks at her door as she calls her
“Coming mom ” twinkle replies and goes to freshen herself
She comes out wearing an white short sleeveless dress and all matching accessories
She comes down for her breakfast
L : gm my princess
T : gm mom
L : I am going out for an urgent meeting
So see u later bye dear
Leela plants an kiss on her forehead and leaves
Twinkle has her breakfast and leaves hurriedly to her room
She locks it from inside and blushes and moves to her room balcony
An person passes on horseback down the rose path and tosses upto her balcony a bouquet of flowers which she caught
She offers him an flying kiss which he enacts to hold it and places it gently on his chest
She blushes and runs into her room and whirls in joy

When the stars are in her eyes
And the sun is in her smile
The only moment in a life
That happens the same time
Is when a woman loves a man

She’ll be a mother and a child
Sacrifice her days and nights
And no other will exsist
She’ll put her life in every kiss
When a woman loves a man

And you’ll be amazed at when you’re stumbling
She’ll fight for you
And won’t let you give in
She’ll do all that she can
When a woman loves a man

A soothing breeze always blows
Somebody understands another soul
It’s like the planets have aligned
Every sentence has a rhyme
When a woman loves a man

Oh, you’ll be amazed how when
You’re needing it
She’ll fight for you
From the begining to the end
And she’ll do all that she can
When a woman loves a man

It’s the greatest gift of all
Knowing tht unconditionally
She’ll catch you when you fall

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oooohh, yeah
When a woman loves a man

When the stars are in her eyes
And the sun is in her smile
She’ll be a mother and a child
But all at the same time
When a woman loves a man

She’ll be your air,
She’ll bring you life
She’ll make me sacrifice
When a woman loves a man plays

The gallant horseman brushes his hair with his hands and smiles

T : love u so much Kunj

To be continued

So as u all know that I have been writing 2 ffs
Twinj ki ek kahani and crazy stupid ishq
I want to know whether u all want me to continue with it or end it off
So plz do comment

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  1. Nice..i tink u can continue if u dont feel complicate…

  2. Sanam honestly speaking your both the ff are mindblowing so if u find it comfortable to manage both the ff then I suggest u to continue with both the ff.

  3. I think you should continue with all of not if you can manage them. All your ff are great so please don’t end them!

  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice. I think you should continue if don’t feel your self burden.

  5. fiona (apoorwa)

    continue it

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    if u dont feel complicated then continue it….

  7. U shud cont if u can manage giving importance & time to each of them equally… U r outstanding dear…

  8. It is a nice ff I am eagerly waiting for the next one

  9. Hey sanam…isn’t the song- “the story of my life” by one direction ? M asking as u used it in d previous epi of this ff & I realllly luv d lyrics of that song…so I just wanna be sure…

    1. Ya u r right
      One direction

  10. Anisha (Phycho)

    Amazing update Sanam…..
    Loving it…

  11. Tysm guys for it comments
    Luv u all loads ♥♥♥♥

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